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November 2, 1999 Election
Smart Voter

Contra Costa County Ballot

Combined ballot

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Categories shown below:
School | City | Special Districts | Local Measures
Contests for all precincts in Contra Costa County, CA combined are shown below.

Polling Location on November 2:

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Governing Board Member; Contra Costa County Lafayette School District (2 Elected)

Trustee; West Contra Costa Unified School District (2 Elected)


Council Member; City of Lafayette (3 Elected)

Council Member; City of Pleasant Hill (3 Elected)

Clerk; City of Pleasant Hill

  • Doris P. Nilsen
    4,481 votes 100.0%

Treasurer; City of Pleasant Hill

Council Member; City of San Ramon (3 Elected)

Council Member; City of El Cerrito (2 Elected)

Council Member; City of Richmond (5 Elected)

  • Mindell Penn
    6,957 votes 12.6%
  • Thomas K. Butt
    5,809 votes 10.5%
  • Gary Bell
    5,321 votes 9.6%
  • Nathaniel Bates
    5,272 votes 9.5%
  • Alexander Peter Evans, Jr.
    5,198 votes 9.4%
  • Steve Harvey
    5,014 votes 9.1%
  • Jim Rogers
    4,977 votes 9.0%
  • Karen D. Ortega
    4,711 votes 8.5%
  • Ellie Strauss
    3,905 votes 7.1%
  • Dale Paulson
    3,493 votes 6.3%
  • Joe Brown
    2,423 votes 4.4%
  • Courtland Corky Booze
    2,230 votes 4.0%

Special Districts

Director; East Contra Costa Irrigation District; Division 5

  • Frank Maggiore
    456 votes 74.1%
  • Robert Palladino
    159 votes 25.9%

Director; Bethel Island Municipal Improvement District (3 Elected)

Local Measures

Measure B Parcel Tax -- Moraga School District
3,529 / 77.3% Yes votes ...... 1,039 / 22.7% No votes
In order to maintain a class size that maximizes learning for our community's children, to continue programs critical to the quality of the educational process and to attract and retain qualified and experienced employees, shall the Moraga School District be authorized to levy a special tax of one hundred twenty-nine dollars ($129) per year per parcel for a period of five (5) years commencing July 1, 2000?

Measure C Campaign Ordinance -- City of Pleasant Hill
3,983 / 72.1% Yes votes ...... 1,541 / 27.9% No votes
Shall the City Council adopt an ordinance regarding local campaign finance regulations establishing campaign contribution limits, campaign contribution and expenditure disclosure requirements and a Fair Campaign Pledge?

Measure D Change Election Date -- City of Pleasant Hill
4,573 / 82.1% Yes votes ...... 995 / 17.9% No votes
Shall the City Council consolidate its general municipal election with the statewide general election and extend the terms of the city council, city clerk and city treasurer holding office as of December 15, 1999 by one year to coincide with the even-year election cycle?

Measure E Parcel Tax -- Lafayette School district
5,944 / 74.9% Yes votes ...... 1,997 / 25.1% No votes
Shall the Lafayette School District, in order to prevent increases in class size in grades 4-8, avoid elimination of teaching positions, improve writing and science instruction for all students, acquire additional instructional materials, and improve technology in the classrooms, with no money being used for administrative costs, be authorized to increase the existing $84 per year parcel tax by $4.00 per month to $132 annually for a period of eight (8) years?

Measure F Voter Approval for Land Use -- City of San Ramon
3,635 / 47.5% Yes votes ...... 4,020 / 52.5% No votes
Shall the people of the City of San Ramon adopt an initiative ordinance amending the General Plan and requiring that various land use decisions be confirmed by the voters in an election prior to becoming effective?

Measure G San Ramon Two Year Moratorium -- City of San Ramon
3,806 / 51.1% Yes votes ...... 3,649 / 48.9% No votes
Shall the people of the City of San Ramon adopt an initiative ordinance
1) Establishing a two year moratorium on amendments to the General Plan or Zoning Ordinance, and
2) Providing for the establishment of a General Plan Review Commission, consisting of at least 21 representatives of the community, to include, but not be limited to, individual residents of San Ramon at large and resident representatives from the business community, homeowners associations and environmental organizations, to draft during the moratorium for submission to the voters:
a) a new general plan, taking into consideration the creation of urban growth boundaries to encourage smart growth within the urban growth boundary by promoting infill development and discouraging urban sprawl by providing mixed use of commercial, retail, education, recreation and housing, and
b) to develop a plan for the acquisition of ridgeline areas and agricultural lands, contiguous to the City of San Ramon, to be preserved for open space purposes in perpetuity?

Measure J Richmond City Contracts -- City of Richmond
2,265 / 22.7% Yes votes ...... 7,721 / 77.3% No votes
Shall the Charter of the City of Richmond be amended to permit the City Council by ordinance to authorize the City Manager, or his or her designee, to enter into contracts and incur obligations on behalf of the City?

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