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Alameda County, CA November 4, 2014 Election
Directory of Alameda County, CA Measures
County Results as of Dec 28 11:38am, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (1118/1118)
45.0% Countywide Voter Turnout (366,599/814,009)

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Measure D. Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Products -- City of Berkeley (Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 29540 / 76.17% Yes votes ...... 9243 / 23.83% No votes
Shall an ordinance imposing a 1 per ounce general tax on the distribution of sugar-sweetened beverages (e.g., sodas, energy drinks, presweetened teas) and sweeteners used to sweeten such drinks, but exempting: (1) sweeteners (e.g., sugar, honey, syrups) typically used by consumers and distributed to grocery stores; (2) drinks and sweeteners distributed to very small retailers; (3) diet drinks, milk products, 100% juice, baby formula, alcohol, or drinks taken for medical reasons, be adopted?

Measure F. Increasing the Parks, Trees, and Landscaping Maintenance Tax -- City of Berkeley (Ordinance - 2/3 Approval Required)
Pass: 27573 / 75.08% Yes votes ...... 9151 / 24.92% No votes
Shall the parks special tax be amended to sustain community parks like the Rose Garden, children's playgrounds, tennis, basketball courts, and ball fields, by increasing the per square foot tax rate from $0.1256 to $0.1466 and adding an inflation factor?

Financial Implications The annual cost increase in fiscal year 2016 would be $39.90, from $238.64 to $278.54, for a 1,900 square foot home and $210, from $1256.00 to $1466.00, for a 10,000 square foot building.

Measure I. Shall Alameda Local Schools be Improved? -- Alameda Unified School District (Bond Measure - 55% Approval Required)
Pass: 13111 / 62.75% Yes votes ...... 7783 / 37.25% No votes
To improve schools to provide high quality education by renovating neighborhood schools, improving earthquake safety and student security, upgrading science and computer labs, improving heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems, replacing leaky roofs, windows, and doors, installing solar systems, and renovating, constructing, and acquiring classrooms, sites, facilities, and equipment, shall Alameda Unified School District issue $179,500,000 in bonds at legal rates, with annual audits and citizen oversight, no funds for administrator salaries and all funds benefiting neighborhood schools?

Measure K. Student Achievement and Excellence in Teaching Renewal -- Emery Unified School District (Parcel Tax - 2/3 Approval Required)
Pass: 1952 / 85.65% Yes votes ...... 327 / 14.35% No votes
Without increasing taxes, to improve Emeryville schools/student achievement by continuing local funding for programs including: reading, writing, math, science; keeping classes small/school libraries open; recruiting/retaining qualified, experienced teachers/staff; maintaining classroom technology; providing counselors; shall Emery Unified School District renew its existing voter-approved parcel tax at the current rate of 15 cents per square foot of building area for 20 years with a senior exemption, Independent Citizens' Oversight and all funds staying local?

Measure L. School Safety and Construction Bond Measure -- Hayward Unified School District (55% Approval Required)
Pass: 17976 / 77.35% Yes votes ...... 5263 / 22.65% No votes
To protect quality education and student safety at local schools, with funding that the State cannot take away, shall Hayward Unified School District: modernize, renovate, replace aging classrooms, bathrooms, leaking roofs; replace outdated electrical, plumbing, heating/ventilation systems; update classroom computer technology/science labs; improve access for disabled students; and install modern fire safety/emergency communication systems; by issuing $229 million in bonds at legal rates, with independent oversight, no money for administrators, and all funds staying local?

Measure M. NHUSD $125M Bond for school renovation and modernization projects -- New Haven Unified School District (Bond - 55% Approval Required)
Pass: 8962 / 68.71% Yes votes ...... 4082 / 31.29% No votes
To continue critical school renovation and modernization projects, replace old portables with permanent classrooms, update school safety and security, improve student access to computers and technology, upgrade athletic facilities, increase the energy efficiency of classrooms and buildings, replace, acquire, construct and renovate District facilities and provide District-wide technology improvements, shall the New Haven Unified School District issue $125 million in bonds at legal interest rates with an independent citizens' oversight committee?

Measure N. Fund College/Career Readiness -- Oakland Unified School District (Parcel Tax - 2/3 Approval Required)
Pass: 73905 / 76.57% Yes votes ...... 22620 / 23.43% No votes
To reduce the drop-out rate and provide Oakland high school students with real-world work and learning opportunities; prepare students for admission to the University of California and other four-year colleges; expand mentoring, tutoring, counseling, support services, and transition to job training programs; shall the Oakland Unified School District levy a $120 parcel tax for ten years, with low income and senior exemptions, no money for Sacramento, and all money benefitting Oakland students?

Measure O. Recall of Elective Officers -- City of Berkeley (Charter Amendment - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 29741 / 90.57% Yes votes ...... 3098 / 9.43% No votes
Shall the Charter of the City of Berkeley be amended to conform the provisions for the recall of elective officers to recent judicial rulings and the state Elections Code with respect to counting of votes, signature threshold, petition circulators, and signature verification, and adjust the deadlines for calling recall elections to allow for consolidation with statewide elections?

Financial Implications
Potential cost savings from increased likelihood of election consolidation.

Measure P. Banning Corporate Personhood -- City of Berkeley (Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 30703 / 84.67% Yes votes ...... 5559 / 15.33% No votes
Should the United States Constitution be amended to abolish the legal concept that corporations are persons that are entitled to constitutional rights, and the doctrine that the expenditure of money may be treated as speech?

Measure Q. The Berkeley Flexible Work Time Initiative 2014 -- City of Berkeley (Advisory Initiative - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 27347 / 78.79% Yes votes ...... 7363 / 21.21% No votes
Shall the People of the City of Berkeley advise the City Council to adopt an ordinance based on proposed federal legislation and the San Francisco Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance giving employees in Berkeley the right to request to work part-time, and send letters to the state and federal elected officials, requesting the state and federal governments to give government employees the right to have shorter work hours, if doing so would not cause operational problems?

Measure R. Zoning Ordinance Amendment for Downtown Berkeley -- City of Berkeley (Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
Fail: 9345 / 25.91% Yes votes ...... 26726 / 74.09% No votes
Shall an ordinance amending Zoning Ordinance provisions for downtown Berkeley be adopted to: establish new requirements for new buildings over 60 feet; eliminate current historic resource determination for Green Pathway projects; establish a Civic Center Historic District overlay; amend LEED requirements; change parking requirements; restrict some permitted uses; change prevailing-wage requirements for workers in specified categories; and reduce hours of operation for businesses selling or serving alcohol?

Measure S. Redistricting: City Council Proposal -- City of Berkeley (Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 21240 / 63.81% Yes votes ...... 12048 / 36.19% No votes
Shall Ordinance No. 7,320-N.S. authorizing the adjustment of Berkeley City Council district boundaries pursuant to Section 9, Article V of the Berkeley City Charter, to equalize population in the districts as a result of population changes reflected in the 2010 decennial federal census be adopted?

Measure T. Let Dublin Decide Initiative -- City of Dublin (Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
Fail: 1642 / 16.20% Yes votes ...... 8494 / 83.80% No votes
Shall an ordinance be adopted that directs the City to pursue annexation of an area called Doolan Canyon, beyond the City's adopted urban limit line and immediately east of the current city limits and consisting of approximately 1,650 acres of primarily agricultural and open space lands; and would allow the City Council to approve future development in that area without further voter approval, but only after it approves a comprehensive plan incorporating specified development restrictions?

Measure U. Emeryville Charter Adoption -- City of Emeryville (Charter City Referendum - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 1314 / 57.61% Yes votes ...... 967 / 42.39% No votes
To enhance local control over funding essential city services, shall the City of Emeryville Charter be adopted to establish Emeryville as a charter city with the ability to adopt a local real property transfer tax, subject to voter approval? The City Council's powers otherwise remain unchanged and are limited by State general law, and any other powers as a charter city would have to be approved by the voters.

Measure V. Real Property Transfer Tax -- City of Emeryville (Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 1353 / 59.50% Yes votes ...... 921 / 40.50% No votes
To ensure funding to maintain essential city services such as: police, fire and emergency services protection; street, sewer and storm drain maintenance; park and open space development and maintenance; bike and pedestrian safety; child care and programs for youth and seniors, shall the City of Emeryville adopt a Real Property Transfer Tax paid only by buyers and sellers of property at the time of sale with all funds benefiting Emeryville?

Measure W. Limit Future Mayor/Council Salary Increases -- City of Livermore (Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 16848 / 80.06% Yes votes ...... 4195 / 19.94% No votes
Shall the ordinance restricting future increases in the monthly compensation for the mayor and council members to the lesser of either the change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the San Francisco Bay Area from the prior election cycle or 5% of the then existing compensation be adopted?

Measure X. No Health/Welfare Benefits for Mayor/Council -- City of Livermore (Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 14914 / 71.16% Yes votes ...... 6043 / 28.84% No votes
Shall the ordinance that prohibits the City from paying for the mayor and council members to participate in the health benefits provided to City employees be adopted?

Measure Y. Utility tax extension -- City of Newark (2/3 Approval Required)
Pass: 5655 / 74.99% Yes votes ...... 1886 / 25.01% No votes
"To maintain critical City services, including neighborhood patrols, crime prevention, anti-drug/ gang-prevention programs, 9-1-1 emergency response, fire protection services, City streets, repairing potholes, keeping the Senior Center open, maintaining school police officers, parks/ recreation programs, and other city services, shall the City of Newark extend the existing, voter-approved utility users tax for 5 years, reducing the rate from 3.5 to 3.25, exempting seniors and low- income residents, requiring independent audits, with no money for Sacramento?" YESINO?

Measure Z. Fund police, fire and violence prevention services -- City of Oakland (Parcel Tax & Parking Tax Surcharge - 2/3 Approval Required)
Pass: 75556 / 77.49% Yes votes ...... 21946 / 22.51% No votes
Without increasing current tax rates, to reduce gun violence, robberies, and homicides, improve 9-1-1 response times and support at-risk youth/young adults, shall the City provide improved police, fire and emergency response services and proven community programs, including dropout prevention, crisis intervention, and job training/placement, by continuing to collect a parking tax surcharge and a parcel tax for 10 years subject to annual performance and financial audits monitored by a citizens oversight committee?

Measure BB. Transportation Sales Tax Measure -- Alameda County (2/3 Approval Required)
Pass: 240557 / 70.76% Yes votes ...... 99417 / 29.24% No votes
Shall voters authorize implementing the Alameda County 30 year Transportation Expenditure Plan to: Expand and modernize BART in Alameda County; Improve transit connections to jobs and schools; Fix roads, improve highways and increase bicycle and pedestrian safety; Reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality; and Keep senior, student, and disabled fares affordable?

Approval augments by cent and extends the existing County sales tax, with independent oversight and audits. All money will benefit local residents.

Measure CC. Increase the Public Ethics Commission's Independence, Enforcement Authority, and Responsibilities -- City of Oakland (Charter Amendment - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 65738 / 73.92% Yes votes ...... 23190 / 26.08% No votes
Shall the Charter of the City of Oakland be amended to provide the Public Ethics Commission greater independence, broader enforcement authority, powers and responsibilities, and minimum budget for staff to enforce compliance with ethics-related laws and requirements?

Measure DD. Independent Redistricting Commission -- City of Oakland (Charter Amendment - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 53493 / 61.45% Yes votes ...... 33561 / 38.55% No votes
Shall the Charter of the City of Oakland be amended to transfer to a 13-member independent redistricting commission the City Council's authority to redraw the district boundary lines for the City Council and Oakland Unified School District?

Measure EE. Oalkand Municipal Employees Retirement System -- City of Oakland (Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 62256 / 73.59% Yes votes ...... 22346 / 26.41% No votes
Shall the Charter of the City of Oakland be amended to authorize the City Council to adopt an ordinance by a 4/5 vote, that would eliminate the costs of administering the Oakland Municipal Employees' Retirement System ("OMERS") by purchasing annuities to pay all retirement benefits due to OMERS retirees and beneficiaries, provided the City holds all remaining OMERS assets in a trust for the benefit of retirees and beneficiaries until all benefits have been paid?

Measure FF. Minimum Wage -- City of Oakland (Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 77183 / 81.77% Yes votes ...... 17204 / 18.23% No votes
Shall Oakland's Municipal Code Be Amended To: (1) Establish A Citywide Minimum Hourly Wage Of $12.25, To Be Increased Annually To Address Inflation; (2) Require Employers To Provide Employees Paid Sick Leave; (3) Require That Hotel, Restaurant And Banquet Facility Operators And Employers Pay Service Charges They Collect To Employees Providing Those Services; And (4) Provide Employees The Right To Bring An Action Against Employers To Enforce And Seek Remedies For Violation Of This Ordinance?

Measure GG. Change Election Date from February to November -- City Of Piedmont (Charter Amendment - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 4326 / 95.12% Yes votes ...... 222 / 4.88% No votes
Shall Sections 2.01(D) and 8.01 and Section 7.05 of the Charter of the City of Piedmont be amended to conform the date of the City's General Municipal Election with the date of the statewide General Election in November; and conform the annual selection of officers of the Board of Education to the requirements of the California Education Code, respectively as more specifically set forth in Resolution 71-14 which is on file with the Piedmont City Clerk?

Measure HH. Protect/Maintain Local Services -- City of San Leandro (Sales Tax - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 10452 / 64.45% Yes votes ...... 5764 / 35.55% No votes
To protect/maintain local services, including: 911 emergency response; neighborhood police patrols/anti-gang enforcement; library programs for children, adults/families; after school programs for children/teens including homework assistance/reading programs; school police officers/crossing guards; repairing potholes/maintaining residential streets; and other City services, shall the City of San Leandro extend Measure Z and set the sales tax at 1/2 cent for 30 years, with citizens oversight, annual audits, all funds for San Leandro, no funds for Sacramento?

Measure II. Change Date to Appoint Vice Mayor -- City of San Leandro (Charter Amendment - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 10542 / 71.88% Yes votes ...... 4125 / 28.12% No votes
Shall the City of San Leandro Charter be amended to provide that the City Council, at its first regular meeting in January of each year, shall designate one of its members Vice Mayor, to serve for a period of one year and until a successor is elected and qualified?

Measure JJ. Extend Measure AA Sales Tax -- City of Union City (Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 8920 / 73.74% Yes votes ...... 3177 / 26.26% No votes
To prevent severe cuts to, and maintain essential services such as police, fire, paramedic, library, streets, parks and other services, shall Union City adopt an Ordinance extending the existing voter approved Measure AA sales tax with no increase in tax rate, requiring a citizen's oversight committee, annual independent audits, and all funds for Union City and no funds for the State of California? YES NO

Measure KK. The Union City Flatlands Development Initiative -- City of Union City (Initiative - Majority Approval Required)
Fail: 4293 / 34.15% Yes votes ...... 8277 / 65.85% No votes
Shall an ordinance be adopted that amends Union City's General Plan and Hillside Area Plan to permit development of 63 acres of land owned by the Masons of California, located to the Northeast of Mission Boulevard, subject to all required entitlement processes and environmental review, and move the Hillside Area Plan boundary to accommodate new senior housing and health care facilities, low-density single family residences, retail space, parks, open space, trails and a community garden? YES NO

Measure LL. Preserve Funding for Albany Schools Act of 2014 -- Albany Unified School District (Special Parcel Tax - 2/3 Approval Required)
Pass: 4875 / 84.07% Yes votes ...... 924 / 15.93% No votes
To maintain excellent schools; preserve funding for science, art, music, library services, and reading and math support; attract and retain exceptional teachers and counselors; limit class sizes; and keep schools safe and technology and textbooks up-to-date; shall Albany Unified School District replace an expiring $159/year parcel tax with a temporary, six-year parcel tax of $278/year, with senior and SSI/SSDI exemptions, adjustments for inflation, independent audits, and all funds staying local to benefit Albany students?

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