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Alameda County, CA November 4, 2014 Election
Measure T
Let Dublin Decide Initiative
City of Dublin

Ordinance - Majority Approval Required

Fail: 1642 / 16.20% Yes votes ...... 8494 / 83.80% No votes

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Results as of Dec 28 11:38am, 100.00% of Precincts Reporting (23/23)
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Shall an ordinance be adopted that directs the City to pursue annexation of an area called Doolan Canyon, beyond the City's adopted urban limit line and immediately east of the current city limits and consisting of approximately 1,650 acres of primarily agricultural and open space lands; and would allow the City Council to approve future development in that area without further voter approval, but only after it approves a comprehensive plan incorporating specified development restrictions?

Impartial Analysis from Dublin City Attorney
Measure T (titled the "Let Dublin Decide Initiative") was placed on the ballot by a petition signed by Dublin voters. The Measure's stated purpose is to ensure that the City of Dublin controls what happens to a predominately rural 1,650-acre area (commonly referred to as Doolan Canyon) immediately east of the City's boundary (the "Eastern Study Area").

As a result of the Dublin City Council's adoption of another voter initiative, the "Dublin Open Space Initiative of 2014," the City Council does not have authority to approve urban development east of the City's current eastern boundary, including within the Eastern Study Area. Presently, only Dublin voters could authorize Dublin to approve development in this area.

Measure T would direct the City Council to apply to the Local Agency Formation Commission to bring the Eastern Study Area into the City. Measure T would authorize the City Council to approve residential and commercial development in this area only after approving an Eastern Study Area Comprehensive Plan (the "Comprehensive Plan"). The Comprehensive Plan must incorporate certain specified requirements that are detailed below. It would also remove the existing restrictions on the City's ability to extend City services to the Eastern Study Area.

Presently, the Alameda County General Plan limits development in the Eastern Study Area to agriculture and open space uses. If the area were annexed to the City of Dublin, Measure T would maintain the existing County restrictions until such time as the City Council approved a Comprehensive Plan.

The Comprehensive Plan would be required to comply with and include the following policies:

  • Sixty percent (60%) of the land must remain permanently protected, such that it remains open space or for agricultural use.
  • Development would be precluded in areas at or above 770 feet above sea level, in order to protect ridgelines.
  • No future residential structures may be visible from a residence in the City of Dublin that existed on the date that the initiative takes effect.
  • Local wetlands, streams and wildlife habitats, including Cottonwood Creek and other seasonal wetlands, would be protected, in conformance with local, state and federal laws.
  • Future development must pay for its own infrastructure and public services, so that the burdens of development are not borne by the rest of the City.
  • Multi-use trails must be included in development plans, providing connection points to nearby regional parks. The land and improvements for such trails must be provided by the future development.

If the City receives an application to change a land use designation on any property in the Eastern Study Area that would allow more development than is allowed under the existing County designations, the City Council would be required to appoint a 15-member Citizen Oversight Committee. The Committee's conclusions, comments, and concerns would be presented to the City Council before a decision on adopting the Comprehensive Plan or changing land use designations.

DATED: ________, 2014
/s/ John Bakker
John D. Bakker, City Attorney

  News and Analysis

Tri Valley Times

Measure T seen as line in the sand for Dublin development
October 22, 2014

San Francisco Chronicle

Decisions in Dublin: Development or open space in canyon?
October 2, 2014
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Arguments For Measure T Arguments Against Measure T
Dublin should control the property on its borders, not the County or neighboring cities. Establishing control means that Dublin can decide how much open space it wants and where, and not rely on other jurisdictions to protect its surrounding hillsides. The Dublin city council recently adopted the "Dublin Open Space Initiative of 2014" to establish an Urban Growth Boundary at Dublin's existing city limits but that initiative does not protect any property outside of City limits from future development, including the area sometimes called Doolan Canyon. Adopting that initiative did not create any open space in the city of Dublin, nor did it change any land use regulation, or stop potential development, because Doolan Canyon is in the County, not the City. More than 3,500 citizens of Dublin signed the "Let Dublin Decide" initiative because they believe that Dublin residents should control their own future. The Let Dublin Decide initiative does not grant any development rights. It simply directs the city council to start the annexation process so the City has control over Doolan Canyon and not the County. Prior to any annexation, a full environmental and public review for the property would be required. The initiative also mandates that a 15 member citizen's oversight committee participate in formulating any plans for the area, which could include permanent open space not just an invisible border. Essentially, the Let Dublin Decide initiative gives the citizens of Dublin a voice in the future of Doolan Canyon. We urge you to vote yes to "Let Dublin Decide".

s/ Janet Lockhart
Former Mayor City of Dublin
s/ Greg Tomlinson
s/ Mona Lisa Ballesteros
s/ Claudia McCormick
Former Vice Mayor, City of Dublin

Rebuttal to Arguments For
If you want less development and less traffic in Dublin, vote No on Measure T.

It's as simple as that.

Out-of-town developers sponsored Measure T with paid signature gatherers. It's deceptive and meant to fool you. So far the've dumped $150,000 into their campaign.

Measure T would break our new Urban Limit Line and allow massive development in Doolan Canyou, east of town.

Thousands more houses means thousand more cars will jam our already congested roads and freeways. Thousands of new residents will significantly strain police and fire protection services. More development in Dublin will overcrowd schools, stretch our limited water supply, and lose precious open space.

In addition, Measure T will eliminate Dublin voters' control - we will have no say in future development decisions. A so-called "citizen's oversight committee" is advisory only.

No on T is recommended by our entire Dublin City Council, along with Planning Commissioners, School District and DSRSD Board members; by authors of our open space initiative David Bewley and Morgan King; and by every local environmental group: Tri-Valley Conservancy, Save Mount Diablo, Sierra Club, Friends of the Vineyards, Greenbelt Alliance, Ohlone Audubon Society, and Alameda Creek Alliance.

The only ones who benefit: Developers, who will make millions of dollars.

Don't be fooled by the big developer-funded campaign promoting "local control." Breaking our new voter-approved Urban Limit Line will pave the way for building thousands of new houses.

We're Dublin residents. Please join us in voting NO on Measure T.

s/ Tim Sbranti
Mayor, City of Dublin
s/ Dan Scannell
Former President, Dublin San Ramon Services District
s/ Amy Miller
Vice President, Dublin Unified School District
s/ Kerrie Chabot
Dublin Sister City Association Board (Director)
s/ Alan Brown
Former Planning Commissioner

Vote NO on Measure T. It's a developer-sponsored initiative designed to confuse voters and nullify the Dublin Open Space Initiative of 2014 that your City Council unanimously adopted in June. The Open Space Initiative established an urban limit line at our eastern city limits and made our western urban limit line permanent.

We also voted unanimously to oppose Measure T because it's bad policy for Dublin. Measure T greatly expands the new eastern urban limit line to encompass 1,650 acres in Doolan Canyon beyond current city limits. There is only one reason to expand the urban limit line + to allow new sprawl development.

In 2010, the developers behind Measure T proposed a 1,990-unit residential subdivision in Doolan Canyon. This huge sprawl development would add tens of thousands of new car trips per day to Dublin Blvd. and I-580, greatly increasing traffic congestion. It would stress our limited water supply while destroying agriculture and open space adjacent to our city. It would require expensive new infrastructure and additional police, fire, and emergency medical services costing taxpayers millions of dollars annually.

The developers behind Measure T would have you believe their initiative is needed so Dublin can decide what happens in Doolan Canyon. Dublin has decided: Doolan Canyon shall remain undeveloped open space between Dublin and Livermore, which can only be changed by a vote of the people. Livermore's policy is exactly the same and is secured by Livermore's own voter- approved urban growth boundary.

No on T is recommended by your entire Dublin City Council, along with Planning Commissioners, DUSD and DSRSD Board members, prominent community leaders, and every local environmental group: Tri-Valley Conservancy, Save Mount Diablo, Sierra Club, Friends of the Vineyards, Greenbelt Alliance, Ohlone Audubon Society, and California Native Plant Society.

Please vote No on Measure T.

s/ Tim Sbranti
Mayor of Dublin
s/ Don Biddle
Vice Mayor of Dublin
s/ Kevin Hart
Dublin City Councilmember
s/ David Haubert
Dublin City Councilmember
s/ Abe Gupta
Dublin City Councilmember

Rebuttal to Arguments Against

Measure T creates NO URBAN SPRAWL; it is simply about TAKING CONTROL. Measure T grants NO DEVELOPMENT rights. There is no project, there are no impacts. It's about who gets to decide what happens on Dublin's eastern border. DUBLIN SHOULD DECIDE.

Measure T is sponsored by a former Dublin City Mayor, a former Dublin Vice Mayor, and other prominent citizens of the City of Dublin who understand how important it is to CONTROL THE OPEN SPACE around the City. The fight for control has already begun - Livermore recently filed a request to put the property in their sphere of influence. The recent action by the Dublin City Council has effectively ceded control to Livermore. But that decision is bad policy for Dublin. Dublin should control what happens on its border, not Livermore or the County.

The people of Dublin have the power to decide. That is what this Measure does. It is a vote of the people to take control. If you think it's right for Dublin to have control, voter YES on Measure T.

s/ Janet Lockhart, Former Mayor
s/ Greg Tomlinson, Resident
s/ Mona Lisa Ballesteros, Resident
s/ Claudia McCormick, Former Vice Mayor

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