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November 5, 2002 Election

Statewide Results as of Dec 6 3:14am

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Polling Location on November 5, 6:30am - 7:30pm
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Contests for all precincts in Fulton County, OH combined are shown below.
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    Only a few counties were invited to participate in the Smart Voter project this election, which requires a close partnership with each County elections department. Local city, county, and measure information is not available from nonparticipating counties. However information for the state/federal offices and propositions is available and listed below.

    State Executive

    Governor; State of Ohio

    • Bob Taft, Republican
      1,831,110 votes 57.8%
    • Timothy F. Hagan, Democratic
      1,212,392 votes 38.3%
    • John Eastman, Independent
      124,595 votes 3.9%
    • Eva Braiman (Write-in)
    • James Whitman (Write-in)

    Lt Governor; State of Ohio

    Attorney General; State of Ohio

    Auditor of State; State of Ohio

    Secretary of State; State of Ohio

    Treasurer of State; State of Ohio


    US Representative; District 5

    • Paul Gillmor, Republican
      124,602 votes 67.1%
    • Roger Anderson, Democratic
      51,109 votes 27.5%
    • John Green
      9,901 votes 5.3%

    State Representative; Ohio State General Assembly; District 74

    • Stephen Buehrer, Republican
      27,042 votes 100.0%

    State Senator; District 1

    • Lynn Wachtmann, Republican
      69,243 votes 67.9%
    • William Flanary, Democratic
      32,696 votes 32.1%


    Judge; Ohio State Supreme Court; 6 Year Term Starting 1/1/03

    Judge; Ohio State Supreme Court; 6 Year Term Starting 1/2/03

    Judge; Court of Appeals; District 6; 6 Year Term Starting 2/9/03

    • Judith Lanzinger
      127,237 votes 59.1%
    • Charles Wittenberg
      87,981 votes 40.9%

    Judge; Court of Appeals; District 6; 6 Year Term Starting 2/10/03

    • Arlene Singer
      126,899 votes 59.8%
    • Robert C. Pollex
      85,233 votes 40.2%

    State Issues

    Issue 1 To adopt Section 24 of Article IV of the Constitution of the State of Ohio
    987,398 / 32.9% Yes votes ...... 2,015,663 / 67.1% No votes
    Shall the proposed amendment be adopted?

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