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State of Pennsylvania November 2, 2010 Election
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The Corbett/Cawley Plan for Expanding Pennsylvania's Economy through Innovation

By Jim Cawley

Candidate for Lieutenant Governor; State of Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania has been hit hard by the current recession and we see evidence of that in our skyrocketing unemployment rate. It is time to restore the commonwealth's rightful place in the global market through innovation, improved job creation and 21st century workforce training.
Plan Highlights

Broadband access is a key to economic growth - Pennsylvania is ranked 28th globally in broadband speeds and only ranks in the middle of the pack among 50 states. As governor and Lt. governor, Tom and Jim will make Pennsylvania a leader by:

  • Focusing on integrated statewide broadband strategy that leverages public and private investment
  • Rolling out a fiber and wireless 4G broadband which will enhance areas such as: energy, healthcare, R&D collaboration, scientific development, education and industrial development
  • Making sure spectrum policy at the state level supports broadband leadership and encourages shared use of public safety and TV channels as well as "whitespace" bands
  • Ensuring that state government becomes a world class example of "anywhere government"

Innovation through collaboration and growth capital - Pennsylvania can become a world leader in accelerating innovation through collaboration by having the shortest time from idea to market launch. Tom and Jim's plan will accomplish this by :
  • Creating the Technology Transfer Incentive Program, "Discovered in PA-Developed in PA," a collaborative public-private partnership between universities and government offices to help move ideas from the lab to the marketplace
  • Growing venture capital investments to leverage new opportunities for business growth in Pennsylvania.
  • Creating a Regional Public Private Partnership Loan Fund to decentralize economic development by developing and leveraging local partnerships to support job creation/growth
  • Empowering the Governor's Action Team to continue to connect Pennsylvania to the rest of the world recruiting new job creators to the commonwealth, creating a targeted marketing program to grow job development and facilitating interagency community to expedite permitting processes for new business.

Encourage Sustainability and Green Infrastructure,
  • Supporting investment and innovation in low carbon infrastructure to allow businesses to operate with a lower carbon footprint and make them more competitive
  • Focusing on Brownfield redevelopment, mixed-use neighborhoods, walk-ability, and other infrastructure investments to reinvigorate traditional cities and towns with new job growth and opportunities

Infrastructure Enhancement across Industry Sectors, meeting the infrastructure needs of all industries to ensure maximum job growth and economic development opportunities, including:
  • Energy, harnessing the potential of Pennsylvania's vast energy resources
  • Transportation, addressing the critical transportation infrastructure crisis in Pennsylvania
  • Agriculture, ensuring the delivery of their goods to market, in Pennsylvania and worldwide
  • Manufacturing, improving the reach of Pennsylvania's manufacturing base
  • Water and Sewer, working with PENNVEST, and partner with local governments to ensure infrastructure needs are met

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