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State of Pennsylvania November 2, 2010 Election
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The Corbett/Cawley Plan to Reform Harrisburg

By Jim Cawley

Candidate for Lieutenant Governor; State of Pennsylvania

This information is provided by the candidate
Tom Corbett and Jim Cawley will work to bring much needed change, reform and certainty to Harrisburg. For far too long, state government has let down the hard working families of this great Commonwealth, and it is time for change. Tom and Jim will provide an open, transparent, accountable and trustworthy government that finally puts Pennsylvania taxpayers first and gets the state back on track and moving in the right direction.
Plan Highlights

Reduce the size and cost of Government - The size and cost of state government has grown out of control and it is time to bring fiscal responsibility and accountability back to Pennsylvania. Tom and Jim have already called for a 10 percent reduction in government administration operations in all branches of government, but must continue this by:

  • Keeping up with technology upgrades
  • Centralizing communications between agencies
  • Lowering overall administrative costs

Transparency in State Government - The passage of the Open Records Law was a historic event in Pennsylvania, but we must go further by:
  • Implementing 100 percent transparency throughout state government
  • Allowing taxpayers to easily search financial information online
  • Creating a resource to show taxpayers the financial impact of bills before they are enacted

Elimination of WAMs and Discretionary Funds - With little to no accountability and oversight, this spending has spiraled out of control. Tom Corbett and Jim Cawley will eliminate the use of WAMS and discretionary funds to ensure that taxpayers' money is protected

Elimination of State Government Paid Per Diems - These are a clear violation of the Pennsylvania state constitution and must be reformed. Tom and Jim will change this system to actual, audited and managed expenses that are capped and extended to all branches of government

Reducing the State Automotive Fleet - Tom Corbett and Jim Cawley will reduce the state vehicle fleet by 20 percent - saving $140 million over the next 10 years

Biennial Budgeting - Twenty-one states currently use a two-year budget cycle. By implementing this system Pennsylvania will provide better control of costs and allow better predictability for agency budgets

Zero-Based/Performance-Based Budgeting - State government must be held accountable for the use of taxpayer funds and must begin meeting performance goals for this funding. The Corbett/Cawley plan will require state departments and agencies to meet performance goals to determine funding levels and will eliminate funding for any program that has failed to meet its stated goals over a multi-year period

Cap the General Assembly "Leadership Funds" - Tom and Jim's plan will keep the integrity and independence of the legislature while dramatically limiting the amount of taxpayer money the General Assembly can hold in reserve by capping the allowable legislative surplus

Sunset and Audit State Boards and Commissions - Tom and Jim will eliminate the redundancy and waste of State Boards and Commissions by conducting an immediate audit to ensure value, productivity and efficiency. The plan will recommend:

  • Sun-setting those state boards and commissions found to be serving no purpose
  • Calling for a finite life span (no more than 5 years) for all new boards and commissions
  • Instituting automatic sunset audits prior to the termination of a board and commission to determine its effectiveness

Consolidation of Services - By consolidating services, state government will be more efficient and accountable to the taxpayers it serves

Healthcare for Legislators - The Corbett/Cawley plan calls for all elected officials to financially participate in their healthcare plans to reduce the burden on taxpayers

Ban Political Contributions and Gifts During the Procurement Process - Pennsylvania taxpayers must trust that government contracts are being awarded based on price, quality and experience and nothing else

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