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Los Angeles County, CA November 4, 2008 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Armineh Chelebian

Candidate for
Member of the State Assembly; District 40

This information is provided by the candidate

Armineh's platform represents who she is:

Improve quality of education & school system

Improve California's business climate &job creation

Protect tax payers & private property rights

Protect children from crime and predators

Improve & protect our streets and neighborhoods

Improve & fix our broken health care system

Protect and secure our borders

Armineh as a mother with a kid attending LAUSD, and one who has already graduated the system and now is in CSUN, and also as a parent who has been involved and has served on School leadership boards and committees for many years, knows the importance of bringing a comprehensive reform to our education and public schools system and is committed to helping all students in Valley, Los Angeles and our great state to achieve their very best:

She supports smaller more manageable and accountable school districts, school sizes and supports reducing classroom overcrowding at all grade levels, with more individual attention given to each student and more trained and qualified teachers teaching.

She is supportive of Charter schools, also giving more options and real choices to parents for their children and school choices.

She is also for empowering the parents, teachers, principals and staff, as she believes that they should have more input and control over how decisions are made and not the bureaucrats.

She will work hard on bringing accountability and stopping the waste of taxpayer money in the system, ending the fraud and mismanagement, and make sure resources and our hard earned tax dollars go into classrooms and not the bureaucrats and their wasteful projects in downtown.

Armineh is a strong supporter of Career Tech Education, and knows only 30% of our youngsters are students who go on to higher education and 70% do not. We need to provide opportunities for 100% of our students in order to make sure our young people are job ready through higher education and vocational training.

Keeping our school campuses; kids, teachers and staff safe and protected from crime is a top priority for Armineh. She will promote and support legislation that would increase and ensure safety in our campuses.

Businesses and Jobs: Improve California's Business climate and promote job creation

Armineh as an entrepreneur, small business owner and someone who has worked in Corporate America for many years knows the importance of strengthening our economy.

Armineh supports our businesses small and large and knows the importance of having healthy, stable businesses and their contribution to a stronger economy.

She would promote, support policies and legislation that would encourage and promote business growth and stability, improve business climate, encourage employment opportunities and job creation.

Taxes, tax payers and private property: Protect Tax Payers & private property rights

Armineh as an Accountant with a B.S. degree in Business Administration Accounting from CSUN and over 20 years of hands on diverse experience in fields of ; Accounting, Auditing, Budgeting, Financial analysis, Purchasing, Management , Taxes and Consulting, knows the importance of fiscal responsibility & lowering of taxes.

She would promote and support policies and legislation that would lower taxes, ensure, improve and bring; accountability, efficiency, more comprehensive spending plans, balanced budget, transparency, internal control, and preventive measures for; fraud, abuse and miss management of our hard earned tax dollars and waste within the system.

Armineh has been homeowner, renter and landlord and therefore first hand knows the importance of protecting our private property rights, and the realization and maintenance of our American dream as property owners.

She would support, promote policies and legislation that would protect the private property rights, property owners and the taxpayers against abusive eminent domain, higher property taxes or changes to prop13.

Children's and families safety: Protect children from crime and predators.

Armineh, as a mother of two children, is aware of the importance of keeping our children, families and loved ones safe and protected from criminals, crimes and predators.

She will support and promote policies and legislation that would toughen up the laws and punishment on the criminals, gangs and would discourage them from committing any further crimes.

She supports interceptive, preventive and empowering youth programs that would give our youth a sense of pride, purpose, belonging, and mentorship and save them from committing criminal activities and encourage them to become productive and contributing citizens instead.

She will support and promote after school programs, and activities that would provide our children with skills, hope and dreams for a brighter future.

Quality of life-Improve & protect our streets and neighborhoods

Armineh as a neighborhood council board member as well as it's Chair of the Public works transportation committee, and former Vice Chair of Planning Land Use Management committee, is familiar and knows the importance of keeping our neighborhoods and streets clean, maintained, paved, safe, protected, as well as the importance of keeping the traffic moving and flowing .

She will support, promote and represent the best interest of her district and community. She will make sure Valley; Los Angeles & California get their fair share of the funds that need to be allocated in order to improve the quality of life issues for all stakeholders.

Health Care- Improve & fix our broken health care system

Armineh's professional background and specialty is in healthcare. She has served in many positions for many health care providers over the years, including with her own Accounting & Consulting practice where her clients have been health care providers. She comes in with hands on knowledge and experience within the field.

She would support & promote policies and legislation that would bring comprehensive health care reform in order to fix our broken health care system, without passing the cost down to taxpayers and without increasing taxes on individuals and businesses.

Immigration- Protect and secure our borders

Armineh and her family immigrated to USA by standing in line back in 1978. She therefore believes in standing in line, securing our borders and enforcing the laws.

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