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San Joaquin County, CA November 5, 2002 Election
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Control Spending

By Malma M Nicholson

Candidate for Mayor; City of Manteca

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In the 2002-03 proposed budget for the City of Manteca the City is spending one million dollars more than it is taking in.
I propose that our spending should not exceed our income. We are one million dollars in the red this year but we cannot continue to sustain this excessive spending. During the past 5 years we gave away, to very wealthy men, approxi- mately $5M dollars. They call it increment taxes, however, it is your property tax dollars. From property taxes collected on the property inside the city limits of Manteca $2.6M goes to the general fund and $5.6M goes to Redevel- opment Agency, to spend on developers projects and to give away to developers. Redevelopment was suppost clean up blighted areas, yet we have three new subdivisions, Chadwick, Primavera, and Terracino.

The City council wants to bond you for BLD, the library, a preforming arts building and they want to do this without a vote of the people. The library was turned down when last voted on a short time ago. If they pass these bonds the payments will come out of the general fund and you will then be told there is not enough money to pay for police, fire protection, park maintenance etc. and you will be ask to raise you taxes.

After the election you will be told that they have to increase your water and sewer service charges as we have to enlarge our facilities to serve our new growth. Proposition 218 forbids this but you will not be told.

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