Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz Counties, CA March 7, 2000 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for JJ Vogel

Candidate for
Member of the State Assembly; District 28

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.................."Getting Back to Basics"..................

"When Elected"

When elected I plan on working first and foremost on the Basic needs of our community:

Food, Shelter, Safety - (fire, police, etc.), Community - (quality and affordable health care, quality and affordable education, Quality of Life).

The Basic needs of our community, First! Because they are like the foundation of a house, if they are not put together right and taken care of, the rest of the house will fall down!

Put responsibility and control back in the hands of the citizens, especially when it comes to the Basic Needs of our community and our Quality of Life.

1. Food:

Food is important to us all, for we couldn't live without it.

What's really ironic is that people will complain about the cost of food, but they won't complain about spending $20 to go to a movie.

We've got to stop paving over prime farmland (People don't realize that food makes a better weapon than a gun, especially when you don't have it and others do).

Water is important to us all, I cannot say enough about it. To put it simply - It is the basis of all life!

2. Shelter:

Shelter is important to us all; it shelters us from the elements so we can lead a healthy, safe and quality life.

What's really sad is we are the richest country in the world and we have so many people living in the streets.

We must have safe and affordable shelter -- Built to Code. Keep the laws simple with no room for loopholes. Hold building officials accountable. Include insurers in the inspection process. Institute a Lemon Law to hold builders accountable.

We've got to take care of the people in our communities First!

3. Safety:

Safety is important to us all, put public safety first, so community services and resources can catch up with growth. Increase training budgets so community safety services can catch up to growth. Control Growth!

If safety service people need help living in the area that they serve, we must help them with low down payments, low interest loans, on site quarters or whatever it takes to keep them. Remember some of them risk their lives for us.

4. Community:

People - Everyone needs to understand the value of the individual, the young, the old, the family, everyone in our communities.

We have to stop the continual separating of ourselves by adding more and more separation everyday, such as: Race, Sex, Age, Religion, Political Parties and one hundred and one other sub-groups. We keep adding to the list everyday, it has to stop!

We have to spend more time with our young, instill values and morals, good social skills. For the young are our future.

We have to take better care of the elderly, for we wouldn't be here if it weren't for them. Our country wouldn't be as great as it is if it wasn't for them. We wouldn't have the freedoms we enjoy if it wasn't for them. Remember a lot of them gave their lives so we may have ours.

We have to keep the family unit strong, for that is the basis of what keeps us strong as a civilized nation.

We have to take better care of our veterans; our country wouldn't be as great as it is if it wasn't for them. We wouldn't have the freedoms we enjoy if it wasn't for them. Remember a lot of them gave their lives so we may have ours.

Constitutional Rights - We all have to stand up and speak out to make sure we keep them in place. Speak out publicly, vote and fight if we must to keep them intact. For these rights are what make us the greatest country in the world.

Health Care - We have to make quality health care and medicine that are affordable to all. If we can send a man to the moon, I'm sure we can take care of this.

Education - We have to educate teachers to be quality teachers and reward them as such.

We need to come up with ways to keep them on the job, if they need help with being able to afford to live in the area, we must help with low down payments, low interest loans, on ground quarters or what ever it takes.

We need to Get Back to Basics in the classroom, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. We must make college more available but not without making apprenticeship and training programs equally available for our skilled tradesman. Let business get more involved for they are the ones that will be profiting the most from the labor.

Make our educators accountable, but not without making the government and the parents equally accountable. Keep Social Promotion out of schools, for that is the job of the family. Put more control and responsibility back in the hands of the parents.

So it's time for us to stand up and take control to of our world and people that live in it, it's up to us to do what past generations haven't done because of greed or want of power etc. Politicians have come to think they run the country, when if fact they're not supposed to. Their job is to run the government, to protect the citizens and boarders of the United States, which I have proven over and over they are not doing their job. They are worrying too much about being re-elected, watching not to step on toes for fear of loosing votes or campaign contributions. I don't look at a politician as being anybody special, they are just an employee of the people, we are their bosses. I am totally against career politicians, I am a strong supporter of term limits, we have got to put an end to the good ole boy system, the money and corruption that goes along with it. We must work fast at Campaign Finance Reform.

More Common Sense and Truth in Government. And finally I would like to see elected officials that are Accountable, Responsive with an Honest and Limited government!

The Basics are the Top Priorities on my list when elected and I will not give up! I am the only one that has really proven himself.

................"So Lets Get Back To Basics"................

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