Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz Counties, CA March 7, 2000 Election
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Candidate for
Member of the State Assembly; District 28

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Candidates' Name:

JJ Vogel

Campaign Committee Name:
JJ Vogel for California State Assembly

Campaign Address:
1705 Airline Hwy. PMB #141, Hollister, CA. 95023

Telephone Number:
(408) 803-4663 or (831) 636-5667

Fax Number:
(831) 636-5667

Email address:

Web sites:

Service to our country:
Honorably Discharged, United States Marine Corps, 4 years

Penn State University and Gavilan College

Licenses Held:
Federally Licensenced Aircraft Mechanic - A&P

Personal info:
Married, 5 Grown Children, 3 Grand Children

People and organizations that have commended or endorsed me:
San Benito Grand Jury, Reform Party of America, AQHC, HADD, HOBB, SOBB, NAACD, Members of the Democrat, Republican and Libertarian Central Committees, Fox News, NBC News, Dateline NBC, Various Members of Local Media and Most Importantly Various Citizens.


1. Two years as a, Consumer and Constitutional Rights Advocate and Government Watchdog.

2. I have been fighting the local, state and federal government for the last two years over Shoddy Construction and Urban Sprawl or (Stupid Growth).

3. I have had numerous meetings, phone calls and correspondence with numerous Congressmen, Senators, Assemblymen, Supervisors, Councilmen, the Governor, the Attorney General, the Department of Justice and various other Governmental agencies dealing with consumer rights.

4. I am the only candidate or elected official in the State of California that would stand up and fight for the rights of thousands of citizens, for the biggest investment of their life - (their Homes), even though some of the other candidates and all elected officials have known about it, some for years!

5. I have been in over 100 news articles, online Real-estate Web Sites and on Fox and NBC news dealing with Shoddy Construction and Urban Sprawl.

So far the law suits in Hollister, CA. total about one hundred million dollars in the last year. There are new law suits started in Santa Clara County - Gilroy, San Jose, etc and Contra Costa County and more to come!

6. I have been commended by the Grand Jury in their report,

See report at:
( http://www.jps.net/hollister1 ).

7. I have been commended and praised by members of the Democrat, Republican and Libertarian Parties Central Committees.

8. I am founder and President of (AQHC) Advocates for Quality Home Construction,

See web site at:
( http://www.jps.net/hollister1 )

9. I am working with other organizations (like my own) and people (like myself) at starting a Organization,

See story at:

10. I am currently dealing with Congressman Farr on getting a Congressional Investigation on my National Groups' issues, Shoddy Home Construction and an Unaccountable Government,

See story at:

11. I am working on a Lemon Law for new home purchases.

12. I am working on getting insurance companies involved in the inspection process of new homes purchases.

I want to make sure what started in Hollister won't happen again!

13. I have been in contact with the Greenbelt Alliance, other cities and various organizations across the United States dealing with Urban Sprawl issues.

14. I am currently trying to organize a committee to put a Smart Growth Measure on the ballot,

See flier at:
( http://jjvogel.com/growth.htm )

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