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November 2, 1999 Election
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Los Angeles County Ballot

Combined ballot

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City | School | Special Districts | Local Measures
Contests for the Pasadena area, Culver City, Agoura Hills, Westlake Village, Las Virgenes, and Beverly Hills combined are shown below. Measures cover all of Los Angeles County

Polling Location on November 2:

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City Council Member; City of Agoura Hills (2 Elected)

City Council Member; City of Westlake Village (2 Elected)

  • Betty DeSantis
    1,030 votes 40.84%
  • Chris Mann
    756 votes 29.98%
  • James B. Henderson
    736 votes 29.18%


Member, Board of Education; Beverly Hills Unified School District (3 Elected)

Board of Education Member; Culver City Unified School District (2 Elected)

Governing Board Member; La Canada Unified School District

Governing Board Member; Las Virgenes Unified School District (2 Elected)

Governing Board Member; Monrovia Unified School District (3 Elected)

Governing Board Member; Pasadena Area Community College District; Trustee Area 4

  • Susanna H. Miele
    1,977 votes 80.40%
  • Bill Jennings
    482 votes 19.60%

Member, Board of Education; Pasadena Unified School District; Seat 1

Governing Board Member; San Gabriel Unified School District (2 Elected)

  • Gary Thomas Scott
    1,242 votes 38.82%
  • Daniel R. Hernandez
    669 votes 20.91%
  • Jesus M. Marez
    477 votes 14.91%
  • Jess Angulo
    408 votes 12.75%
  • Edward Marquez
    403 votes 12.60%

Governing Board Member; San Gabriel Unified School District; Unexpired Term Ending Dec 2001 (2 Elected)

  • Frank D. Clayton
    1,251 votes 44.10%
  • Nancy H. Trask
    1,238 votes 43.64%
  • Daryl Raymond Anderson
    348 votes 12.27%

Special Districts

Member, Board of Directors; Crescenta Valley County Water District (2 Elected)

  • Vernon "Ted" Valantine
    685 votes 45.04%
  • Judy Binch Tejeda
    566 votes 37.21%
  • Varsken Yardemian
    270 votes 17.75%

Board Member; Kinneloa Irrigation District; Division 1

  • Robert T. Brain
    32 votes 51.61%
  • Loren Leonard Lutz
    30 votes 48.39%

Member, Board of Directors; Newhall County Water District (2 Elected)

  • Randall D. Pfiester
    1,560 votes 36.32%
  • Lynne A. Plambeck
    1,384 votes 32.22%
  • Richard W. Goss
    1,351 votes 31.46%

Local Measures

Measure A Bonds - School Facilities -- William S. Hart Union High School District
10,243 / 65.20% Yes votes ...... 5,466 / 34.80% No votes
To relieve severe overcrowding by constructing and acquiring additional schools, classrooms, and facilities, and to rehabilitate aging junior high and high schools including replacing inadequate lighting, electrical, ventilation, plumbing systems and roofs, renovating classrooms, libraries, and obtain eligibility for state funding for construction and renovation, shall the William S. Hart Union High School District issue $52 million in bonds at interest rates below legal limits, and appoint a Citizens' Oversight Committee to guarantee funds are spent only on school improvements?

Measure B Open Space Preservation -- City of Agoura Hills
1,710 / 85.67% Yes votes ...... 286 / 14.33% No votes
Shall an ordinance be adopted to protect and preserve existing areas of open space in Agoura Hills by requiring two-thirds voter approval before any land designated as open space may be changed to some other designation?

Measure C Bonds - City Police Station -- City of Arcadia
3,795 / 78.28% Yes votes ...... 1,053 / 21.72% No votes
Shall the City of Arcadia incur a bonded indebtedness in the principal amount of $8,000,000 for the construction and completion of the following municipal improvement, to wit: police station in the Arcadia Civic Center, including facilities for emergency operations, police dispatch and 911 emergency communications, detective bureau, records, police laboratory, jail facility, evidence storage and other works, property or structures for efficient, effective law enforcement necessary for said City Police Station.

Measure D Repealing Hermosa Beach Utility User Tax -- City of Hermosa Beach
1,538 / 39.83% Yes votes ...... 2,323 / 60.17% No votes
Shall an Ordinance be adopted which would repeal the City's utility user tax?

Measure E Bonds - School Facilities -- Antelope Valley Union High School District
14,310 / 63.08% Yes votes ...... 8,374 / 36.92% No votes
To relieve serious overcrowding by adding classrooms, repairing and rehabilitating school facilities to meet current health, safety, and instructional standards including reducing dangers from earthquakes with seismic upgrades, replacing inadequate lighting, deteriorated plumbing, heating, air conditioning, ventilation and electrical systems, refurbishing classrooms, laboratories, and restrooms, to construct additional high schools under an independent oversight committee, shall Antelope Valley Union High School District issue $91 million in bonds, at the lowest interest rate possible, with all money raised benefiting local children?

Measure G Ordinance - Utility User Tax -- City of Artesia
334 / 23.49% Yes votes ...... 1,088 / 76.51% No votes
Shall an Ordinance be adopted to impose a general purpose utility user tax at a rate not to exceed 5%?

Measure H Charter Amendment - General Municipal Elections -- City of Torrance
3,755 / 47.00% Yes votes ...... 4,234 / 53.00% No votes
Should section 510 of the Charter of the City of Torrance be amended to change the date of holding the general municipal election to the first Tuesday after the first Monday in May of each even numbered year?

Measure K School Facilities Bonds -- El Monte City School District
3,139 / 75.01% Yes votes ...... 1,046 / 24.99% No votes
To relieve severe overcrowding, improve safety for children, repair and renovate local elementary school facilities, shall El Monte City Elementary School District issue $40 million of bonds, at legal interest rates, to acquire, construct and improve school sites and facilities and obtain eligibility for state funding for construction and renovation, including adding classrooms, repairing roofs, dry rot and termite damage, renovating restrooms, upgrading electrical, plumbing and sewer systems, and improving student drop-off and pick-up zones.

Measure M Bonds - School Facilities -- Mt. San Antonio Community College District
19,175 / 63.06% Yes votes ...... 11,233 / 36.94% No votes
Shall the Mt. San Antonio Community College District repair and rehabilitate its school facilities to meet current health, safety and instructional standards, provide seismic upgrades to reduce dangers from earthquakes, renovate classrooms and outdated science laboratories, provide business and computer technology classrooms and labs, renovate plumbing, heating and electrical systems and provide other educational facilities, by issuing $98 million in bonds, at interest rates within the legal limit, with no proceeds used for College employees' salaries?

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