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Additional Endorsements for Gillian Moran

Candidate for
Council Member; City of Saratoga


This information is provided by the candidate

A partial listing
Dave Johnston
Susan Sabes
Ken and Linda Higgins
T. M. Norton
John and Coralynn Lundell
Shelley Ward
Mary-Lynne and Eugene Bernald
Robert and Gloria Egan
Chris and Hally Clark
Gibson and Mickie Anderson
Marvin and Joan Fox
Burton N. Kendall
Paul and Rene Jacobs
George Didinger
Mary-Jeanne Fenn
Paula and Glenn Wienkoop
Art and Aki Okuno
Norman and Marlene Siegler
John and Julie Tomlin
Linda A. Callon
Rose Marie Dippel
Tina Kellogg
Alex and Sandy Wu
John and Carol Peterson
Ching-li and Paul Chang
Michael E. Fox
Dr. Ron and Gail Joseph
Kay Duffy
Cora R. Henderson
Toby and Barry Fernald
Lynda Godfrey
Evan Rohrbough
Al and Ethel Roten
Denny and Bill Alff
Mary and Jim Hollenhorst
Bernice and Frank Giansiracusa
Ian and Louise Webb
Tom and Carole Hardy
Chris and Nancy Miller
Dr. John and Phyllis Bell
Tat Blesch
Frank and Irene Bailey
Helen Kane
George and Marge Bunyard
Phillip R. and Susan Boyce
Joe and Mary Seward
Denise Gallmeister
Annette McPhail
Harold and Gay Alexander
Mary Lynn Dutro
Barbara Olsen
Mark H. and Darcy Pierce
Marilyn and Herb Buelteman
Bob and J.P. Puette
John and Carol Greenleaf
Willys and Betty Peck
John and Gail Cocking
Nancy and Stephen Cheng
Ed and Chick Porter
Frank Patten
Hal and Gene Huntley
Jean and Jack Lii
Nadine Fralick
Ellsworth and Jackie Welch
Bud and Clara Beaudoin
Dan and Roslyn Fishman
Shirley Guest
Phil and Susan Goodrich
Henry Murakami
Betty Brady
Ken and Eva Choi
Pat and Dori Rhodes
Chuck and Anne Cummins
James Ousley
Marcia Tammel
Raymond and Florence Hou
Peggy Corr
Dick and Midge Siegfried
Cynthia Chang
Ronald and Marlene Duffin
Ron and Dorothy Moore
Marsha O. Kaplan
Tina Wu
Allen and Becky Breed
Don and Judy Johnstone
Richard and Nancy Leasia
Don and Fran Miller
Luanne Nieman
Roma Rieker
Dick and Joan Dennis
Joan Gomersall
Kathleen Chong
Michael and Donna Tao
Reiko Iwanaga
Marjorie U. Foote
John and Aiko Tauchi
Joan B. Bose
Barbara Simner Mendenhall
Marcia Block
Walter and Janet Amaral
Pete Siemens
Betty Feldheym
Terry and Cynthia Hartsfield
Radm. Ralph and Helen A. Metcalf
Helen Yamauchi
James and Gail Caratozzolo
Grace Tang
Fred Andres
Will and Marianna Faist Samson
Alan and Mary Jo Bernard
Ed and Ruth Gipstein
Laura Cho
Don and Jan Morgan
Ed Sessler
Barry and Jo Ariko
Paul and Dorothy Bowlin
Jim and Basha MacCallum
Peggy and Phil Koen
Charlene Low
Dr. Jesse and Natasha Joplin
Winnie Chin
Mona and Doug Nichols
Pat and Malcolm Gladwell
Florence Abshire
Steve and Janet Chen
David and Fran Franklin
Jeanne and Bill Holst
Rita Boren
Mary and Tao Chang
Maripat Nellis
Louise and George Cooper
Dr. Ron and Linda Rossen
Frank and Michele Friedrich
May and Jun-Wei Chen
Bill and Mary Ellen Comport
Steve and Jane Green
Mike Clair
Dale and Cheryl Martlage
Dick and Betsy Wood
Paul and Libby Conrado
James R. Guthrie
Dale and Don Boyle
Judith Lawrenson
Farley and Suzie Gouner
Frank and Helen Lemmon
Cyndy Riordan
Jay and Sondra Geddes
Frank and Ruth Ann Juliano
Roy and Gudrun Jones
Joy Hulme
Audrey MacLean
Ming-Chien and Grace Shan
Carolyn King
Karen Miyamoto
Heny and Patricia Kraus
Diane Siegel
Reid and Gabriele May
Dennis and Jill Hunter
Joan and Chuck Hershkowitz
Carson and Betz Heil
Bob and Anne Louden
Elmer Szanto
Al and Rita Mabey
Charlotte Bramlett
Nai-Ting and Tammy Hsu
Brett and Kathy Lovelady
Mark and Marsha Collins
Dr. Fred and Gladys Armstrong
Thomas Yin
Judy Magnuson
Donna and Ray Muzzy
Beth Wyman
Dr. Charles and Heather Goodman
David and Denise Moyles
Laura Cho
Marilyn and Charlie White
Sally Towse
Cecelia and Simon Chang
Dr. Donald and Joanne Prolo
Don and Sally Allen
Ivan and Bernie Fawley
Carolyn Tanner
Jan and Larry Birenbaum
Mike and Jennifer Steinberg
Cindy and Allen Ruby
A partial listing

Group Endorsers:
Pen West Realtors
Good Government Group of Saratoga

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