Smart Voter from LWV June 2, 1998 Primary - California

Our Feedback

. . . What Our Users Told Us

We want to thank everyone who took time from your busy days to write to us. You have let us know that Smart Voter is a very worthwhile project you want continued and expanded.    -- The Smart Voter Project Team

Following are only a few of the many feedback responses that we have received from voters and candidates.

From our Users...

"This site is GREAT. ... Thank you VERY much for one of the best uses of the net I've seen to date ... a great effort on your part, & a significant contribution to society - you should feel very proud of your work & contribution!"       ---San Mateo County

"This has got to be the best site for all those concerned about who will be elected and what laws are being proposed. I am a Republican and my Parents are Democrats, we both found that this site helped us greatly in ... cutting through the hype and B.S. Thank you very much for all the effort put in."      ---Yolo County

"Thank you for providing this valuable resource. My husband and I were able to access the information at a time and place convenient to our busy schedules..."

"Fantastic Service !!!! Everyone, everywhere should have access to this type of site. Another reason I'm glad I live here !!!"

"... Honestly, I didn't vote for candidates whose positions I couldn't read about on your web site... "       ---Marin County

      "WE NEED YOU HERE --- DESPERATELY! What can we do?"       ---Riverside County

"This website is awesome! I lost my sample ballot, and with this site, on one page have access to everything I need, including (most importantly) my polling place. Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work."       ---Santa Clara County

"...I found your website very well arranged and easy for a novice at the Internet (like me) to move around. Many thanks. I feel like an informed voter now."

"This is a terrific website. Full of useful information. ... I've used it today at Mill Valley City Hall to refer residents to their polling place, saving the county elections office many telephone calls. Thank you!"       ---Marin County

From a Candidate...

"Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your online election guide. One of the reasons [candidate name] decided to run was so that she could spread the Green message. We have had to face the challenge of doing so without large sums of money, and so this free web site is a wonderful gift."

Summary of feedback
  • " of the best uses of the net I've seen to date." "...the best [election info] site..."
  • Bring Smart Voter to more counties.
  • Many would vote only for candidates who provided info to this site.
  • Get more candidates to participate.
  • Absentee voters anywhere can research their choices.
  • Information is unbiased, cutting through the hype.
  • Information is well-organized making it easy to get quickly.
  • Local offices can use to provide polling place information to callers.
  • Free web page for all candidates allows those without funds to get out their message.
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