Smart Voter June 2, 1998 Primary - California

Election Links

Use these links to find additional information about the June 2 Primary election and other governmental or political topics on a statewide level.

Links to outside sources are provided for information only and do not imply endorsement.

Official Election Site

Campaign Finance Information

Nonpartisan Political Information Sites

Newspapers and Media

Listed here are all daily newspapers over 100,000 circulation in California. Links are to their election coverage, if present. Ordered by circulation numbers as of 9/96 as reported by Zafo.


Other Online News Sources

  • Ecola New Service - California. A comprehensive list of all online news sources in California, ordered by area code.
  • Capitol Alert: Internet news and information service focusing on California politics and government. Associated with the Sacramento Bee. Many features require a subscription.
  • Nonpartisan Online Guide to California Press, Political, Election, Legislative and Government Information for 1998 and Beyond.

Smart Voter archives of past elections

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