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Chester County, PA November 6, 2012 Election
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The Economy and Budget

By Susan F. Rzucidlo

Candidate for State Representative; Pennsylvania State House of Representatives; District 158

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This administration talks about being fiscally responsible but then acts in ways that are counter productive to long- term economic health
The Corbett administration and this Legislature turned a budget shortfall due to the slow economy into a budgetary crisis by reducing corporate taxes and increasing loopholes for special interests. Then they used the crisis as an excuse to reduce essential investments in many areas including education, public health, transportation infrastructure, and the social safety net.

This administration talks about being fiscally responsible but then acts in ways that are counter productive to long- term economic health. For example, this administration, made significant cuts to the childcare program that allowed parents to have access to childcare while they worked, stating there wasn't enough money to provide this any longer. When they made these cuts it became impossible for many parents to work and have quality day care for their children. This action alone increased the number of people who want to work but now have no choice but to be on welfare so they can care for their children.

Then because of an arbitrary decision they refused to create a reasonable severance fee for natural gas drilling and then created more tax loopholes for gas drillers and other corporations. In Pennsylvania 74% of corporations don't pay any state taxes at all. Small businesses and companies that don't use these loopholes have to struggle to compete with those that do. In addition, they pay one of the highest corporate tax rates in the nation. We need legislators who will stand up to special interests and work to close those loopholes, reduce the overall corporate tax rate, and increase the number of corporations that pay their fair share.

In spite of the campaigning on jobs, creating new jobs in Pennsylvania has obviously not been one of this administration's priorities. In the face of tremendous need for fixing Pennsylvania's roads and crumbling bridges--even with a road map on how to fund the repairs--and in spite of the economic downturn in which many people need jobs, the Corbett administration chose not to fix the state's roads and bridges which would have generated over 20,000 jobs. In addition, cuts to education resulted in the loss of more than 15,000 good jobs from our public school system. Just these two examples cost our economy 35,000 jobs.

These are examples of running the government with an eye towards the next campaign cycle and the impact of special interests funding campaigns. We need legislators who look at long-term cost/benefit analysis of legislation and budgetary cuts and who understand that small investments will pay off over the long run for a sustainable, healthy economic future.

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