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State of Pennsylvania November 6, 2012 Election
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Patricia Fryman for State Treasurer Position Paper

By Patricia M. Fryman

Candidate for State Treasurer

This information is provided by the candidate
I am the Libertarian candidate without debt to old party politics and plan to stop waste and business as usual.
I would like to explain why many of you have never heard of my candidacy for state treasurer. I am a Libertarian candidate and the two old parties make it very difficult for any candidate other than a D or R to appear on the ballot. This year third party candidates needed ten times the signatures required for the established parties to appear on the statewide ballot. After our party turned in 49,000 signatures we were challenged by the Republican party and we have spent most of August and September defending our signatures and fighting for democracy in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is notorious across America for its closed primary and oppressive laws discouraging any involvement in politics by new or not entrenched candidates. Once elected newcomers are brought up to speed about how to vote party lines or lose funding for their home town offices. Legislators who have remained in office for any length of time have been forced to vote against their conscience or even against their constituents.

I am running for State Treasurer because I have a strong sense of duty to my state and my community. Democracy can only work when everyone participates. You cannot expect good government without making a personal effort. As a Libertarian I believe in less government and more personal freedom. When elected State Treasurer I will scrutinize all payments before I sign any checks. I am concerned about the gross waste of public money by the Turnpike Commission. Reasonably the turnpike has paid for itself years ago and the Commission should be disbanded and the road maintenance turned over to PennDOT. Our current state treasurer says that his department is a fiscal watchdog that ensures tens of billions of dollars in payments are lawful and correct. His payments may be lawful but they are not correct. When legislators receive many times over the benefits of regular citizens, it is time to speak up.

As a Libertarian, I am not beholden to party politics. I don't have to go along with the rest of the elected officials to make sure that my campaign expenses are covered. Voters have a real choice here. You can vote straight ticket and get more of the same which is officials who are taking care of their personal retirement and planning their personal welfare and making deals with your tax dollars to pass legislation that destroys personal freedoms. Or you can start to make a change by sending a positive message to your government that you are tired of business as usual and would like moral and ethical changes to begin.

I plan to work closely with the Auditor General and seek out waste in government spending. In these times of economic crisis, it is common sense to want more efficient use of our public resources. By voting Libertarian you do not waste your vote, you send a resounding message that you will not be herded by the two old parties who are looking more similar all the time. I know it is easier to do what you have always done, but now is the time to think and use your vote to benefit everyone.

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