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Sonoma, Humboldt, Mendocino, Del Norte, Trinity Counties, CA June 5, 2012 Election
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Serious issues facing us & our world

By Pamela Elizondo

Candidate for Member of the State Assembly; District 2

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We spend $671 billion on defense making sure our warriors have better schooling, welfare, emotional support, sports centers & healthcare the country they're assigned to then they get when they come home to the almost non-existant social support here. We use taxpayer's dollars to create nuclear & coal energy thats poisoning us & our land without recourse, our educational system teaches us "bombs burting in air" is more important then "America The Beautiful", training people to do jobs that are over filled already, allow educated people from other lands come here & take jobs our college graduates need. We ship our jobs overseas to poverty stricken people, give the banks trillions of dollars to foreclose on our newly unemployed people's houses, etc. Our water is disappearing as rapidly as the meagre social services we've ever had. There are answers to all world wide problems: save Earth & Inhabitants with my 5 simple changes. Imagine the profit, sustainable yield business, local employment,environmental healing of marijuana farms not arms for gasoline.

1. Legalize marijuana, grow everywhere as substitute for current source of fossil fuel, [gasoline, non-toxic plastic wrap & containers for food, incinerator toilet that uses no water or septic], [toilet] paper, nuclear, hydro, coal energy, parents for baby trees, dirty air, food,water, unemployment, failing economy, environment, social security & services, healthcare.
2. Charge one cent federal, state, county tax every dollar transaction instead of current form of collection forincreased tax base.
3. Governments should buy what they want through private business rather then waste trillions of taxpayer's war dollars stealing it.
4 Money now wasted on taxpayer's non-profit organizations, [defense, space research, charity to other countries, unneeded building], shoud be diverted to grants for business to be used only for employment, benefits, restoring Earth & Inhabitants.
5. Businesses, landowner's should be give tax deductions, exemptions only for percentage money spent on
employment, benefits restoring Earth.

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