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Hamilton, Butler County, OH November 2, 2010 Election
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Balanced Budget Amendment

By Rich Stevenson

Candidate for US Representative; District 1

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I support a Constitutional amendment to make a balanced US budget manadatory each fiscal year. Active war within the continental borders of the US is the one exception.

Supported by an unlimited Presidential line item veto on all Congressional legislation.

I understand the problem. I support the Balanced Budget Amendment as a top priority to control excessive spending. I support a Presidential line item veto. I am a fiscal conservative. I disagree with the two major parties over what the spending priorities should be in Congress. The only effective campaign finance reform possible, will limit political contributions to voter contributions from voters who can vote for the candidate who receives the contribution. Can't vote, can't contribute. Only human citizens can vote, not special interests. No corporation or union could make any contribution to any political campaign. The less than $1000 I spent on my 2000 campaign was entirely from voters in OH 1. I will not owe any favors to special interests or lobbyists due to campaign contributions. All of my campaign money will come from individual citizens, voters.

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