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Contra Costa County, CA November 2, 2010 Election
Measure U
Point Molate Advisory Measure
City of Richmond

Advisory Vote Only

Fail: 10007 / 41.70% Yes votes ...... 13991 / 58.30% No votes

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Results as of Nov 30 11:25am, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (61/61)
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Shall the City of Richmond approve a project including a casino at Pt. Molate provided that this advisory measure is considered in a manner consistent with all the City's legal obligations?

Impartial Analysis from City Attorney
Measure U is a non-binding, advisory measure concerning potential casino uses on land located at Pt. Molate. Under state law the City Council may place an advisory measure on the ballot in order to receive general voter opinion on an issue. The results of this advisory vote will in no manner be controlling on the City.

In 2004, the City entered into a Land Disposition Agreement (the "LDA") with Upstream Pt. Molate LLC ("Upstream") to sell and lease approximately 413 acres northwest of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge previously owned and operated by the United States Navy as the Naval Fuel Depot, Pt. Molate. The term of the LDA between the City and Upstream currently runs through April 2011.

Under the LDA, the City may consider an Indian gaming casino as a potential use for a portion of Pt. Molate. Indian gaming at Pt. Molate will require certain federal approvals not yet obtained by Upstream's Tribal partner, (the "Tribe"). Upstream and the Tribe have proposed a mixed-use destination resort and casino project for a portion of Pt. Molate. The LDA also contemplates a project without any casino uses at Pt. Molate. The City is in the process of doing an environmental review that analyzes gaming uses and non-gaming uses, as well as a "No-Project" alternative.

Measure U provides an opportunity for the voters to offer their non-binding opinion regarding the prospect of a casino use at Pt. Molate. A "Yes" vote expresses an opinion in favor of a casino at Pt. Molate and a "No" vote expresses an opinion against a casino use at Pt. Molate. The results of this advisory vote may be considered by the City of Richmond, together with all other environmental, economic and policy information in the record, prior to the City exercising its discretion concerning the ultimate uses at Pt. Molate.

The above statement is an impartial analysis of the Point Molate Advisory Measure U. If you desire a copy of the full text of the measure, please call the City Clerk's Office at 510.620.6513 and a copy will be mailed at no cost to you. You may also access the full text of the measure on the city website at the following website address:

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Arguments For Measure U Arguments Against Measure U
Measure U does not approve nor allow a casino in Richmond. Measure U simply gives Richmond the opportunity to consider a casino resort as an option when studying ways to boost our economy and create jobs in Richmond.

At a time when Richmond's unemployment rate is among the highest in California, and our economy has fallen far behind other cities, Richmond should be allowed to explore as many options as possible when it comes to our local economy. Measure U allows further study.

Any casino in Richmond would be only one component of a larger Resort development at Point Molate which would also include a convention center for regional use; retail shops and restaurants; a hotel to serve the convention center; ferry service to and from other parts of the Bay Area; full environmental clean-up of Point Molate; and, hiking trails, open-space, and shoreline access for the public.

The Point Molate Resort & Convention Center would be the largest commercial investment in Richmond in over 100 years, with more than one billion dollars to be spent on environmental restoration and construction. The Resort development would also require that 70% of the jobs come from Richmond and our County.

The current Point Molate agreements require payments to Richmond of $20,000,000 per year, which could be used for law enforcement, education, recreation or to support local non-profit agencies.

Unfortunately, opposition to Measure U is funded by the out-of-town card clubs. To protect their own profits while Richmond struggles, they're fighting to take away Richmond's ability to look at ways to boost the economy and restore the environment.

The card clubs' greed should not be allowed to take away Richmond's right to study this issue. Please keep all options open for Richmond. Vote YES on Measure U.

Scott P. Daly, Undersheriff, Contra Costa County

Richmond Chamber of Commerce, Judith Morgan, President/CEO

Eleanor Loynd, President, May Valley Neighborhood Council

23rd Street Merchants Association, Rafael Madrigal, President

Contra Costa Bld Trades Council, Gregory John Feere, Chief Executive Officer

Rebuttal to Arguments For
Don't let the pro-casino lobbyists fool you with empty promises of jobs and city income. Their promises are nonbinding, unrealistic, and will never come to pass. We will wind up with a troubled casino, a small hotel, and many serious problems + not a $1B development.

  • Studies show that 70% of casino profits come from us - the local community - and are then taken out of town.

  • For every dollar in casino revenue earned, $3 must be spent on public and social services to try to combat the attendant crime and cleanup.

  • Studies show that property values citywide are likely to decline and insurance rates will go up.

  • Local businesses will suffer as consumer spending shifts to the casino

  • Casinos attract crime + drugs, prostitution, and property crimes to the surrounding communities.

The casino plan creates negative impacts with no solutions: traffic, pollution, social and economic damage, and destruction of 30% of the historic buildings.

Our opposition to Measure U is not backed by card clubs, it is backed by citizens like you who want a healthy vibrant future for Richmond, not economic destruction.

Many people are now working on alternative plans for Point Molate that include conference, education, and recreation centers.

Richmond is headed in the right direction, Crime is down significantly; we are creating sustainable jobs and restoring neighborhoods. Let's stay on a positive path instead of destroying our City.

Vote No on Measure U!

Citizens for a Sustainable Point Molate, Carol Teltschick-Fall, Executive Director

Tom Butt, Richmond City Council

Jovanka Beckles, Richmond Planning Commissioner

Corky Boozé, Richmond Recreation and Parks Commissioner

Eduardo Martinez, Retired Richmond Teacher

Vote "No" on Measure U

Bringing a casino to Richmond's Point Molate is a losing bet -- for families, workers, neighborhoods, and local businesses. Community opposition to an urban casino is widespread because:

1) Evidence is overwhelming that casinos create more problems for communities than they solve. Casinos attract organized crime, prostitution, theft, and drug sales. Gambling addictions skyrocket. Richmond has worked hard in recent years to reduce crime, with good results. An urban casino at Point Molate would increase crime, while local residents gamble away their hard-earned wages, and risk losing their homes, savings, and children's futures.

2) Promises of jobs and economic benefits are false. Short-term construction jobs would be at least 7-8 years away, with no guarantees that Richmond workers will be hired. The casino developers are working feverishly to have Point Molate designated as sovereign tribal land. As such, our City would permanently lose control over the site. Casino jobs would be low-wage, with no assured long-term jobs for Richmond's working families. Casinos are not "recession proof" and nationwide are losing revenue, laying off workers, and going bankrupt.

3) Richmond can do better! The natural beauty of historic Point Molate is breathtaking. This jewel of the Richmond shoreline deserves a development project that reflects our City's resiliency and transformation. There are good alternative projects that would bring jobs, services, and pride to Richmond residents, such as a convention center, retail establishments, museum, theater, and recreation facilities. Voting "No" on Measure U will help clear the way for our City to pursue these positive alternatives.

Vote "No" on Measure U to send the strong message that you oppose the crime and poverty that a casino would bring to Richmond. Vote "No" to show you support a future for Point Molate that will make our grandchildren proud.

Citizens for a Sustainable Pt. Molate, Joan Garrett, Director of Communications

Gayle McLaughlin, Mayor of Richmond

Rev. Kenneth Davis, Vice-President, Sheilds-Ried Neighborhood Council

Dr. Jeff Ritterman, Vice Mayor, Richmond CA

Andrés Soto, Richmond Planning Commissioner

Rebuttal to Arguments Against
The out-of-town Card Clubs want to take the Point Molate option away from Richmond + protecting their own profits at the expense of the People of Richmond. But the Card Clubs have no viable alternatives for Richmond.

Here are some of the benefits that the Card Clubs are trying to take away from Richmond:

1) "Jobs for Richmond Residents." Existing Point Molate agreements with the City would require that 40% of employees must come from Richmond. The "First Source Agreement" would guarantee that Richmond residents are first-sourced for the construction, operations, maintenance and management jobs.

2) "Law Enforcement Funding." Existing agreements would require the Point Molate project to pay millions of dollars for law enforcement and public safety in Richmond. The County Sheriff already concluded that development at Point Molate would not increase crime in Richmond.

3) "Revenue for Richmond." Existing agreements would require the Point Molate project to pay the City of Richmond $20,000,000 per year. That money could be used for law enforcement, education, recreation or neighborhood services.

4) "Environmental Clean-Up." Existing agreements provide for a full environmental clean-up of Point Molate, and require a public access shoreline park/trail system at the same high standards the rest of Contra Costa County enjoys.

Measure U opponents are willing to sacrifice direct benefits to Richmond while protecting Card Club profits. Yes on Measure U keeps Richmond's options open + protecting existing agreements for jobs, environmental clean-up, and more police on our streets.

Keep Richmond's options alive. Vote Yes on U.

Dr. Henry Clark, Director, West County Toxics Coalition

Richmond Police Officers Association, Andre Hill

Rafael Madrigal, President, St. Cornelius Parish Council; President, Contra Costa College Foundation

Don Gosney, Community Co-Chair, Point Molate Restoration Advisory Board

Eleanor Loynd, May Valley Neighborhood Council

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