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Contra Costa County, CA November 2, 2010 Election
Measure P
Transactions and Use Tax
City of Antioch

Majority Approval Required

Fail: 11119 / 48.16% Yes votes ...... 11969 / 51.84% No votes

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Results as of Nov 30 11:25am, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (52/52)
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To avoid further severe cuts to all city services including police layoffs and maintaining neighborhood police patrols and 911 emergency response, fixing potholes and maintaining local streets and sidewalks, restoring code enforcement, and cleaning up abandoned properties; shall the City of Antioch adopt a one-half cent transactions and use (sales) tax, expiring in eight years, with mandatory annual audits and independent citizens' oversight and for local Antioch use only?

Impartial Analysis from City Attorney
The City Council of the City of Antioch unanimously voted to place Measure P on the November 2, 2010 ballot. If approved by a majority of the voters, Measure P would allow a one-half cent increase in Antioch's sales tax. The increase would expire in eight years.

General Tax Revenue for All City Services

The tax would be deposited in the City's general fund and could be used for any legal governmental purpose including: police and emergency response; public works to fix potholes and maintain local streets and sidewalks; code enforcement to clean up abandoned properties; and any other City program and service.

Audit and Citizens' Oversight Committee

Each year, an independent auditor would complete a public audit report of the revenue raised by this tax and its expenditure. A five-member citizens' oversight committee would review the expenditures of the tax. The committee would be appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council.


Measure P, also known as the "Preservation of City Services Sales Tax," would enact Ordinance No. 2041-C-S. This Ordinance adds Article 4 to Chapter 5 of Title 3 of the Antioch Municipal Code enacting a one-half cent sales tax, which is technically called a "transactions and use" tax. The Ordinance language was approved by the State Board of Equalization. The City Council unanimously adopted the Ordinance, but it only takes effect if approved by a majority of the voters. Copies of the Ordinance are available at City Hall or at

Tax Rate Impacts

Measure P would provide an additional one-half cent tax on each dollar of taxable sales of goods in the City of Antioch. This is the same as a 50-cent tax on a $100 taxable purchase.

The current allocation of state and local sales tax is: State of California 7.25%; BART .50%; Contra Costa Transportation Authority .50%; and the County and City share 1%. Measure P would increase the sales tax by .50% for eight years and be limited to local Antioch use.

If approved, the sales tax increase would take effect July 1, 2011. The additional sales tax would be collected in the same manner as the existing sales tax.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Tracy Nerland City Attorney of Antioch

If you desire a copy of the Full Text of Measure P, please call the City of Antioch, City Clerk's Office at (925) 779-7009 and a copy will be mailed to you at no cost. You may also view the Full Text of Measure P on the City's website at

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Arguments For Measure P Arguments Against Measure P
Antioch is struggling to maintain the services that protect our quality of life and keep our city safe. State takeaways of local money, combined with declining home values and decreased consumer spending have seriously impacted the city's main sources of revenue + property and sales taxes.

The city continues to look at other ways to increase revenue, including working with public employees to obtain further voluntary pay and benefit concessions.

However, this financial crisis is severe. In the last two years the city has cut $13 million and still faces a $4 million deficit. 25% of the workforce has been eliminated, remaining staff has voluntarily cut their pay and benefits by $2.8 million, and city hall is closed on Fridays.

Positions at the police department are left unfilled and there are 20 fewer police officers on duty than there were 2 years ago.

If we are to preserve our safe neighborhoods, additional funding is needed to prevent further police layoffs and to maintain police patrols and 911 response times.

Other city services that contribute to our quality of life also need additional funding, including fixing potholes and maintaining local streets and sidewalks and enforcing city codes to clean up abandoned properties.

This measure will provide a stable source of funding for these vital services and not one dollar can be taken by the state.

This measure also has strong accountability provisions, including an annual audit and a citizen oversight committee, to ensure the money is being spent as promised. And, the measure will expire in eight years.

This measure will bring stable revenue that cannot be taken away by the state, has strong citizen oversight of spending and an annual audit. In order to maintain our police services and emergency response times and keep our community safe, please vote Yes.

Len Herendeen, Former Police Chief

Iris Archuleta

Joyann E. Motts, Police Chief

James Hyde, Community Liaison, Antioch High School

James D. Davis, Mayor, City of Antioch

Vote NO on increasing Antioch sales tax beyond the current record levels.

The tax dollars would NOT be dedicated to police services and public safety, the number one priority among citizens, but go to the general fund. The tax would not add police but "hopefully" allow a break even next year. It will NOT solve the crisis

The proposed oversight is not binding and cannot legally be modified at a later time.

While all Californians have seen many increases in service fees and taxes, Antioch leaders voted to:

  • raise water rates a total of 60%
  • raise sewer rates a total of 30%
  • allow garbage rates to climb 26% this year

Logic and history tell us a local sales tax would negatively impact Antioch businesses and still not produce the income projected. It's wrong to ask for more tax dollars at a time when so many families and businesses are struggling financially.

Economic development, business retention, reducing the City business permit process, constant budget reviews, pension reforms and contracting out more City services will help solve our fiscal crisis.

Vote NO on this tax increase. It is the wrong solution at the wrong time

Antioch Chamber of Commerce, Devi Lanphere, President/CEO

Contra Costa Taxpayers Assn, Kris Hunt, Executive Director

FMBC Terry Ramus, Member

Manuel "Manny" Soliz, Jr., Former Councilmember & Mayor Pro-Tem, Local Businessman

ED/GA and Antioch Business Owner Tom Lamothe, Chair

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