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Alameda, Santa Clara County, CA June 8, 2010 Election
Smart Voter Additional Endorsements for Garrett Yee

Candidate for
Member of the State Assembly; District 20; Democratic Party

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Elected and Appointed Officials
John Garamendi - U.S. House of Representatives, California's 10th Congressional District
David Wu - U.S. House of Representatives, Oregon's 1st Congressional District
Steve Westly - California State Controller (Retired)
Leland Yee - Senator, 8th District
James Beall, Jr. - Assemblymember, 24th District
Marty Block - Assemblymember, 78th District
Joe Coto - Assemblymember, 23rd District
Paul Fong - Assemblymember, 22nd District
Mary Hayashi - Assemblymember, 18th District
Ed Hernandez, OD - Assemblymember 57th District
Ted Lieu - Assemblymember, 53rd District
Fiona Ma - Assemblymember, 12th District
Jose Solorio - Assemblymember, 69th District
Wilma Chan - Assemblymember, 16th District (Retired)
John Dutra Sr. - Assemblymember, 20th District (Retired)
Dave Cortese - Santa Clara County Supervisor, District 3
Scott Haggerty - Alameda County Supervisor, District 1
George Shirakawa - Santa Clara County Supervisor, District 2
Margaret Abe-Koga - Mayor, City of Mountain View
Mark Green - Mayor, City of Union City
Bob Livengood - Mayor, City of Milpitas
Evan Low - Mayor, City of Campbell
Dave Smith - Mayor, City of Newark
Joyce Starosciak - Vice Mayor, City of San Leandro
Richard Valle - Vice Mayor, City of Union City
Michael Chang - Mayor, City of Cupertino (Retired)
Steve Cho - Vice Mayor, City of Fremont (Retired)
Yoshio Fujiwara - Vice Mayor, City of Fremont (Retired)
Jose Esteves - Mayor, City of Milpitas (Retired)
Henry Manayan - Mayor, City of Milpitas (Retired)
Ken Mercer - Mayor, City of Pleasanton (Retired)
Suzanne Chan - Council Member, City of Fremont
Barry Chang - Council Member, City of Cupertino
Kansen Chu - Council Member, City of San Jose
Manny Fernandez - Council Member, City of Union City
Luis Freitas - Council Member, City of Newark
Alberto Huezo - Council Member, City of Newark
Ash Kalra - Council Member, City of San Jose
Yoriko Kishimoto - Council Member, City of Palo Alto
Anna May - Council Member, City of Hayward
Alan Nagy - Council Member, City of Newark
Ursula Reed - Council Member, City of San Leandro
Anthony (Tony) Spitaleri - Council Member, City of Sunnyvale
Jerry Thorne - Council Member, City of Pleasanton
Gilbert Wong - Council Member, City of Cupertino
Dominic Dutra - Council Member, City of Fremont (Retired)
Shirley Sisk - Council Member, City of Newark (Retired)
Sheila Jordan - Superintendent, Alameda County Board of Education
Fred Sims - Trustee, Alameda County Board of Education
Eileen McDonald - Trustee, Alameda County Board of Education
Pearl Cheng - Trustee, Foothill-DeAnza Community College District
Hal G. Gin - Trustee, Chabot-Las Positas Community College
Nick Nardolillo - Trustee, Ohlone College Board
Steve Ngo - Trustee, San Francisco Community College
Richard Watters - Trustee, Ohlone College Board
John Weed - Trustee, Ohlone College Board
Lauren Baca - Student Trustee, Ohlone College Board
Ruthe Foster - Trustee, Ohlone College Board (Retired)
Gloria Fuerniss - Trustee, Ohlone College Board (Retired)
Gunawan Alisantosa - Trustee, Milpitas Unified School District
Daniel Bobay - Trustee, Milpitas Unified School District
Jan Crocker - Trustee, Newark Unified School District
Eddie Garcia - Trustee, East Side Union High School District
Marsha Grilli - President, Milpitas Unified School District
Gertrude Gregorio - Trustee, New Haven Unified School District
Lily Mei - Trustee, Fremont Unified School District
Charlie Mensinger - Trustee, Newark Unified School District
Janice Schaefer - President, Newark Unified School District
Sheila Sims - Trustee, Hayward Unified School District
Chris Stampolis - Trustee, West Valley/Mission Community College District
Larry Sweeney - Trustee, Fremont Unified School District
Ivy Wu - Trustee, Fremont Unified School District
Louis Heysteck - Trustee, San Leandro Unified School District (Retired)
Anna Muh - Trustee, Fremont Unified School District (Retired)
Barbara Valle - Trustee, New Haven School District (Retired)
T.N. Ho - Trustee, Santa Clara County Board of Education
David Mineta - San Mateo County School Boards Association
Jeff Davis - Director, AC Transit
Jim Gunther - President, Alameda County Water District
Judy Huang - Director, Alameda County Water District
Patrick Kwok - Director, Santa Clara Valley Water District & Mayor, City of Cupertino (Retired)
Anjali Lathi - President, Union Sanitary District Board
Pat Gacoscos - Director, Union Sanitary District
Thomas Handley - Director, Union Sanitary District
Timothy McGowan - Director, Castro Valley Sanitary District
Patricia Danielson - Director, Washington Healthcare District
Bernard Stewart - Director, Washington Healthcare District
Michael Wallace - Director, Washington Healthcare District
Robert Bonta - Director, City of Alameda Health Care District
Benn Sah - Director, Washington Healthcare District (Retired)
Susanna Wong - Director, Washington Healthcare District (Retired)
Karen D. Bridges - Newark Planning Commissioner
Xavier Campos - San Jose Planning Commissioner
Janet Drews - Newark Planning Commissioner
Bill Fitts - Newark Planning Commissioner
Glen Kramer - Newark Planning Commissioner
Bob Marshall - Newark Planning Commissioner
Bernie Nillo - Newark Planning Commissioner
Lisa Quan - Fremont Planning Commissioner
Rakesh Sharma - Fremont Planning Commissioner
Steven Chan - Member, Ohlone College Bond Oversight Committee
Fazlur Khan - Commissioner, Fremont Senior Citizens Commission
Nancy Lee - Commissioner, Fremont Economic Development Advisory Board
Michiko Yee - Personnel Commissioner, Fremont School District & Commissioner, Patterson House Board
Donald Bierman - Commissioner, Fremont Library Advisory Commission (Retired)
Tracy Patrick Chan - Commissioner, Fremont Library Advisory Commission (Retired)
David P. Lanferman - Commissioner, Fremont Library Advisory Commission (Retired)
Andrew MacRae - Commissioner, Fremont Library Advisory Commission (Retired)
Jessie Stokes - Commissioner, Ardenwood Advisory Board (Retired)
Gilbert Yee - Commissioner, Fremont Senior Commission (Retired)
Henry Yin - Commissioner, Fremont Economic Development Advisory Board (Retired)
Michelle Yu - Commissioner, Milpitas Economic Development Commission
Jeevan Zutshi - Ohlone College Bond Oversight Committee (Retired) & Founder, Indo American Community Federation

Residents and Supporters
Bill Abraham - Realtor
Sylvia Abraham - Business Owner
Monica Abruzzo - CSU East Bay Employee
Paul Afshar - CEO, Unitek College
Celeste Agana-Carlos - CSU East Bay Employee
Mary Jane Aiduny-Johnson - Certified Nurse Midwife
Kathie Abina Calderara - Photographer
Ryan Alder - President & Founder, My Party Link
Terry Alderete - Community Leader and Newark Resident
Graciela Alfaro - Postal Carrier, Newark Resident
Julio Alfaro - Newark Resident
Monina Ambrozewski - Executive
Sherry Anderson - Fremont Resident
Rebecca Arellano - Supporter
Rick Arellano - Ohlone College Professor
Sandi Arellano - Ohlone College Employee
Nahid Aria - District Attorney Administrator
Karen Fields Armstrong - John F. Kennedy HS Alumni
Rosemary Ashley - East Bay Regional Park Employee
Joan Ashton - Retired, Ardenwood Volunteer
Harry Avila - Ohlone College Foundation
Pat Bagwell - Retired, Ardenwood Volunteer
Elwood Ballard - Retired, Newark Resident
Floy Ballard - Retired, Ardenwood Volunteer
Tom Ballard - Retired, Hayward Resident
Barbara Barrie - Retired
Tom Bartley - Insurance Agent
Joe Barton - Tri-Valley Resident
Jesiros Bautista - Attorney
Samantha Beard - Corporate Trainer, University of Phoenix
Janice Becera-Scola - Fremont Unified School District Employee
James Becker - Santa Clara County VTA Operator
Norm Becker - Realtor
Lourdes Bedolla Artero - John F. Kennedy HS Alumni
Charles Beebe - Business Owner
Grace Beeswanger - Fremont Resident
Cheryl Bentson - Retired, Fremont Resident
Gary Bentson - Supporter
Mark Bernardin - Fremont Business Owner
Basil Besh - Physician
Louise Beshir - Fremont Resident
Zela Beshir - Fremont Resident
Beverly Beyeler - Retired, Ardenwood Volunteer
Divyeshkumar Bhakta - Supporter
Ajay Bhutoria - Community Leader
Sandy Bierman - Fremont School District Employee (Retired)
Susan Biesty Martinez - John F. Kennedy HS Alumni
Olga Borjon - Newark Resident
Patrick Bowers - Sales Representative
Richard Boyd - San Jose Resident
Waseem Brelvi - Supporter
Theodore Bresler - Fremont Resident
Jim Brunelli - Community Leader
Pat Brunskin - Retired, Fremont Resident
Larry Brusaw - Fremont Resident
Jannette Buchanan - Sales Operations Manager
Lesley Buehler - Ohlone College Dean
Evangeline Buell - Author "25 Chickens and a Pig for a Bride"
Dennis Burns - Teacher, Fremont School District (Retired)
Renee Bushard-Foster - John F. Kennedy HS Alumni
Joseph Butchart - Veteran, Hayward Resident
Biff Butler - System Analyst
Karen Butler - Supporter
Frank Cannizarro - Veteran
Dan Casey - Supporter
Nancy Catania - Musician / Apollo Productions, Fremont Resident
Mark Cavanaugh - Firefighter, City of Newark
Sue Ellen Cavanaugh - Fremont Resident
Max Cendana - Exec. Asst at Mineta SJ Int'l Airport
Ana Maria Lopez Cepeda - Ohlone College
Curtis Chan - Newark Resident
Belle Chang - Realtor
Brian Chang - Supporter
Stella Chang - Insurance & Financial Services
Carl Chen - Local Business Owner
Edward Chen - Retired
Maria Chen - Supporter
Simon Chen - Realtor
Sophia Chen - Homebaker
Jason Cheng - Physician
Marita Cheng - Elite Catering
Alice Cheung - Youth Program Adult Leader
Deborah Chew - Optometrist
Deepak Chhabra - Community Leader
Ying-Chao Chi - Ohlone College Employee
Thomas Chiesa - Accountant, Pleasanton Resident
Bernadette Chinn - Community Activist, Fremont Resident
Herbert Chiu - Dentist
Jay Cho - Fremont Resident
Adam Chou - Project Executive, Fremont Resident
Josephine Chou - Site Operations for Non-Profit Organization
Chi Choy - Real Estate Broker, Keller Williams
Daisy Chu - San Jose Community Leader
Yogesh Chugh - Insurance Agent
Cynthia Chun - Teacher, Alameda County Teacher of the Year
Korey Chun - Firefighter, City of Fremont, Castro Valley Resident
Becky Cimino - School Secretary
Dan Claasen - Business Analyst, Fremont Resident
Krista Claasen - Teacher, Fremont School District
Jenna Coakley - Supporter
Betty Cole - Vice President, League of Volunteers
Lisa Cole - Teacher, Fremont Resident
Tom Collett - Teacher, Newark Memorial H.S.
Veronica Contreras - John F. Kennedy HS Alumni
Eleanor (Lucille) Coon - Retired, Fremont Resident
George Coppla - Supporter
John Coyle - Berryessa Union School District (Retired)
William Dark - Supporter
Lena Datu - Insurance Professional
Christine Davis - Office Manager
Stewart Dawson - Ohlone College Public Safety Officer
Ximina Daza - Optometrist
Don DeBoh - Fremont Resident
Jon Degallier - Supporter
Emil DeGuzman - Supporter
Magdalena DeGuzman - Mediator
Dharminder Dewan - Community Leader
Chandra Diddigam - Software Engineer
Dottie DiFranco - Retired, Ardenwood Volunteer
Robert Doherty - 2009 Scouter of the Year
Maureen Donlon - Fremont School District Employee (Retired)
Robert Dulalia - Milpitas Chamber Member
Debra Dunbar - John F. Kennedy HS Alumni
Dan Durie - Retired Engineer
Joan Durie - Retired Nutritionist
AnnMarie Dutra - Supporter
Bernadine Dutra - Retired
Dianna Dutra - Teacher
John Dutra - CEO, Dutra Enterprises
Lisa Dutra - Homemaker, RN
Tony Dutra - Real Estate Executive
Cindy Dutra-Brice - Supporter
William Eagan - Realtor
Larry Eddings - Supporter
Charles Edell - Realtor
Bruce Edwards - Teacher, Fremont School District (Retired)
Xisheng Fang - Ohlone College Professor
Joseph Farias - Supporter
Phil Farias - Veteran & John F. Kennedy HS Alumni
James Farid - CEO/Bomar Mail & Courier Service, Newark Resident
Kevin Feliciano - Ohlone College Student
Linda Fernandes - Fremont Resident
Jean Ficklin - Educator (Retired)
Sally Finch - Fremont Unified School District Employee (Retired)
Pamela Fitzgerald - Librarian
Ron Fong - Civil Engineer, City of Fremont
Sophia Fong - Realtor
Melrose Forde - Realtor
Charlie Foreman - Owner, Papillon Restaurant - Fremont
James Foster - Castro Valley Resident
Kathy Fox - Fremont Resident
Debbie Francis - Supporter
Daniel Fulks - Supporter
Gerry Fulks - Registered Nurse (Retired)
Juana Fulks - Washington Hospital Employee
Janice Futch-Claridge - Washington Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees
Joseph Galgano - Fremont Resident
Edith Gallardo - Accounts Payable Specialist
Andrew Galvan - Fremont Resident
Diana Garza - Supporter
Timothy Gavin - Attorney
Joselyn Geaga-Rosenthal - Supporter
Richard Geasland - Retired, Fremont Resident
Janice Gebhardt - Embryologist, Fremont Resident
Judy Gee - Kaiser Employee
Rick Geha - Ohlone College Foundation Past President
Ruth Gentry - State Bar Employee
Brian Gin - Optometrist
Fran Gin - Optometrist
Victor Gin - Optometrist
Tania Gire - Union City Resident
Aileen Glasgow - Supporter
Nicky Gonzalez Yuen - Instructor, DeAnza College
Jacqueline Gordon - Veteran
Anne M. Graf - Supporter
Greg Green - Past President, Irvington Business Association
Tasha Greenwell - Fremont Resident
Hismael Guerrero - Contractor/Builder, Fremont Resident
Presley (Lee) Guio - Sales Manager
John Guiterrez - Community Leader
Wilton Guillory - Newark Resident
Arturo Guzman - Owner, La Pinata Restaurant-Fremont
Frank Haas - Insurance Agent
Ann Halligan - Fremont Teacher (Retired)
Robert Handy - Supporter
Gail Hashimoto - Fremont Resident
Brad Hatton - Realtor
Tom Hayes - Technical Writer, Fremont Resident
Frank He - Acupuncturist
David Hembree - Niles Resident
Alan Heyman - Retired Niles Business Owner
Gail Higginbotham - Supporter
Kim Higman - John F. Kennedy HS Alumni
Rhoda Hing - Supporter
Liza Hintzman - Fremont Resident
Paul Hitchings - Realtor
Robert Ho - Retired
Whisky Ho - Fremont Resident
Pat Hocking - Teacher (Retired)
Beverly Holman - Fremont Resident
Lanny Hood - Fremont Resident
Lynn Hood - Supporter
Margo Hood - Realtor
Rick Hood - Realtor
Robert Hou - Supporter
Marian Howard - Fremont Resident
Gayle Howell - Fremont Resident
Norman Howell - Teacher, Fremont Unified School District (Retired)
Francisco Hsieh - Supporter
Larry Hsu - Fremont Resident
Limin Hu - Chief Technology Officer
Katie Huang - Student
Tammy Huang - Retired
Chen Hudiano + Fremont Resident
Maria Huezo - Washington Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees
Raymond Huie - Hayward Resident
Harminder S. Hundal - Union City Resident
Dalene Ibarreta - Fremont Resident
Lorraine Iida - Teacher
Mary Jo Ip - Teacher
Donna Ireland - Ohlone College Employee
Adele Jaimes - Fremont Resident
Gordon Jang - Financial Analyst
Kathy Jang - Fremont Resident
Leona Jay - Fremont Resident
Mike Jay - Retired, Newark Fire Department
Harold Jenkins - John F. Kennedy HS Alumni
Gera Jessee - Retired, Fremont Resident
Larry Jett - Retired, Newark Resident
Sandy Jett - Retired, Newark Resident
Martin Jiang - Supporter
Joe Johal - Business Owner
Mary Jane John - Teacher (Retired), Newark Resident
Richard John - Teacher (Retired), Newark Resident
Daniel Johnson - Teacher
Darfus Johnson - Veteran
Delores (Marty) Jones - Retired, Fremont Resident
Lena Jones - Supporter
Stanley Kamiya - Veteran
Peter Kao - Physician, Fremont Resident
Ashok Kapur - Fremont Resident
Neena Kapur - Fremont Resident
Barry Kean - Fremont Resident
Vickey Kean - Retired, Fremont Resident
Shirley Kelley - Fremont Resident
Tom Kersten - Past President, Hayward Democratic Club
Claude Kim - Fremont Resident
Sarah Kim - Martial Artist
Gary Kinsey - John F. Kennedy HS Alumni
Eunice Ko - Community Volunteer, Fremont Resident
Gagan Kohli - Fremont Resident
Hari Kohli - Fremont Resident
Joann Kop - Scientist, Fremont Resident
Sharon Kramer - Supporter
Hsing Hsien Kung - Supporter
Eileen Kuo - Fremont Resident
Marcia Kyono - Retired, Newark Resident
Phong La - Attorney
Ginger Lai - Retired
Suna Lai - Educator
Denee Land-Price - John F. Kennedy HS Alumni
Vivien Larsen - Newark Unified School District Administrator (Retired)
Pandit Lathi - Tri-Valley Resident
Diane Layfield - Gold Star Mother, Fremont Resident
Cynthia Leahy - Executive Director, Montessori Schools
Georgette Leake - Supporter
Louise Leck - Student
Byrom Lee - Fremont Resident
Darin Lee - Fremont Resident
David Lee - Supporter
Elaine Lee - Small Business Owner
Gladys Lee - Fremont School District Employee (Retired)
Lorene Lee - Bookkeeper
Priscilla Lee - Teacher
Robert Lee - Retired, Fremont Resident
Kathy Lemos - Retired, Fremont Resident
Cecilia Leon - Fremont Resident
Miguel Leon - Business Manager
Milly Leon - Software Consultant
Tito Leon - Owner, L&L Hawaiian BBQ
Steven Lewis - Supporter
Kai Li - Instructor
Pattie Li - Teacher
Ron Li - Veteran
Steve Li - Federal Agent
Katrina Li Wilson - Santa Clara Alumni
Pei Liao - Chief Financial Officer
David Libby - Milpitas Chamber Ambassador
Gene Lim - Retired
Mary K. Lim - Ohlone College Employee (Retired)
Audrey Lin - Supporter
Allison Linda - Student
Ben Liu - Veteran, Union City Resident
Kenneth Liu - Supporter
Mike Liu - Insurance Broker
Anna Lopez - Fremont School District Employee (Retired)
Brad Louie - Fremont Resident
Franklin Louie - Dentist
Gary Louie - Fremont Resident
Jean Louie - Ohlone College Foundation
Al Low - Retired
Arthur Low - Optometrist
Gerry Low Sabado - Teacher
Leland Lowe - Realtor, San Jose Resident
Pauline Lowe - Supporter
Sylvia Lowe - Supporter
David Lowman - Fremont Chamber Director
Judy Lu - FSCN, Tri-Valley Resident
Tom Lunceford - Teacher, Fremont School District
Guang Wei Luo - Fremont Resident
Doug Lyvere - Veteran
Meri Maben - District Director, Rep. Honda
Elizabeth (Libby) Macris - Newark Resident
Clarence Madrilejos - Community Member
Bo Magnussen - Automotive/Car Dealer
Dr. Anmol Mahal - Washington Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees
Susmita Maharana - Business Systems Analyst
Claire Mahuna - Teacher (Retired), Fremont School District
Jonathan Mai - De Anza Associated Student body
Tom Malpede - General Contractor
Clara Mar - Retired, Newark Resident
Marcus Marinovich - Fremont Resident
Jo Marshall - Fremont Resident
Laurie Marshall - Newark Resident
Soledad Martinez - Admissions Coordinator
Steven Martinez - Behavioral Coordinator
Susan Martinez - Supporter
Mary Masamitsu - Retired, Fremont Resident
Ken Masumitsu - Veteran, 442nd Regiment
Jackie McCulley - Ohlone College Student Body President (former)
William McGee - ACLU
Barbara McGowan - Fremont Resident
Adele McHale - Retired, Fremont Resident
James Medeiros - Business Owner, Fremont Resident
Peter Mei - Attorney
Irene Mena - Retired, Fremont Resident
John Mena - Retired, Fremont Resident
Lingxia Meng - Supporter
Miranda Miller - Teacher (Retired), Newark Resident
Ron Milligan - Youth Program Adult Leader
Al Minard - Retired, NUMMI, Fremont Resident
Dominador Miranda - Fremont Resident
Erna Miranda - Fremont Resident
Tracey Mitchell Palatino - John F. Kennedy HS Alumni
Mike Moore - Software Executive
Karen Moraida - Senior Rec. Supervisor
Barbara Moravec - Fremont Resident
Lois Moser - Retired, Ardenwood Volunteer
John Moss - Supporter
Karen Mueller - Teacher (Retired), Fremont School District
Jaya Murthy - Youth Program Adult Leader
Ron Musselman - Niles Canyon Mobile Estates
Madison Myers - Youth Program Adult Leader
Ahmad Najib - Student
Larry Nakanishi - Fremont Resident
Papiha Nandy - Television Producer/Voice of India
Eric Narveson - College Professor, Fremont Resident
Mark Neveau - Fremont Battalion Fire Chief (Retired)
Mary Neves - Fremont Resident
Linda Newell - Supporter
Priscilla Ng - Supporter
Daniel Nguyen - Statistical Research Analyst
Wayne Nishioka - Attorney
Arlene Norris - Retired, Fremont Resident
Keesa Ocampo - ABS CBN International
David Oliver - Community Leader
Lequita O'Neal - Fremont School District Employee (Retired)
Jennifer Ong - Optometrist & Founder, Filipino-American Club of Alameda County
Grace Ono - Volunteer Coordinator
Joe Orocchi - Retired, Fremont Resident
Bruno Orsetti - Retired, Fremont Resident
Florence Orsetti - Retired, Fremont Resident
Jenn Pae - Community Activist
Phillip Pagan - John F. Kennedy HS alumni
Edwin Palmero - Veteran
Kaileen Palmero - Student
Vara Palmero - Teacher
Deb Parziale - Professor, Ohlone College
Christopher Patterson - Supporter
Helen M. Paulson - Project Manager, Fremont Resident
Linda Pearson - Teacher, Fremont Resident
Terry Pearson - Youth Program Adult Leader
Mary Lynn Pelican - Teacher (Retired), Fremont School District
Dana Perez - Retired, Fremont Resident
Guadalupe Perez - Retired, Fremont Resident
John Perry - Retired
Jay Peters - Actuary
Joyce Peters - Registered Dietitian
John Peterson - Ohlone College Men's Basketball Coach
James Phair - Veteran, Teacher
Vinay Pohray - Engineer
Robert Price - Veteran, Fremont Resident
Lauren Profeit - Union City Resident
Lynn Pruner + Local Business Owner
Marvin Phua - Supporter
Bei Qin - Supporter
Bhavani Rajan - Fremont Resident
Karthik Raman - Student
Praveena Raman - Community Activist, Fremont Resident
Venkat Raman - Student
Rahul Rana - Student
Maria Rebidue - Supporter
Winnie Redfearn - Ohlone College Foundation
Don Reed - Teacher, Fremont School District (Retired)
Gloria Reed - Fremont School District Employee (Retired)
Roman Reed - Roman Reed Foundation
Jim Reese - Supporter
Cirella Regua - Realtor
Alice Reiley - Newark Resident
James Renteria - Student
Grace Reyna - Supporter
Rudy Reyna - Procurement/IT Manager
David Richards - Fremont Resident
Sr. Patricia Rielly - Dominican Sisters
Kim Rios - Fremont Resident
Jamie Risinger - Fremont Resident
Jeweley Risinger - Fremont Resident
Geraldine Rivas - Retired Semiconductor, Education
Michael Robertson - Fremont Resident
Maren Rocca Hunt - Supporter
Sandra Rodarte - Supporter
Louis Rodrigo - Union City Resident
Fernando Rodriquez - NUMMI Employee
George Roeding III - Retired, Fremont Resident
George Rogers - Ohlone College Professor
Maria Rogers - Educator (Retired)
Rosalyn Rose - Fremont School District Employee
Irene Rutherford - Fremont Resident
Annie Saadi - Deputy District Attorney
Randy Sabado - Fremont Resident
Eva Sah - Retired, Fremont Resident
Cecilia Salinas - Family Member
Jaime Salinas - Alameda County Water District Employee
Maria Salinas - Family Member
Maribel Salinas - Family Member
Rene Salinas - Family Member
Veronica Salinas - Family Member
Vivian Sam - Community Volunteer
Joe Samagond - Fremont Resident
Arthur Sanchez - Executive
Mary Sanchez - Cost Accountant
Salvador Sanchez - NUMMI Employee & John F. Kennedy HS alumni
Maggie Sandoval - Instructor
Octaviano Sandoval - Instructor
Dilani Sathianathen - Supporter
Jesse Schaa - Irvington Business Owner
Brenden Scherr - Veteran
Antoinette Schlobohm - Teacher and Fremont Resident
Jane Schreiber - Chemist, Fremont Resident
Marne Schreiber - Fremont School District Employee (Retired)
Darren Scola - Fremont Resident
Joan Serafino - Newark Resident
Ellosa Sergupta - Fremont Resident
Rajat Sergupta - Fremont Resident
Bijan Servak - Fremont Resident
Mark Shaffer - Supporter
Mona Shah - Youth Program Adult Leader
Mary Shambaugh - Teacher/Homemaker
Steve Shambaugh - Maintenance Supervisor
Sean Shannon - Supporter
Naresh Sharma - Fremont Resident
Petra Shawen - Small Business Owner
Sr. Charlotte Shea - Dominican Sisters
David Sheen - Attorney
Allen Shiu - Community Activist
Elizabeth Silva - Ohlone College Employee (Retired)
Pritpal Singh - Supporter
Rajinder Singh - Physician
Jill Singleton - Business Owner
Benjamin Sira - Retired, Fremont Resident
Janet Skooglund - Teacher, Retired
Stanley Skooglund - Veteran, Retired
Su-Ling Slaton - Architect, Union City Resident
Frank Smith - Veteran, Retired, VFW Member
Jacob Smith - Fil-Am Democratic Club
Marie Smith - Retired, Fremont Resident
Robert Sorenson - Accountant, Newark Resident
P.R. Soto, Jr. - Fremont Resident
Linda Rae Souza - Fremont Unified School District (Retired)
Jennifer Sprinkles - Attorney, Fremont Resident
Mikelyn Stacey - Ohlone College Dean
Danielle Staley - Fremont Resident
Sharon Stevens - Newark Resident
Colleen Stevens-Chorro - John F. Kennedy HS Alumni
Gael Stewart - Local Business Owner
Nancy Stewart - Fremont Resident
Fran Stone - Retired, Fremont Resident
Jim Stone - Retired, Fremont Resident
Connie Strickland - Retired, Fremont Resident
Andrew Strommen - Fremont Resident
June Swift - Fremont Resident
Phillip Swift - Fremont Resident
Levin Sy - Supporter
Cora Szto - Retired, Fremont Resident
Walter Szto - Retired, Fremont Resident
Thomas Tang - CPA, Tang & Lee, LLP
Pou Tanner - San Jose Resident
Chris Thoel - Supporter
Billie Thoresen - Fremont Resident
Margaret Thornberry - Cultural Arts Council Member
Eric Tippetts - Teacher, Fremont School District
Edwin Tom - Retired
Gary Tom - Fremont Resident
Linda Tom - Fremont Resident
Lucy Tom - Registered Nurse
Evelyn Tong - Fremont Resident
James Tong - Realtor
Michael Toschak - Youth Program Adult Leader
Annie Toy - Fremont Resident
Lester Toy - Technical Consultant
Dan Tracy - Supporter
Liem Tran - Ohlone College Student
Tim Tran - Realtor, Fremont Resident
Will Tran - KRON TV News Reporter
Carole Treadway - Retired
Douglas Treadway - Ohlone College President (Retired)
Honesto Tria - President, Save A Tahanan, Inc.
Thara Trieu - Nurse, Newark Resident
Lilly Tse - Retired
Eugene Tsujimoto - Optometrist
Dolore Vargas Chavez - Hairdresser
Baltazar Vera - NUMMI Employee
Daniel Vera - Communications Worker
Elena Vera - Teacher, Fremont School District (former)
Felipe Vera - Family Member
Gerry Vera - NUMMI Employee
Guadalupe Vera - Retired, Fremont Resident
Jennifer Vera - Teacher
Louis Vera - Ohlone College Student
Lupe Vera - Fremont Resident
Maria Cruz Vera - Software Engineer
Maria Luisa Vera - Fremont Resident
Miguel Vera - Retired, Construction Worker
Monica Vera - Fremont Resident
Salvador Vera - NUMMI Employee
Socorro Vera - Retired Banker
Jan Vincent - Business Owner
Jerome Wachowiak, Jr. - USAR (Retired)
Albert Wang - Physician
Amanda Wang - Fremont Resident
Anna Wang - Non-Profit Organization Director
Elie Wasser - Teacher
Norman Wat - Dentist
Elisa Webb - Instructor, Fremont Resident
Dan West - Newark Resident
Eddie West - Ohlone College Employee
Marcia West - Newark Resident
Gordon Westlind - Retired, Fremont Resident
Pat Westlind - Retired, Fremont Resident
Dr. Charles Wilkins - Physician (Retired)
Tice Wilkins - Register Nurse
Tom Williams - Fremont Resident
Marilyn Williams - Fremont Resident
Colby Williamson - Student
J. Aaron Willis - Supporter
J. Barry Willis - Supporter
Debra Willis - Supporter
Bill Wilson - Supporter
Cherylle Wilson - Fremont Resident
Daniel Wilson - Pleasanton Resident
Jackie Wilson - Supporter
Doug Winslow - Community Leader in Santa Clara County
Sandrea Woehl - Supporter
Aaron Wong - Retired, Fremont Resident
David Wong - Supporter
Derek Wong - Family Member
Maelene Wong - Ohlone College Instructor (Retired)
Patricia H. Wong - PR Director, Taiwanese American Chamber of Commerce
Ron Wong - Public Affairs
Renee Wong Gonzales - Ohlone College Activities Coordinator
Dominique Woon - Co-owner, Cartridge World
Ronald Woon - Co-owner, Cartridge World
Rosalie Woon - Union City Resident
Gary Wu - Fremont Resident
Louise Wu - Miss Asian America
Sally Wu - Accountant
Sophia Lai Wu - Realtor
Valarie Wyatt Hailey - John F. Kennedy HS Alumni
Carole Yamaguchi - Retired, Fremont Resident
Cindy Yang - Fremont Resident
Sharon Yap - Director, Montessori School
Leonard Ybarra - Owner, Music Plus Events
Aliene Yee - Teacher, Fremont School District (Retired)
Alissa Yee - Family Member
Brendan Yee - Marketing Manager
Catherine Yee - Family Member
Debbie Yee - Family Member
Karen Yee - Dentist
Michael Yee - Family Member
Richard Yee - Retired, Fremont Resident
Steve Yee - Fremont Resident
Sylvia Yeh - Fremont Resident
Cynthia Yichoy - Fremont Resident
Luis (Willy) Yichoy - Fremont Resident
C.C. Yin - Owner/Operator, McDonald's
Teresa Yin-Wong - Washington Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees
Linette Young - CMP
James Yu - Dentist (Milpitas)
Loretta Yu - Pharmacist
Irene Yung - Youth Program Adult Leader
Adrian Zamora - Stationary Engineer, Washington Hospital
Evan Zappell - Fremont Resident
Lena Zee - Realtor, Fremont Resident
Auiling Zhang - Fremont Resident
Vanie Zutshi - Student

Asian Pacific American Democratic Club of Alameda County
Business for Good Government PAC, Fremont Chamber of Commerce
California Correctional Peace Officers Association
California Legislative Asian Pacific Islander Caucus
California Dental Association
California Medical Association
California Optometric Association
California Small Business Association
Crime Victims United
Democratic Activists for Women Now
Engineers and Scientists of California Local 20
Laborers' Union, Local 304
Milpitas Fire Association
Operating Engineers Local 3

  • Titles and affiliations for identification purposes only

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