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Los Angeles County, CA June 8, 2010 Election
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Statement of Issue Positions

By Nick Juan Mostert

Candidate for United States Representative; District 33; Democratic Party

This information is provided by the candidate
  • Fair Share return of Federal Tax revenues and Federal Economic Stimulus to California
  • Economic Revitalization; Keeping U.S. jobs in the U.S.; Financial and Tax Reform and Equity
  • Investment in Public Education; Alternative Energy; and Environmental Protection
I am a grassroots candidate, and not a professional politician. However, I possess the comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of the Federal Legislative process, and the determined commitment to increasing Washington's focus on issues important to the 33rd District, that would make me highly-effective as the Congressional Representative for the 33rd District.

I believe that the residents of the 33rd District, and our friends and neighbors throughout United States, deserve economic and educational opportunity and safe streets.

As your Representative, I would immediately begin working to ensure that the 33rd District receives its Fair Share of Federal Stimulus Funds, and other Federal Resources that are available to bring new business and more jobs to the District. California has, for many years, received a disproportionately low percentage of those Federal Tax dollars that are returned to the States by Washington.

Federal Taxes are paid to Washington from every State, and by California residents and businesses. Large percentages of the Tax Revenues received in Washington are then returned to the States as grants. While some States receive back as much as 85% (New York) to 92% (Texas), of the Federal Tax Dollars paid from those States, California has been averaging a return of only about 74 cents of every Federal Tax Dollar paid. This has resulted in Californians essentially subsidizing the Budgets of other States through the Federal Taxes paid by Californians. I would fight so that California receives its Fair Share.

While Californians are very generous and among the first to step forward with assistance to our friends and neighbors in our Sister States when they need assistance, California is suffering from an unprecedented State Budgetary Crisis and must seek to have equal treatment with other States in the amounts of Federal Revenues that are sent back to the States, so that California can balance its Budget.

California is the Eighth largest economy in the world, and has always been a major force in the economic vitality of the Nation. Now more than ever, California needs to receive its Fair Share of Federal Tax dollars paid by Californians.

As a dedicated advocate of educational opportunity for all children, I would work to find new revenue sources that would allow for greater investment our public education system.

I support President Obama's initiatives to fix a broken tax code, to ensure that corporations and large financial institutions would pay their fair share of taxes. I would also fight for new legislation that would make corporations and large financial institutions accountable for harm that they cause to the public.

I would work with all involved parties, to find ways to keep jobs in the U.S. and to change tax laws that currently encourage U.S. companies to send jobs overseas. I would introduce proposed legislation for new incentive programs that would allow U.S. companies to remain profitable, while keeping plants and production, and the jobs that go with them -- here in the U.S.

I support President Obama's initiatives to protect Social Security and Medicare, and to further develop the new Universal Health Insurance program.

I would work to see that credit markets once again operate in a manner that allows American business, and consumers, to have access to the credit resources necessary to conduct business effectively, and to provide economic stimulus and job creation in the U.S. generally and, more particularly, in California, which continues to suffer high rates of unemployment among its residents.

I would support legislation to ensure the stability of America's financial system.

I would fight for protections against predatory lending and to strengthen consumer protection laws.

I would work ceaselessly to maintain the security interests of the Nation. As a part of our further and continuing efforts as a Nation to promote the common good for our citizens and residents, and for the generations to follow, I would work to develop new alternative sources of energy and policies that would allow our Nation to be energy independent, while simultaneously protecting and preserving the environment.

I would work tirelessly to foster the highest level of effectiveness of government in responding to the needs of our Communities.

I invite you to please join with other Californians who are working to secure an even brighter future for our families and our neighbors, by voting in the Primary Election on June 8, and by supporting the Candidates of your choosing in the general Election in November.

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