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Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino Counties, CA June 8, 2010 Election
Smart Voter Additional Endorsements for Philip L "Phil" Liberatore

Candidate for
United States Representative; District 42; Republican Party

This information is provided by the candidate

Our nation needs strong credible leadership, especially in today's difficult economic time. We need leaders that will defend the constitution. Liberatore will fight to enforce our current immigration laws and complete the border fence. I believe Phil Liberatore is the man for the job.
  • Sheriff Joe Arpaio, "Americas Toughest Sheriff"

Phil brings honesty back to Washington. He's a born leader with the skills and integrity so many in Washington tend to lack. I've never endorsed a candidate in California before, but I am endorsing Phil Liberatore for Congress.
  • Mike Boguslawski, CBS 2 News, Bogeys in Your Corner
Phil Liberatore is a man of quality of faith of values. It doesn't matter what side of the aisle they sit as long as they look through the prism of what the founding fathers saw when they wrote the constitution.
  • Robert Davi, Actor/Director
Phil is a thoughtful, analytic, wise and solution-oriented professional who is deeply committed to his family and his faith. All those talents will serve him and us very well when he gets to Washingon DC.
  • Warren Duffy, The Voice of Christian Broadcasting
Dear Friends and Fellow Americans,
I am pleased to add my endorsement to Phil Liberatore for Congress in the 42nd District. All of us long for a breath of fresh air to sweep through our government-both State and Federal, and Phil is just that. As a CPA, USC Graduate, devoted husband, father and successful businessman, Phil brings honesty, integrity and accountability to government. The worst news for Washington is the voters of the 42nd in California are sending a CPA to Washington who intends to scrutinize both the budget and government. Please remember your voice matters and your vote counts! Vote on June 8th!
  • Conservative Former Gubernatorial Candidate, Bill Simon
I knew Phil Liberatore first by reputation, then by relationship. He is a leader whose character, up-close, matches the image seen from a distance. As an advisor and mentor to prominent Christian leaders in the marketplace, the professions and the ministry, I have had the privilege of helping Phil think beyond his professional success, to consider pursuing significance through a new season of servant leadership. For Phil, that personal odyssey has led to his candidacy for Congress, and it comes at a crucial time in our nation's history. May God place many men and women in Washington with the integrity and values that Phil will bring with him after he is elected by the insightful voters of California's 42nd District!
  • Bob Shank Founder/CEO, The Master's Program
Phil is a man with a unique blend of skilled competency and proven integritity. He is just the kind of leader our nation needs in Washington D.C.
  • Brad Dacus, President of Pacific Justice Institute
I'm thrilled to endorse my friend Phil Liberatore for Congress. Especially these days, we need men and women of not only honor, character, and integrity to run for political office, but men and women who have the right values when it comes to family, limited government, fiscal responsibility, and strong national security. Phil is one of the most beloved employers in Southern California, not just by other business leaders, but by his employees, both current and former. I think the 42nd Congressional District deserves a truly conservative candidate who will serve them well in Washington, D.C. Phil is such a man.
  • Frank Pastore, host of The Frank Pastore Show
I endorse Phil Liberatore for the United States Congress. I've known Phil for almost 10 years and he's always been honest and trustworthy. He's not only been my trusted advisor and consultant when it comes to our family's tax issues, but he's become a good friend. Phil will be like a breath of fresh air as our representative in Congress.
  • Lisa G. Cabraloff, Former Commissioner, Brea Parks, Recreation, & Human Services
Phil Liberatore represents the new face of the Republican Party - one of true conservative values, honest dealing, and representation of the People of America for our good. He understands that the People are the employers of our Congressmen. We do not work for them. I whole-heartedly believe Phil will not be swayed by special interests in the performance of his obligations. He will look out for our best interests, contrary to business as usual in Washington. His addition to Congress is necessary to the future of California and our country. This is why I give him my full endorsement.
  • Carlo E. Caravetta, Esq. Caravetta & Associates / A Law Firm
As Phil Liberatore's advertising agent for the past 11 years, I've had a front row seat in watching him "liberate" his clients from their tax problems and help them achieve a "new life" void of fear and financial burden. I always have a list of IRS Problem Solver clients on my desk who have asked if they might share their testimony in the next radio commercial. While interviewing them I find they consider themselves not only clients, but now friends of Phil's and are overflowing with gratitude for having their burden relieved. Phil Liberatore fights for and defends his client's rights which I'm convinced he will do for his constituents.
  • Linda Casso, Tuned In Media, Inc.
My father, Theodore Rodriguez was a client of Phil Liberatore since 1989. He was fortunate to have a trusted, honest, caring friend and accountant. We are both blessed to have Phil in our lives. Phil held his hand and comforted him while he was on his death bed. Phil is amazing, and my father loved him. Phil will represent the 42nd District the same way he represented our family for the past 20 plus years.
  • Debbie Rodriguez, Trustee of the Cleto Theodore Rodriguez Trust
Phil Liberatore has offered his tax and accounting services to me and my company for the past 20 years. Phil goes the extra mile to make sure all our needs are cared for. He always works hard to meet all his clients high expectations. Our country is facing some real challenges. The politicians in Washington are out of touch with their constituents. We need Phil Liberatore to put our government back on course and restore the principals that America was founded on.
  • David Tofflemire, Tofflemire Freight Services
In times like these, I would never trust a man with my vote, that I could not trust with my family, because that vote will affect my family. I trust Phil Liberatore with both and endorse him for the United States Congress in the 42nd District.
  • Stephen Tavani, Founder & President , WOW International
Phil has always been extremely honest and forthright in all of our business endeavors. When you vote for Phil you can count on him to get it done!
  • Hector Valiente, Branch Manager, One West Bank
I have known Phil to be a man of integrity and character. He has never backed down from fighting for what is right and never will.
  • Bob Archuleta, President, International Bible Institute
As Chairman of the Board of Directors of our organization, the Oasis of Hollywood, Phil has utilized his leadership and business skills to not only motivate and direct our board, but has pioneered new avenues of revenues for us while helping us fulfill our vision to reach underserved youth. He has proven himself to be a dependable leader."
  • Ron & Judy Radachy, Executive Directors, Oasis of Hollywood

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