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San Diego County, CA June 8, 2010 Election
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By Matt Friedman

Candidate for United States Representative; District 53; Republican Party

This information is provided by the candidate
This write up clarifies my stance on a handful of prominent issues facing Congress in 2010 and into the next several years.
I am Matt Friedman and I am running for United States Congress. I am not a career politician. I am a career American citizen and 53rd district resident that believes Washington is apathetic towards, and out of touch with, the principles of the American people. My understanding of government is that members of Congress are supposed to be Representatives of the people + not partisan, politicking, professional politicians.

Simply stated, the beliefs of my family, friends, and business associates, have been actively suppressed by the Democrat elite in Washington! I hope you'll take a moment to read my platform and then commit to help me place a conservative in 53rd District.

Where do I stand?

On the economy: My philosophy is based on the principle that the individual - not the government - generates prosperity. The current Democrat controlled government does not know how or does not want to promote a healthy and robust economy. It specializes in deficit spending this country to near bankruptcy and throwing the burden of paying for it to the next generation of Americans. My position is simple: lower corporate and individual taxes across the board, eliminate onerous regulations and free the citizens to build the country back to economic greatness.

On the legislative process: We have all seen the last few months of acrimonious politics in Washington. Pelosi and and the Liberal Left worked together with their fellow Democrats to push through un-Constitutional legislation against the will of the people and against the unified objections of every Republican in Congress. I am a no-nonsense businessman who is frustrated that my representative participated, and even championed, that process. I will go to Congress to represent you and your interests and to do it openly and honestly.

On health care delivery reform: I acknowledge that fundamental changes are needed - but not a socialized, government controlled health care delivery system that makes medical decisions without a medical degree or even cursory medical knowledge. I support legislative efforts to open the purchase of health insurance across state lines, reform tort law, promote health savings accounts and create portable health insurance plans. We can do better...legally!

On immigration: I fully support legal immigration and will fight general amnesty in Congress. Amnesty itself sends the wrong message, not only to our native born citizens, but also to those who have gained their citizenship through the naturalization process. The biggest immigration challenge that I see is the poor functioning of our legal immigration system. I will support legislative actions to review, update and streamline the whole process. Waiting five to nine years to become an American legally is too long!

On national security: The single most important responsibility of an elected government official is the protection of the United States from all enemies, domestic and foreign. I believe that this responsibility extends to fiscal responsibility and ensuring that our armed forces are equipped with every tool necessary to carry out its mission. Only with a strong commitment to sound monetary practices and an effective military force can the security of the American people be adequately defended. I will vigorously seek and support both.

On duty and responsibility: I believe strongly that while party discipline is important, particularly in securing the passage of conservative agendas, it cannot override the expressed interests of your constituents. We have seen many cases in the last few months where what the people think and want makes no difference to their elected representatives. A foundational principle of Republican governance is the necessity of regular elections to hold elected officials accountable to the will of the people. In November, Liberal law makers must be held accountable for her neglect of the people in the 53rd District. Let's cut reckless spending, socialist programs, and reduce taxation and regulation on our private sector.

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