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Santa Clara County, CA March 3, 2009 Election
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Recall Election
City of San Jose

Majority Approval Required

Fail: 5,696 / 44.6% Yes votes ...... 7,084 / 55.4% No votes

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Shall Madison Nguyen be recalled (removed) from the office of Councilmember, District 7, of the City of San Jose?

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Councilmember Madison Nguyen has not represented her constituents, but has only served wealthy and powerful special interests. She cut deals behind closed doors favoring a single wealthy developer, without the Council's knowledge, and without the community's knowledge or input.

She has engaged in acts of malfeasance and has intentionally misled and deceived the city council and the voters on issues that are important to the city and to the community she represents. She has had a pattern of subverting the democratic process by catering to special interest groups at the expense and to the detriment of her constituents.

When the truth about her actions was revealed, the Council had to rescind their votes. With the disclosure of her emails as required by law, it is clear that she has violated the ethical mandate of a Councilmember - No lying, no cheating, no stealing, and no special interest groups running City Hall.

Too many times we have painfully endured her divisive tactics, lies, and insults. To ensure that the voices of the people are represented, we have no choice but to recall her and to elect a Councilmember who will serve District 7 with honesty and transparency.

The printed names, signatures and residence addresses of the proponents are on file in the Office of the San Jose City Clerk.

10 Recall proponents are Paul Loc Le; John Nguyen; Gian Minh Dinh; Luong Phan; Hanh T. Tran; Minh Cao Nguyen; Daley Nguyen; Hoan Nguyen; Tony Nguyen; Du Danh Du.

ANSWER OF MADISON NGUYEN TO STATEMENT OF REASONS FOR RECALL When I ran for city council in 2005, I committed to be a voice for the communities previously excluded from the political process. Today, residents know they have a voice, that I listen and that I advocate for them daily.

Since taking office, I have accomplished much for District 7: street improvements on Senter and Lucretia; built over 700 affordable housing units; constructed several new neighborhood parks; produced more than 1000 jobs from San Jose's biggest shopping center on Curtner and Monterey; and brought more awareness to public safety issues. Residents enjoy a higher quality of life and a more beautiful district due to our work together.

It is disappointing that a group who disagreed with a business district name have started a recall effort. San Jose is a great city that celebrates a wide spectrum of communities. The District deserves better. More importantly, District 7 residents do not deserve this disruption.

The Mayor and all my fellow Councilmembers support me and think a recall is unwarranted and is bad for District 7.

More needs to be done in District 7. I am fully prepared to continue to advocate, represent and work with you to build safe vibrant neighborhoods.

Madison P. Nguyen
Councilmember, District 7
City of San Jose

Statement of MADISON NGUYEN, Officeholder
Member, San Jose City Council, District 7
Occupation: Councilmember, District 7
Education and Qualifications:

Over one million dollars.
That's what passage of this recall would cost taxpayers in election expenses. Our district could also be without City Hall representation for 6 months. Couldn't this $1 million be better spent boosting our local economy with job creation programs or protecting our neighborhoods from crime and gangs?

Since my election in 2005, I have worked collaboratively with residents and community leaders to improve our quality of life. We created over 1,000 jobs, made major street improvements, built over 700 affordable housing units, constructed several new neighborhood parks, and worked to improve public safety.

Please exercise your right to vote with an absentee ballot or at the polls on March 3. No matter how you feel about Little Saigon, it's important to know that the recall election was organized by politically ambitious individuals who believe the Little Saigon issue is the most important problem facing our district.

We must rise above the petty politics and return to focusing on the issues that matter. Join Mayor Chuck Reed, every member of the City Council, Congressman Mike Honda, Vietnamese community organizations, and San Jose's retired police Officers and fireČ-fighters in saying No to this costly and divisive Recall.

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