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State of Pennsylvania April 22, 2008 Election
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The American Dream

By Chris Exarchos

Candidate for US Representative; District 5; Republican Party

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Will our children and grandchildren be able to share in the "American Dream?"
Our country has prospered because it has been the "land of freedom and opportunity." Millions of immigrants flocked to our shores to get away from poverty, famine, persecution, and most of all a feeling of hopelessness. They came to the United States to be part of the "American Dream." No promises, no handouts just a reasonable anticipation and great hope that through hard work and perseverance they would have the opportunity to build a better life for themselves and their families.

The question for us is this: Will our children and grandchildren be able to share in the "American Dream?" Today the land of opportunity is experiencing some difficult and challenging times. We have hard working citizens who live paycheck to paycheck, they find it hard to heat their homes, they cannot afford minimal healthcare or cover college costs, and most of all they are unable to save for a "rainy day." Many Americans are struggling and are feeling that no matter how hard they work they cannot get ahead. At the same time, for some, this has become the land of handouts and bailouts.

We need to get our nation back on track by investing in our future, rewarding hard work and those who take risks to create jobs. As your representative, I will ensure that our government invests our tax dollars to help keep the "American Dream" alive. We need an energy policy that produces affordable, safe and plentiful energy. We must provide for a good transportation system to attract new business and investment. Our education policy must provide young citizens with skills they can use in today's economy. Pennsylvania's 5th Congressional District has the resources to benefit from these policies. What is good for the country is also good for the 5th District.

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