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Los Angeles County, CA May 1, 2007 Election
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Lee Davis for 6th District Council

By Lee Davis

Candidate for Council Member; City of Long Beach; District 6

This information is provided by the candidate
I think it is important to list the Ethic Commission I want to implement for the city of Long Beach. This commission would oversee all city departments. The commission would report directly to the Long Beach City Councils and if necessary to the Los Angeles District Attorney. This would give the city a complete CHECK AND BALANCE for our City Charter
I have been the Publisher and owner of the Wrigley Bulletin and News since 1989, I have never given an endorsement. Because I feel it is a choice of the people in Long Beach districts. When an individual runs for a national election, that is different

But local elections are where we really see democracry at its best. The people vote counts toward their choice. I have sponsors who have purchased signs, radio spots, commericals, flyers and a direct mail piece. I want to only be obligated to the voters in the 6th District. I lived in the 6th District for 2 years. I have not recently moved in the district to run for this office like many of the candidates.

It is not good to lie about the resident requirement. Because it is the beginning of the councilmatic term. And if you start with that lie, the council person has began with untruths to the continguents.

I don't think organizations, and/or indviduals should tell the voters who they have chosen, in an attempt to influence them. It should be the decision of the voters in a district; It should not be labor, or old money in the city against the voters.

These are SOME of the many reasons, the 6th District have not ended its proverty, crime, and low voter turn out. Yhe council person has to pay back the all the money by voting for the money interests they receieved as candidates. The candidates take so much money from the endorsers, they are obligated to them not the voters in the districts.

I think ALL of the Propositions on this ballot should not be passed. Because the voters in the 6th District DID NOT have a representative on the council when many of them were passed by the Long Beach City Council. These Propoisitions are the DISRESPECT shown to the voters in the 6th District.

These are also the same reasons the people in the 13 colonies left England to form America. They too felt there was heavy taxation by King Henry Xlll without proper representation.

I especially oppose Proposition D. If the 6th District is not good enought to live in, then it should not be good enough to represent.


Founder,wrote Guideline for Wrigley Historical District, Founder, First President of Wrigley Village Business Assn., Assisted with Re-organization of Wrigley Assn. President of Neighborhood Watch, Judge for Daisy Lane Christmas Tree Lane, Planted Trees on Earth Day, Marched on PCH to get Posititution Ordinance Passed, VIP in Long Beach Public Schools, Corporate Partner of Birney Elementary School, Pass member of Long Beach Chamber of Commerce, Orator of 126th School Career Day (ten years), Historian for Jack and Jill of America, Brought half million dollars to Pacific Avenue as Presidnt, Wrigley Village Business Assn. for Facade Improvements, Member of the Relocation Appeals Board, Commissioner for Wrigley Historical District, Chaired Mexican Fiesta 2006, Candidate for Mayor 1998 (Second behind Mayor O'Neil), Got Facade Improvemt Grants for Wrigley Historial District, Kenote Speaker of Long Beaxh City College Graduation Judge of Edision Scholarship Committee, Parnter with Bank of America for Xmas Parties, Featured in Los Angeles Times Real Estate Section to promote Wrigley Real Estates, Co-founder of International Language Insititue in Monovia, Liberia-West Africa, etc.

Teen Years:

All State Illinois Cheerleaders Squad, All City Chicago Choir, Captain of Crane Cheerleaders, Presidnet of Future Leaders of America Northnern Area, Soloist in Interdenonimal Choir, Participant in Foreign Exchange Program, Charter Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha at State,


Published Poet and member of International Society of Poets, Entreprenuer of the Year from Congresswoman Juanity Millender McDonald, Outstanding Leadership from President Clinton, Invited to President William Jefferson Clinton in Inaugurations in 1993 and 1999, Entreprenuer of the Year Award from NAACP, Perfect Voter by Mayor Ernie Kell, Awards from Democratice National Committee, Awards from President Clinton;s Arkansas Birthday Club, Wrigley Historical District, etc.

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