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Alameda County, CA November 7, 2006 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Steve Strayer

Candidate for
Member, Director; Washington Township Health Care District

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I am not a politician, and have never before run for public office. The only reason I'm a candidate for the Washington Hospital Board is because I think I have a unique perspective that might help guide the hospital to better serve the interests of tax-payers and patients. One thing that influenced this perspective was a terrifying incident some years ago where the deliberate violation by officials at Washington Hospital of human rights, ethics and common sense, coupled with bureaucratic mismanagement and lack of apparent recourse, endangered the safety of my wife and child (I will provide a detailed account of this incident to anybody who requests it).

Since I became a candidate, I've learned of a few other cases of abuse of individuals suppressed by hospital officialdom. I invite anybody in the community, who has experienced recent issues with Washington Hospital to bring them to my attention. I will do my best to get your problems addressed honestly regardless of the outcome of this election. At minimum, I will keep you informed of whatever developments I become aware of.

My political philosophy is that people elected to an office should do their best to promote the actual interests of those who elect them, as opposed to pushing some agenda based on personal bias or that of a narrowly focused interest group. In order to succeed at this, a director must remain open to consideration of ideas from others in the community, even those conflicting with his/her own biases. I cannot honestly claim to have no biases; but I have no professional connection with the medical establishment or any other special interest group, nor any commitment to a political faction. My commitment is to the taxpayers and patients of the hospital.

My interest in Washington Hospital, other than its availability to me should I or my family ever need its services, is to ensure representation on the board for the true concerns of the district's general population, and open ethical conduct toward every party affected by hospital operations. If you feel that those of us not connected to the medical establishment may have ideas worth considering, I offer my services in honestly addressing all your concerns for the next four years. I welcome inputs from anybody in this district.

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