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Contra Costa County, CA November 8, 2005 Election
Measure K
Development Plan
City of Antioch

Majority Approval Required

Pass: 12,612 / 59.70% Yes votes ...... 8,513 / 40.30% No votes

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Results as of Nov 23 10:05am, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (34/34)
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Shall the electors adopt the City of Antioch Growth Control, Traffic Relief, Voter-Approved Urban Limit Line, and Roddy Ranch Development General Plan Reduction Initiative Ordinance?

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Official Sources of Information
Impartial Analysis
In 1990, Contra Costa County voters approved an Urban Limit Line. Without jeopardizing receipt of transportation funds, land uses designated by the City of Antioch can occur only within the adopted urban limit line. The boundary established in 1990 included a significant portion of property known as "Roddy Ranch", an area located southerly of the existing city limits and westerly of Deer Valley Road. In 2000, over the objections of the City Council, the Board of Supervisors moved the urban limit line in a way that places all of Roddy Ranch outside of the limit line.

This initiative would create Antioch's own urban limit line. With respect to Roddy Ranch, this urban limit line would be in the same location as the 1990 boundary authorized by the voters. It would also amend the city's general plan and zoning ordinances to reduce the amount of housing units permitted on Roddy Ranch from approximately 1,700 to not more than 700 units, most of which would be "estate units". The measure would also approve a development agreement that would lock the general plan and zoning densities in place for 15 years, irrespective of any possible future voter initiatives. The City Council would retain the ability to review and approve or deny certain development plans and subdivision maps within the area. No building permits for houses could be issued in the Roddy Ranch area until Highway 4 is widened from Railroad Avenue to "L" Street, or until 2009, whichever occurs first.

The City of Antioch has a "Residential Development Allocation Ordinance" which limits the number of housing units allocated to not more than 600 units per year, with certain exceptions. This initiative would prohibit the City Council from approving any new allocations in 2006 and 2007. This measure would also reduce the number of allocations from 3,000 to 2,000 which could be approved until 2010. Existing exemptions would remain in place and this measure would also exempt from the allocation limit dwelling units constructed in the immediate vicinity of mass transit stations.

The development agreement mandated by this initiative would require the Roddy Ranch developer to contribute, in addition to any adopted traffic mitigation fees, $1,000,000 for improvements to State Route 4 Bypass and/or Vasco Road. The developer would also be required to donate $1,000,000 to the Antioch Unified School District for performing arts, music and sports programs, and to contribute $50,000 to the City of Antioch to study a potential business park.
This initiative would establish a voter-approved urban limit line that would include approximately 850 acres within Roddy Ranch and an approximately 200 acre portion of the Ginochio property. These 1,050 acres were included within the 1990 urban limit line authorized by the voters. The area known as Deer Valley would remain outside of the urban limit line.
William R. Galstan
City Attorney

The above statement is an impartial analysis of Measure K. If you desire a copy of the ordinance, please call the City Clerk's Office at (925) 779-7009 and a copy will be mailed at no cost to you.

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East Bay Express

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Arguments For Measure K Arguments Against Measure K
A YES vote on Measure "K" REDUCES TRAFFIC, CONTROLS GROWTH AND HELPS OUR SCHOOLS. It is fair and balanced. It gives Antioch's voters control over their own future.

Voting YES on Measure "K" will:

  • REDUCE TRAFFIC by eliminating 1,950 currently planned units
  • guarantee that more than $40 MILLION in County sales tax dollars COME BACK TO ANTIOCH FOR LOCAL ROADS
  • CONTROL SPRAWL by establishing Antioch's own URBAN LIMIT LINE
  • give Antioch voters a VETO over expansions to the URBAN LIMIT LINE
  • mandate a 2 YEAR MORATORIUM on new Residential Development Allocations so that Highway 4 widening occurs before additional development
  • REDUCE potential development of Roddy Ranch by 1,000 homes, DECREASING the project from 1,700 homes to no more than 700
  • require Roddy Ranch developers to contribute $1 MILLION for SPORTS, PERFORMING ARTS AND MUSIC programs although any students from Roddy Ranch would attend Brentwood schools
  • require developers to pay an additional $1 MILLION for HIGHWAY 4 BYPASS/VASCO ROAD improvements
  • NOT allow any development of Roddy Ranch without a future Environmental Impact Report, public hearings and vote by the City Council
  • give the people of Antioch CONTROL OVER OUR OWN FUTURE, taking it back from OUTSIDERS who think they should decide what's best for us

Measure "K" is a thoughtful, forward-looking balanced approach to traffic, growth and our quality of life. While we've strongly disagreed on planning issues in the past, Measure "K" has united us in enthusiastic support for its passage. We love Antioch and want only the best for the City and its people. PLEASE HELP MAKE ANTIOCH EVEN BETTER BY VOTING YES ON MEASURE "K."
s/Donald P. Freitas
Mayor, City of Antioch
s/Thomas McNell
Co-Author, Antioch Growth Control Measure U
s/Mary Peinado
Founder, Residents of Antioch for Improved Schools and Education (RAISE)
s/Terry Ramus
Co-Author, Antioch Growth Control Measure U
s/Thomas Fuhrmann
President, Antioch Police Officer's Association

Rebuttal to Arguments For
We're not stupid.
From Antioch and Pittsburg to Brentwood out of town developers like Albert Seeno are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to get you to believe their big lies.
Here, developers have polled, they have cleverly calculated. Their consultants have put together an initiative they want you to believe will benefit Antioch.
It won't.
Measure K will bring more development, more traffic, more crowded classrooms, longer emergency response times, and a lower quality of life for us all.
What these developers won't tell you ... if these Measures pass be prepared for:
  • Thousands of new houses, on top of thousands that have already been approved, but not built!
  • Gridlock - more traffic and congestion on Highway 4, and more air pollution--that's why nurses are opposed.
  • Competition for our limited water supplies - do you want to ration?
  • Increased crime and longer response times for police, firefighters and emergency personnel!
  • Lowered property values - bad traffic, crowded schools and too few local jobs mean lower property values.
  • Huge developments destroy natural lands, working farms and ranches around our cities - some projects are proposed on scenic hills next to our parks.
  • Overcrowded schools the day they open.
  • Nurses are concerned about longer waits for ambulances and at Emergency Rooms.

The out-of-town developers who stand to make millions at our expense are counting on one thing: Us being fooled by their crafty initiative.
We're not stupid. We've figured it out. And we can't be bought-out, or hoodwinked into believing Measure K will be good for Antioch.
The only ones who will ultimately benefit are the developers. The rest of us will be stuck in traffic on Highway 4!
Take a closer look. Don't be fooled by the sugar-coated lies. Please vote NO on Measure K.
s/Joe Canciamilla,
State Assemblyman
s/Federal Glover,
County Supervisor
s/Ted Radke,
Director, East Bay Regional Park District
s/Clinton Fields,
President, Citizens for a Better Antioch
s/Ron Brown,
Executive Director, Save Mount Diablo

Rebuttal to Arguments Against

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