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Board Member; Oakhills Local School District


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Jack Pollock

Candidate for the Board of Oak Hills Local School District


  • IBM Corporate Executive with 21 years of expertise
  • Proven leadership in finance, planning, project and technology management
  • Experience managing budgets 2 to 3 times the size of our current district
  • B.S. Public Administration, University of Missouri- 1975 M.B.A. Financial Management, Pace University, New York- 1988
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington, D.C. nearly three years

  • Co-Chairman, 1997 Oak Hills Bond Issue and Operating Levy Campaign
  • Trustee, Oak Hills Educational Foundation, since 1998
  • Member, Finance & Audit Committee, Oak Hills Local School District, since 1998
  • Member, Core Construction Team, Oak Hills Local School District, since 1997
  • Chairman, 1998 Friends of Scouting Fund Drive, Shawnee District (Oak hills & Three Rivers School Districts area)
  • District Chairman, Shawnee District, Boy Scouts of America, since 1998
  • School Experience: Jask's wife Sharon and their 2 children were and are Oak hills students. Jack is a graduate of teh Parochial school system in Missouri
  • Determined to contineu to apply the time, energy and effort to the schools and community

  • Strenghten the capabilities fo teh School Board and District Administration
  • Make well-informed, fact-based decisions and recommendations
  • Develop and carry out a vision academic excellence for the present and future.
  • Insure successful completion of the renovation and oncstruction projects.
  • Insure competitive levels of technology in our schools
  • Develop means for continual interactive communication between the schools and community

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