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Bismarck, Illinois is a typical Midwest Farm community. Born on August 21, 1965 to James and joyce (nee moss) Ping, I was afforded the pleasure of growing up in this small town where my family resided for most of this century. After marrying Teresa Knee in 1986 and graduating from the University of Illinois in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering, I accepted a civil service position with the US Navy. Teresa and I moved to the Norfolk, Virginia area and lived not far from where my forefather, john Ping, had settled shortly after coming ehre from England in the 1740's. While we greatly enjoyed our time there, we wanted to be closer to our families, and in 1989 we moved to this area in an effort to be closer to the family we missed. After buying our first house in Loveland, we were blessed with the birth of Abby, the first of our two children. We later moved to our home in Symmes Township where our son Levi was born. Seeing a trend formin, we have decided not to leave this house until we want another son or daughter! Our family is active in the Loveland Heights Church of Christ where I am a trustee and treasurer. Currently I am president of Pinnacle Engineering, Inc., a structural engineering consulting firm that I founded in 1996. I also teach three structural engineering courses on part time basis at Miami University.


Since deciding to run for the board of education, many people have asked me what experience I have with regard to education. I have received a great deal of experience from my family. My father, the first in our family to receive a master's degree, was a high school music teacher. My mother was a high school home economics teacher. My maternal grandfather was a math and history teacher as well as a football and track coach. My maternal grandmother was an elementary school teacher. Together they taught for nearly one hundred years. Their dedication to their profession and their experiences in educating thousands of people demonstrated to me the importance of a quality education. Such a quality education begins with language, math, science, history, literature, et cetera, continues with music, art, sports, and other extracurricular activities, and never ends as we continue each day to adapt to an ever-changing world. This is the philosophy I take into the classroom at Miami, and it is the philosophy that I will take into the boardroom as well.

I also feel that being the owner of a small business has provided me with valuable experience regarding fiscal matters. Being a church treasurer has taught me how to prioritize the priorities of a group of people so that the goals can be achieved. We all desire the best possible education for the children in our community, and this experience will help me balance the needs of the parents and teachers with the ability of the tax dollars.

My experience in government includes being a former member of the City of Loveland Environment Committee and current member of the Symme's Township Finance Committee.

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