Hamilton, Clermont County, OH November 2, 1999 Election
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Winnie Clayton's Positions

By Winnie Clayton

Candidate for Board Member; Forest Hills Local School District

This information is provided by the candidate
I am a candidate for election fo the Board of Education of the Forest Hills Local School District. I am a conservative. My alues are in tune with the values of our community.

I believe in preserving the traditions that we hold dear. I believe in studying history as it actually happened and not in re-writing it according to "politically correct" ideas. I believe we should learn from the past and honor our great heroes and our great Constitution. I believe in teaching phonics, grammar, spelling and math facts. If these are considered old-fashioned, so be it. They worked!

I believe in maintaining local control of schools, and if elected I will vote according to the interests of the majority of our community.

Since two-thirds of the district's revenue comes from local property taxes, it is in the interest of the taxpayers to be frugal with expenditures. I pledge that, if elected, I will not vote for any tax levy which is even one one-hundredth of a mill in excess of legitimate needs.

If elected, I plan to be readily available to constituents. I am retired after 25 years of teaching and have the time to "do my homwork" and carry out the responsibilities of a school board member.

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