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Alameda County, CA November 2, 1999 Election
Measure C
Land Use
City of Newark

2089 / 38.6% Yes votes ...... 3309 / 61.3% No votes

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Shall the Newark General Plan be amended to change the land use designation of "Area 4" from Low Density Residential with a specific plan including provision for a golf course, recreation facilities, and open space to Conservation-Open Space and Agricultural/Resource Production-Open Space? "Area 4" is bounded by Mowry Slough on the west, Mowry Avenue on the north, the railroad tracks on the east, and the Fremont border on the south.
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Arguments For Measure C Arguments Against Measure C
A vote for this ballot initiative measure is the best way to guarantee reasonable growth in Newark.

If passed, the measure will designate Area 4 for open space and agricultural purposes for the time being, effectively imposing a moratorium on development. However, Area 4 can still be developed if the voters of Newark approve a specific plan. By transferring the development decision for this critical property from the city council to the voters, we assure that any future development decision will be moderate in scope.

The current general plan for Area 4 is not reasonable. It allows 2700 homes to be built, has a negative impact on our city budget, and does not require a golf course. By passing this measure any future development proposal would have to be placed before the voters. It would have to answer the specifics of who will pay for schools, roads, public utilities, public services, and the like. Often, many of these financial burdens of residential development are carried by existing taxpayers. We do not believe this would be fair for development in Area 4. The potential impacts of developing Area 4 warrant this transfer of power to the citizens. Those impacts include a 20% increase in school crowding, more traffic on our roads, and a diminished quality of life.

This measure will change the general plan and place control of future development in the hands of our citizens. It is our opportunity to control the size and character of our community. It is about making sure that we all have a say in the future of our city.

s/PAUL HIGGINS, Chairman, Save Open Space in Newark
s/LINDA PATTERSON, Vice Chair, TriCity Ecology Center
s/MARI MILLER, Candidate, Newark City Council

Rebuttal to Arguments For

Please read the actual question in Measure C, carefully.

It says: "Shall the City's General Plan be amended . . .?" There's nothing there about "for the time being." And there's nothing about "reasonable growth," as proponents suggest.

The General Plan sets the city's ultimate goals for the use of land. The actual use cannot change until the City Council rezones property and sets conditions for its use. The City Council can impose any additional requirements or safe-guards it deems legal and appropriate at that time. When necessary, it can also say "NO."

A "moratorium" won't clean up a junk yard or turn a drainage ditch into healthy salt-water habitat. The right development would.

The General Plan now says the ultimate use for Area 4 should be low-densityhomes, a golf course, recreation facilities and open space. If you believe this long-term goal is good, vote NO on Measure C.


Individual members of the current City Council have said they will allow no more than a moderate number of homes in Area 4 and a public golf course by a developer who provides a new school, roads, and public utilities. They have promised to protect our community's schools, the free flow of traffic, our environment and our treasured quality of life.

ELECT LEADERS YOU TRUST to run the City and make the decisions that you expect of them. If you do this, Area 4 will be in good hands.

s/VIOLA BLYTHE, Founder, Viola Blythe Center
s/RUSSELL BLOWERS, Newark Business Owner
s/EILEEN G. McDONALD, Board of Education NUSD
s/MARK A. DUNN, Board of Education NUSD

Open Space that People Can Use

PRESERVE THIS? Auto wrecking yards. Potentially toxic runoff. Exhausted farm fields. Private property, no trespassing. No environmental restoration. A potentially major drain on Newark taxes.

This is "Area 4" today. Is this what you want to "preserve" for the future?


Hundreds of acres of publicly accessible open space, developed for public recreational use, self-sustaining at no cost to the city. A championship 18-hole golf course open to the public. Miles of trails through more wetlands - not less - that all Newark citizens can enjoy.

Homes of a size and style suitable for families who have arrived at their target status in life, on very large lots. Significantly fewer homes than allowed by the general plan, much lower density than exists now in any Newark neighborhood. A new elementary school - privately built and given to the Newark Unified School District - and additional support for growth and development throughout the school district.


Real development proposals, with economic commitments for success, have been presented to property owners that include all these benefits and more. They would require thorough public review; detailed negotiations with many public agencies; and several public votes on specific plans by the city council.

Ironically, a YES vote on this measure would say NO to even considering these opportunities, or any like them. A YES vote expresses NO CONFIDENCE in the City's ability to protect and provide for its citizens and their futures.


Newark has done a great job of protecting and providing for its citizens. We ARE Newark. YOU are Newark. We want to be able to continue to do so, and to be free to take advantage of this opportunity for our community.

Please vote NO on Measure C.

s/SHIRLEY SISK, Councilwoman, Retired
s/JANICE SCHAEFER, School Board Member
s/HARRY S. "HANK" LEWIS, Past Mayor, Past School Board Members/Owner Builder of Newark Prof. Center
s/RAY J. RODRIGUEZ, School Board Member
s/ANDREA "ANDY" FRANCIS, Former School Board Member 81'-90'

Rebuttal to Arguments Against
YES! Preserve Our Last Open Space!

Measure C is a way to be sure the VOTERS have the final say in the development of Area 4.

Right now there are no guarantees that fewer than 2700 homes will be built, or that a golf course could be included, or that there will be any public access at all. Those are empty promises because the City Council has not put any of those ideas into the general plan.

Measure C will increase public participation in the planning process. Any development proposal will require a vote of all the people of Newark, not just the City Council. It will ensure that any development will have minimal impact on public finances and our quality of life. Reasonable growth will not happen if we don't plan for it.

Are you happy with the trend in recent development, increased traffic, increased pollution, and the changes in Newark's small town feel? If not, vote YES on Measure C.

Vote YES to have a say in the direction our community will grow.

Vote YES to tell the City Council they need to listen to us before they build thousands of homes.

Vote YES on Measure C to let the voters decide what development is right for Newark.

Over 2300 Newark residents agree. We need citizen control over the development process. Please vote YES on Measure C.

s/BETTE C. CANTRELL, Treasurer of Save Open Space in Newark
s/JANA SOKALE, Newark Resident, Environmental Planner
s/PAUL HIGGINS, Chairman, Save Open Space in Newark
s/MARGARET LEWIS, Boardmember Citizen's Committee to Complete the Refuge

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