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November 2, 1999 Election
Smart Voter

Alameda County Ballot

Combined ballot

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Categories shown below:
School | Special Districts | City | Local Measures
Contests for all precincts in Alameda County, CA combined are shown below.

Polling Location on November 2:

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Governing Board Member; Hayward Unified School District (3 Elected)

Governing Board Member; Pleasanton Unified School District (3 Elected)

Governing Board Member; Pleasanton Unified School District; 2 Year Term

Special Districts

Board Member; Castro Valley Sanitary District (3 Elected)


Council Member; City of Emeryville (3 Elected)

  • Nora Davis
    735 votes 25.7%
  • Ruth Atkin
    671 votes 23.5%
  • Ken Bukowski
    525 votes 18.4%
  • Trigvie Derr
    486 votes 17.0%
  • Arthur Hoff
    432 votes 15.1%
  • Dana Engen (Write-In)

Mayor; City of Livermore

Council Member; City of Livermore (2 Elected)

Mayor; City of Newark

  • David W. Smith
    3956 votes 73.0%
  • Vincent B. Salinas
    1461 votes 26.9%

Council Member; City of Newark (2 Elected)

  • Luis L. Freitas
    3592 votes 36.8%
  • Susan Johnson
    3286 votes 33.6%
  • Paul Higgins
    1518 votes 15.5%
  • Mari Miller
    1363 votes 13.9%

Mayor; City of Union City

Council Member; City of Union City

Local Measures

Measure A Treasurer -- City of Livermore
7842 / 57.9% Yes votes ...... 5698 / 42.0% No votes
Shall the office of City Treasurer be appointed?

Measure B Urban Growth -- City of Livermore
5449 / 38.4% Yes votes ...... 8712 / 61.5% No votes
Shall the people of the City of Livermore enact an ordinance amending the General Plan to create a new urban growth boundary, establish a new residential growth rate between 0 and 1,000 people per year, and require voter approval of certain residential housing developments of 20 units or more, certain conversions of open space land and all increases in residential density and requiring the City to withdraw from the joint planning process for North Livermore?

Measure C Land Use -- City of Newark
2089 / 38.6% Yes votes ...... 3309 / 61.3% No votes
Shall the Newark General Plan be amended to change the land use designation of "Area 4" from Low Density Residential with a specific plan including provision for a golf course, recreation facilities, and open space to Conservation-Open Space and Agricultural/Resource Production-Open Space? "Area 4" is bounded by Mowry Slough on the west, Mowry Avenue on the north, the railroad tracks on the east, and the Fremont border on the south.

Measure D Voter Approval for Development Projects -- City of Pleasanton
5487 / 43.5% Yes votes ...... 7117 / 56.4% No votes
Shall the CAPP Initiative be adopted to amend the General Plan to require voter approval for development projects involving 10 or more residential units or that have commercial or office buildings that exceed 55 feet in height, and other matters as outlined in the Initiative?

Measure E Tourist Tax -- City of Union City
4151 / 67.7% Yes votes ...... 1975 / 32.2% No votes
Shall the City of Union City increase the tourist tax imposed by Section 3.18.025 of the Union City Municipal Code on travelers occupying any hotel/motel room to 8.5% of the daily room rate to be adjusted annually according to the Consumer Price Index?

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