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State Treasurer


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I have been asked, "Why should people support me for State Treasurer?"

I responded that I am able to serve. I am willing to serve, for a limited time. I am not interested in using that office for building an organization for the purpose of furthering my career in politics. I am interested in the proper functioning of government agencies for the benefit of all constituencies.
My candidacy is part of the American Independent Party effort to straighten up the mess that has been created by democrat and republican office holders.
Among other things, The American Independent Party would like to revoke the "License to Steal" from American taxpayers that is now held and exercised by Federal Reserve System banks through their un-constitutional control of our country's money system.
The American Independent Party would like to restore and preserve "The Bill of Rights" including the right of good citizens to keep and bear arms. No tyranny, whether by criminals or by abusive government can be completely imposed upon an armed populace.
The American Independent Party would like to restore principles of good government, including protecting American jobs by stopping illegal immigration, restricting legal immigration, imposing tariffs on imported products produced by slave-wage labor in foreign countries unfairly competing with American producers, and stop taxing the American people to support foreign governments and the proposed "New World Order".
Yes! The platform of the American Independent Party is the formula for restoring and saving our constitutional republic of free people governing ourselves. If we are to live in freedom and prosperity, many more of "we the people" had better participate in our "government by the people" instead of entrusting the process to professional career politicians.
It has been stated that I am a Christian gentleman. I am a gentleman due to good teachers who taught me good things, and as an air crew officer candidate, I was declared to be a gentleman by an act of congress.
I am a Christian by choice, responding to the wonderful mercy, grace, and love of Almighty God.
I urge you to investigate and support The American Independent Party. And for Treasurer of our state, Be Wiser! Vote Ed Kaiser.

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