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California State Lt. Governor
Duties and Responsibilities

Who's running for this office?
Reprinted with permission from the California State website. Original source.

The Lieutenant Governor is elected at the same time and places and in the same manner as the Governor. Also similar to the Governor are his qualifications, term of office, and limit to two terms. In case of a vacancy in the office of Governor he shall become Governor.

The Constitution provides that the Lieutenant Governor shall be President of the Senate, but that he shall have only a casting vote. The purpose of a casting vote is to break a tie. The casting vote may be used only if it will provide the necessary majority required.

Additional duties have been imposed upon him as a member of various boards and commissions. He is ex officio one of the Regents of the University of California; Chairman of the Commission for Economic Development; Vice Chairman of the Commission for the Californias; a member of the State Lands Commission of the California Emergency Council, of the Reciprocity Commission, of the World Trade Commission; and a Trustee of the California State University.

[Taken from: California's Legislature (1994). Republished with permission.]

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