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Los Angeles County Ballot

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November 2, 2021 Election

County Results as of 2021/11/02 10:23PM, 100% of Precincts Reporting (45/45)
10.0% Countywide Voter Turnout (21,913/219660)
City | Local Measures
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    City Clerk; City of CarsonClick here for more info on this contest including known links to other sites

    • Myla Rahman
      2133 votes 29.2%
    • Monette Gavino
      1822 votes 25.0%
    • Vera Robles DeWitt
      1600 votes 21.9%
    • Falea'ana "Ana" Meni
      946 votes 13.0%
    • Jeffry Caballero
      800 votes 11.0%

    Member, City Council; City of Carson; District 4Click here for more info on this contest including known links to other sites

    • Arleen Rojas
      660 votes 34.4%
    • Freddie Gomez
      525 votes 27.3%
    • Michael Mitoma
      261 votes 13.6%
    • Sharma Henderson
      241 votes 12.5%
    • Isaias Pulido
      234 votes 12.2%

    Local Measures

    Measure G Charter Amendment -- City of Alhambra (Majority Approval Required)
    Pass: 4920 / 82.1% Yes votes ...... 1074 / 17.9% No votes
    A CHARTER AMENDMENT TO REMOVE ALL REFERENCES TO THE ALHAMBRA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT FROM THE ALHAMBRA CITY CHARTER: Shall an Ordinance be adopted that proposes to amend the Alhambra City Charter to remove all reference to the Alhambra Unified School District ("AUSD") from the Charter so that AUSD elections may be conducted consistent with the requirements of the State Education Code and State Elections Code?

    Measure H Transient Occupancy Tax -- City of Inglewood (Majority Approval Required)
    Pass: 4715 / 62.4% Yes votes ...... 2841 / 37.6% No votes
    INGLEWOOD COMMUNITY SERVICES PROTECTION MEASURE. To maintain essential community services, keep public areas safe/clean, retain local businesses/jobs, address traffic near sports/entertainment facilities, increase affordable housing, maintain youth/anti-gang programs, senior services, and other general City services, shall the measure increasing the transient occupancy tax paid only by hotel/motel guests from 14% to 15.5% providing an estimated $730,000 annually until ended by voters, requiring public spending disclosure, audits, be adopted?

    Measure I Sales tax on real estate -- City of Inglewood (Majority Approval Required)
    Fail: 3668 / 48.5% Yes votes ...... 3902 / 51.5% No votes
    INGLEWOOD PUBLIC SAFETY/ESSENTIAL SERVICES. Shall the measure to maintain emergency response, paramedics, fire protection, public safety/health, address homelessness, ease traffic, provide general services by increasing the tax on sales of real estate to 4.5% on amounts over $10,000,000, 3.5% on amounts between $2,500,000.01-$10,000,000, 1.75% on amounts between $1,100,000.01-$2,500,000, keeping the existing 0.055% rate for sales under $1,100,000.01 providing $3,500,000 annually until ended by voters, with required public disclosure, audits, be adopted?

    Measure PS Parcel Tax -- City of Commerce (2/3 Approval Required)
    Fail: 447 / 57.9% Yes votes ...... 325 / 42.1% No votes
    Commerce Special Parcel Tax on Industrial Property. To protect vital public safety emergency services, including police, paramedic and fire protection to maintain 9-1-1 response times and the number of firefighters and police officers, shall the City of Commerce enact a parcel tax on industrial property at a maximum rate of $0.3221 per square foot providing approximately $12,000,000 annually until ended by voters; with committee oversight? All funds will remain in Commerce.

    The order of the contests and candidates on this ballot representation is NOT necessarily the same as your county's official ballot.
    If you print and mark your choices on this page and take it to the polls instead of an official sample ballot, be very careful.

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