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Delaware, Chester County, PA November 4, 2014 Election
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State Senator; Pennsylvania State Senate; District 26

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John Ignatius Kane is a life-long resident of Delaware County. He was raised in Havertown by parents determined to provide him with a better life than they had. His father worked 80 hours a week at two jobs, employed at the Philadelphia Chewing Gum Factory, and as a Security Guard at General Electric, while his mother worked part-time as a secretary while raising four children. John learned at an early age the value of a hard day's work and the importance of dedication to family. He was active as a kid, participating in baseball, soccer, rugby, bowling and boxing. John found most success as a boxer, and as an adult, he fought for the 165 super middleweight title in the Golden Gloves tournament at the legendary Blue Horizon.

John graduated from Cardinal O'Hara High School in 1978. Unlike many of his class mates, John knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life: He wanted to be a plumber. John's grandfather, Ignatius Kane, a plumber for Local 690, was tragically killed in a ditch collapse in 1958 on the grounds of Misericordia Hospital. This was the same hospital John would be born at two years later. John was determined to have the career that his grandfather was never able to have.

In 1979, he entered the Plumber's Union apprenticeship program for local 690 (the same local as his grandfather), completing his training four years later in 1983, becoming a Journeyman Plumber. Like his uncle and grandfather before him, John applied everything he had to his craft, and earned his Master Plumber's license in 1990.

He was appointed to Local 690's Political Action Committee in 1991, and quickly worked his way through the ranks, serving on the examining board, and then the finance committee. In 1999, he was appointed Local 690 Organizer, and in 2003 was elected Business Agent for Delaware and Chester Counties. In January of 2007, John was appointed Business Manager for Local 690, and has been elected three times since, a position he holds today. In his capacity as Business Manager, he oversees over $240 million in investments for close to 2,000 union members.

John Kane has overcome many personal struggles to be where he is today. As a child, John was diagnosed with both ADD and Dyslexia. With the help of dedicated teachers and specialist, he was able to overcome both. As a young adult, John struggled with Alcoholism, which nearly ruined his career. He lost his job and was forced to take any work he could just to make ends meet. He alienated his family, friends, and his fellow plumbers.

On October 3, 1983, at the age of 22, he had his last drink. John rebuilt his life and his career through hard work, the support of friends and family, and a re-commitment to his church. He resumed his career as a plumber, and committed himself to improving Local 690 any way he could. John has not had a drink in over 30 years, and is proud of not only his sobriety, but of the success he has achieved both professionally and personally. He uses his past as inspiration to provide a better future for anyone that he can help.

John has also been very active in his community. From serving as a Legion Baseball coach in Upper Darby, to being involved in his church, Notre Dame de Lourdes in Ridley Township, John believes in giving back to his community, a trait he inherited from his grandfather's involvement with his union, at an early age. He was appointed to the SEPTA Board in 2012, and serves on several committees, overseeing over a billion dollars in investments.

He also serves as Vice-President for the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO, and the Executive Boards of both the Philadelphia Building Trades Council and the Maritime Port Council of Philadelphia. He currently serves on the Advisory Committee of the Bucks County Health Improvement Partnership. He also serves on the United Association Plumbing Services and Plumbing Council Committee along with the United Association Travel Card Committee.

Through his work as Business Manager of Local 690, his work in the community, and the success he has achieved through his sobriety, John Kane has been inspired to run for State Senator in the 26th District because he can serve a greater good. He's never ran for public office before, but he understands the problems and concerns of the residents of Delaware and Chester Counties. He's a blue collar guy who has worked hard his whole life, struggling to pay his bills and raise his family like all of us.

John Kane works every day with men and women to provide them with the skills they need to succeed, and works with companies big and small to create jobs with livable wages so that working families can live a good life in these tough economic times. As State Senator, he wants to do the same for those in his community, and provide a better life for the residents of Delaware and Chester Counties.

He's tired of seeing our elected officials make promises that they don't keep, so John is doing something about it, and like a plumber does with a leak, he is determined to fix the problem permanently. John isn't looking for a political career, but rather, he wants the honor of serving the citizens of the 26th District and being their voice in Harrisburg.

John lives in Ridley Township with his wife of nearly 25 years, Lori. They have four children: Samantha, John Jr., Gabrielle, and Madelyn.

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