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San Diego County, CA November 4, 2014 Election
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By Larry A. Wilske

Candidate for United States Representative; District 53

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Principles for All Americans

Liberty, our freedom as Americans is our single most important PrincipalPrinciple. To stand tall, say and do what we want as law abiding citizens is our one true entitlement. The rest we earn. Being personally responsible for our actions is the bedrock of our Nation. The government's role in this is to simply protect law abiding citizens.

Keeping Americans safe rests on the strong shoulders of our Government government via our Military military and First first Responders respondersNation-wide. If our protection is the number one responsibility of the Federal Government, then continued cutting of defense spending does just the opposite. Unending weakening of our ability to defend ourselves as a Nation nation will only invite the enemy to our shores once againpeople and interests. 8- Eight years of military downsizing led us to 911; we don't need to re-live that cowardlysuch an attack ever again, period. The United States of America needs to remain both the best of friends and the worst of enemies

Responsible Fiscal Focus. Escalation of taxation has never helped bolster an economy as it takes away from private investment which creates jobs. , ever!Re-distribution of wealth is is a socialist traitsocialism and history has proven this methodology as a direct path to National national destructioneconomic ruin. America only prospers when the Government lives within its means and Business business Leaders lead businesscan invest and create jobs.

The will of the people must prevail as the driving force of Federal direction. For instance, the American People want "Access to adequate cost effective Hhealth Ccare for all Americans". The Obama/Pelosi healthcare takeover needs to be immediately repealed and replaced with a common sense approach that embraces free-market thinking and personal accountability. This, as with all legislation must reflect the will of the people, not how a party interprets that will into their own self-serving policy.

Stewardship! All elected officials and government employees need to be cognizant of who they work for and who pays their bills. Nobody should be able to go to congress as a means to make millions of dollars via insider trading, nor continue the shameless practice of pork barrel spending for the single purpose of `buying' votes. Being a good steward of the tax dollar means nothing short of balancing the nNational cCheck book (budget) and keep the government moving forward. If Congress cannot agree on a sound, principled budget they should first and foremost give up their pay, allowances, and benefits in order to lead by example(not by extortion.

Rule of Law + at the national level we have seen the Executive Branch promulgate Executive Decisions in areas where legislative action should dominate. Additionally, bureaucratically driven regulations also have increasingly supplanted legislative prerogatives. This amounts to rule by man not rule by law and thus runs counter to one of the fundamental underpinnings of our constitutional government.

Smaller and more local government + Government is simply too big and intrudes in far too much of our civil and private lives. Government size and reach must be reduced. States should be reinvested with many of the powers and responsibilities that were designed into our system of government by the founding fathers. We need to reinvigorate the 10th Amendment.

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