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The Sugar Formula - Government Corrupts Your Food Costs

By Ronald Paul Kabat

Candidate for United States Representative; District 20

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Topics: H.R. 693 - Government Sets Your Sugar Price; U.S. Job Losses; Environmental Damage to the Everglades; Lobbyists money; large farm syndicates are allowed to keep large government loans with no recourse; your government 'purchases' Big Sugar's unsold crop at too high a price and is forced to sell it at a double loss for ethanol production which pollutes our environment.
Sugar is used in bakery goods, breakfast cereals, jams and many other everyday foods. The U.S. price of sugar is set by Congress and our price is the highest in the world. As a result, our food costs are $3.4 billion higher each year. But there's more to the story - - -

Since sugar's price is set so high by Congress, all of each year's crop cannot be sold. This year, our government bailed out the excess crop of 'Big Sugar' by giving them $300,000,000+ of non-recourse loans in exchange for their unsold overpriced sugar.

The `sweet' deal is that 'Big Sugar' can keep 100% of the $300,000,000+ loan if they let our government keep the overpriced sugar!

What is our government going to do with millions of tons of overpriced sugar?

The excess sugar has to be sold at a loss to ethanol manufacturers. This creates a double financial loss for us. Sugar purchased too high & sold too low. (NOTE: New studies show more pollution occurs from the use of ethanol injected gasoline than non-injected fuel.)

Jobs Impacted by the High Price of Sugar +

As a direct result of the high price of sugar, thousands of U.S. food related jobs have crossed over the border to go to Mexico and Canada. These jobs left our country not because of lower foreign labor rates but because the main component of the manufacturer's food product + SUGAR + can be bought in Mexico and Canada at a fraction of our U.S. inflated price. (Please review - - -

Our Environment Impacted by 'Big Sugar' +

The Everglades Trust states why 'Big Sugar' has become the major polluter of the Everglades region. (Please review - - - - - - Look under 'Our Issues' Topic)

How You Can Help - VOTE

Congressional candidate Ron Kabat will not take PAC lobbying money from any lobbyists - even those of Big Sugar.

Vote for Ron Kabat this November 4th if you want this reform. (See

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