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Riverside County, CA November 4, 2014 Election
Measure N
Tax Marijuana Collectives and Dispensaries
City of Cathedral City

Majority Approval Required

Pass: 5,765 / 71.67% Yes votes ...... 2,279 / 28.33% No votes

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Results as of November 21 7:51am, 100.00%% of Precincts Reporting (15/15)
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To help fund general municipal services, including but not limited to police protection and crime suppression services, emergency medical services, park, recreation, and library facilities and services, and general improvements throughout the City, shall an ordinance to impose a tax at the rate of up to fifteen cents per each one dollar of proceeds or fractional part thereof on marijuana collectives and dispensaries operating in Cathedral city be adopted?

Impartial Analysis from City Attorney
Measure "N" would enact an ordinance adding Chapter 3.48 to the Cathedral City Municipal Code entitled "Cannabis and Marijuana Tax." This ordinance imposes a tax on collectives dispensing cannabis or marijuana in the City. Measure "N" defines "collectives" broadly to include any collective, cooperative, or business that engages in cultivating, dispensing, or processing of cannabis or marijuana.

Under Measure "N", the maximum tax imposed on collectives dispensing marijuana would be a not to exceed maximum rate of 15 cents for each $1.00 of the proceeds of the collectives. The City Council will have the authority to establish and periodically adjust the rate so long as the rate does not exceed this maximum rate. Any increase above this maximum rate will require voter approval. This tax will be imposed on each collective; it is not a sales tax and it is not imposed on the person or patient who is acquiring the cannabis or marijuana from the collective.

The proposed Cannabis and Marijuana Tax is a general tax and the revenues would be available to fund general municipal services, including but not limited to police protection and crime suppression services, fire prevention and suppression services, and emergency medical services.

Measure "N" will be adopted if it is approved by a majority of the voters voting on the measure.
A "Yes" vote is a vote to adopt the Cannabis and Marijuana Tax.
A "No" vote is a vote against adopting the Cannabis and Marijuana Tax.

The City Council of Cathedral City ordered Measure "N" placed on the ballot.

By: Charles R. Green City Attorney

The above statement is an impartial analysis of Measure "N". If you desire a copy of the ordinance implementing Measure "N", please call the Cathedral City Clerk's Office at 760-770-0385 and a copy will be mailed at no cost to you.

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Arguments For Measure N Arguments Against Measure N
Cathedral City, like our nation is beginning to show signs of economic vitality. Our unemployment is down, housing starts are edging upwards and new retailers are beginning to look our way again. We are, however, still struggling from the Great Recession.

Medical marijuana dispensaries will be opening this winter in Cathedral City and we have the opportunity, by voting yes on this measure, to impose a fee on marijuana to help our community as we begin to rebound.

This money will help in rebuilding vital city services in Cathedral City, after the battering it took the last few years. It will allow us to add more police and fire officers, bring back recreation services for our young people and give us some essential tools for future economic development.

Palm Springs is collecting upwards of $1 million in new revenue from their tax on marijuana dispensaries. $1 million could bring Cathedral City four new firefighters, three new police officers and a fully functional parks & recreation department!

A YES vote will bring much needed funds into the city, just when we need them and not burden the average taxpayers of our community.
We urge you to VOTE YES on Measure "N".

By: Gregory Pettis, City Councilman
Stanley Henry, City Councilman

(No arguments against were submitted)

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