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State of California June 3, 2014 Election
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Tammy D. Blair 's Political Views and Issues

By Tammy D. Blair

Candidate for Controller

This information is provided by the candidate
Here is my summary of various political views on whether I support or oppose these issues faced by Californians.
Repealing Prop 209:

I support repealing Prop 29 and implement non-quota-based Affirmative Action Programs that assist groups underrepresented in employment and educational settings.

Extending All Benefits to Married Couples:

I support extending all benefits to all family units regardless of sexual preference or family units in the workplace.

Same Sex Marriage Couples:

I oppose allowing same-sex couples the right to enter into civil marriage. Under the eyes of God, I believe marriage is between a man and a woman.

Equal Immigration Opportunities:

I am supportive of equal immigration opportunities for all people who have completed the process to become natural citizens in our country.

Labor and Union Organizing:

I support the right to organize in unions and to have collective bargaining agreements.

Comparable Wages:

I support comparable wage scales for jobs with similar education, skills, and experience.

Card-Check Neutrality:

I oppose card-check neutrality for all employers which I believe it is an anti-democratic & intimidation process.

Raising Minimum Wage:

I support raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour to exceed the living wage. CA's minimum wage is $10 per hour; CA's living wage is $11.37 per hour.

Americans with Disabilities Act:

I support ADA in all employment fields both private and public and all efforts to provide reasonable accommodations to all persons with disabilities in all private, public, and political settings.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform:

I support the passing of a comprehensive immigration reform legislation aimed at stopping illegal immigration to this country.

Military Service & Veterans:

I support expanded investment in housing, healthcare, and employment re-integration efforts for returning Veterans.

Transgender People in Military Service:

I support permitting openly transgender people who commit to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces and National Guard.

Public Education, Classes, & Counseling Services:

I support classes and counseling services that teach preventive techniques to students in terms of sexually transmitted disease protections and unplanned pregnancies, by promoting abstinence and safe sex.

Age Appropriate Curriculum:

I oppose counseling programs and age appropriate curriculum to promote gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and treating sexual orientations as normal and healthy.

Creationism in Public Schools:

I support teaching the creationism in public schools straight from the Word of God in comparison to science.

School Sponsored Prayer:

I support putting prayer back into the schools such as when I grew up. When you put God first in your life; everything else will falls into place with ease and with no forced manipulation.

Affordable Health Care Act:

I support the Affordable Care Act. The basic premise of the law is to provide health care to all Americans by making it affordable to all.

Single Payer Health Care Program:

I support creating a government funded single payer health care program similar to Canada.

The Right to End One's Life If Mentally Competent and Terminal:

I oppose self induce or medically assisted suicide. We as individuals do not have the right to end our own lives; it belongs in the hands of God our Creator.

Making Medical Marijuana Available:

I oppose the making available and selling of medical marijuana in these clinics throughout our communities and cities. Patients should acquire it in a hospital or drug store pharmacy.

Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act (PAMTA):

I oppose PAMTA which allows CAFOs operators (confined animal feeding operations) to add human antibiotics to the feed of animals to accelerate animal growth and prevent diseases common in overcrowded and unsanitary living conditions.

Policies on Firearms:

I support policies to reduce injury and fatality from firearms. These policies are created to preserve and protect the lives of citizens.


I support prohibiting discrimination against people with actual or perceived HIV/AIDS.

Federal Ryan White Care Act 1990:

I support the continued funding of the Federal Ryan White Care Act 1990 at the same percentage of the budget or higher. The act sought funding to improve availability of care for low-income, uninsured and under-insured victims of AIDS and their families.

Continued Government Funding for HIV/AIDS:

I support the continued government funding of HIV/AIDS at the same percentage of the budget or higher. We need to continue finding the best medicines or new and improved medicines to provide to the HIV/AIDs population.

Environment & Sustainability:

I support government programs to combat climate change. For instance, the Clouding Seeding Process that California is currently using to combat our drought stricken land for the last two years. It is a 50 year old technology and process that increases the water moisture in clouds to produce more rain water from storm clouds.

Increase Alternative Energy Sources:

I support government programs to increase alternative energy sources. According to the Department of Energy, primary energy sources include nuclear energy, fossil energy -- like oil, coal and natural gas -- and renewable sources like wind, solar converted to electricity.

State Tax on Oil Extraction:

I support a state tax on oil extraction by the major oil companies to bring money into California's economy and to help reduce the deficit.

Limits on Airborne Contaminants:

I support government limits on airborne contaminants, including particles originating in diesel fuel in order to provide a clean environment to California's current and future generations.

Statewide Ban on Single Use Plastic Bags:

I support a Statewide Ban on single-use plastic bags by standing for the promotion to sell reusable bags made out of fabrics throughout the California by purchasing them myself.

"Fracking" Moratorium Senate Bill 1132:

I support this to stop the hydraulic fractures on California's drought stricken lands prohibiting oil companies from using our water resources to drill for gas and oil. It has been linked to increased air pollution, water contamination, negative effects on public health and induced seismicity, according to a report.

Affordable Housing:

Yes, I support public investment in low-income housing programs that has made it possible for low income earners to get a decent place to live. For example, Tenant Based Assistance (TBA) program is ideal for those who are disabled, old and earning little income. This program subsidizes the rent for half the year.

Expanded Investment in-housing for Veterans:

I support expanded investment in-housing for Veterans. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and VA Supportive Housing Program (HUD-VASH) partner to provide permanent, supportive housing and treatment services for homeless Veterans. This program is for the most vulnerable Veterans, and provides special services for women Veterans, those recently returning from combat zones, and Veterans with disabilities.

Eliminating Direct Contributions to Candidates for State Elections:

I oppose eliminating direct contributions from corporations to candidates for State Elections in CA even though I am operating with zero dollars to currently run my campaign. Currently the limit is $4,200 per candidate per election (primary and general).

Criminal Justice + Death Penalty:

I oppose the use of the death penalty for punishment.

Legalizing Marijuana:

I oppose legalizing marijuana and promote a drug free and healthy environment.

Repealing the 3 Strikes Law:

I support repealing the three strikes law because too many young individuals are losing their freedom for misdemeanor crimes such as stealing candy.

Reproductive Choice:

I support a woman's right to reproductive choice in clean facilities and treatable methods.

Minor Girls to Notify Parents:

I support laws that require minor girls to notify their parents in order to obtain an abortion. Parents have a right to know what is going on in the lives of their minors.

Reform Prop 13 Now!

I support reforming Prop 13 which was passed in 1978 to protect homeowner, yet it created massive loopholes for many corporations, allowing them to avoid paying fair property taxes even when their properties change hands.

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