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San Diego County, CA June 3, 2014 Election
Proposition C
Referendum of Resolution Related to Barrio Logan Community Plan Update
City of San Diego

Majority Approval Required

Fail: 68677 / 40.15% Yes votes ...... 102385 / 59.85% No votes

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Results as of Jun 24 9:29am, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (697/697)
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Shall Ordinances 0-20312 and 0-20313, which amend the San Diego Municipal Code related to the Barrio Logan Community Plan Update, and affect the zoning of 999.61 acres located within the Barrio Logan Community Plan Area, be approved?

This measure asks voters to approve two Ordinances of the City Council that would enact City laws related to the Barrio Logan Community Plan, and affect the zoning of 999.61 acre·s located within the Barrio Logan Community Plan area. The ballot measure is the result of a referendum petition that qualified the Ordinances for the ballot, and a City Council vote to place the Ordinances on the ballot. All voters in the City are asked to vote on Proposition C.

Barrio Logan is generally located between downtown, Interstate 5, and San Diego Bay.

A separate measure on this ballot asks voters whether to approve a Resolution that would provide for a new Barrio Logan Community Plan, replacing an existing Community Plan.

This Proposition asks voters to approve Ordinances that would amend City laws to implement the Barrio Logan Community Plan. If approved by voters, the Ordinances would repeal and rewrite land use and development regulations, and affect zoning for certain Barrio Logan properties within the Community Plan area. The Ordinances would make the Community Plan area subject to citywide land use and development regulations.

Zoning changes would affect those portions of Barrio Logan within the City's jurisdiction and would affect individual properties differently.

0-20312 would amend the Land Development Code of the San Diego Municipal Code (Code) to carry out Community Plan amendments. 0-20313 would rezone property in Barrio Logan. Amendments to the Code include those that would:

    1. Apply Citywide Zoning Descriptions to Barrio Logan. Zoning classifications that apply solely to Barrio Logan would be replaced by classifications used for the rest of the City.

    2. Create New Zoning Descriptions. New zoning classifications would be created that could be used in Barrio Logan and citywide. Classifications would describe the uses allowed in future development of certain properties (for example, whether properties can be developed with single-family homes, parking lots, retail stores or industrial uses). Descriptions would explain what development regulations apply to those properties (for example, how high and how close to property lines a structure could be built).

    3. Enact New Use Regulations Specific to Barrio Logan. Land use rules would be adopted that apply specifically to Barrio Logan. For example, in certain "residential multi-family" zones, retail sales and commercial services, where permitted, must be part of mixed-use developments and located on the ground floor.

    4. Exempt Some Projects from Certain Permitting Requirements. Certain projects in a proposed "community village" in northern Barrio Logan would be exempt from certain permitting requirements. If the only development permit required is a Coastal Development Permit, an applicant would not need to obtain one if the project meets certain conditions.

0-20313 would assign zone classifications to individual properties, using existing citywide zones and new zones created by 0-20312.

The Ordinances require certification and consistency determinations from the California Coastal Commission and San Diego County Regional Airport Authority to take full effect.

Fiscal Impact:
This measure allows implementation of a Community Plan Update (Update) for the Barrio Logan Community Planning Area (Barrio Logan) through modifications to Barrio Logan's zoning requirements. The Update intends to stabilize Barrio Logan's development by eliminating incompatible land uses and encouraging increased density, transit-oriented housing, commercial development, and employment opportunities. The measure's fiscal impact cannot be quantified, as the timing, nature, and amount of development and business activity attributable to the Update is difficult to accurately project.

The Update allows increased multifamily residential and commercial development, and reduces acre·age zoned for industrial uses from 230 (most of which also permit commercial and residential uses) to 170 (zoned solely for industrial use). Existing developments on rezoned lots could remain and expand up to 20 percent, although significant expansion would require discretionary permits.

Full build-out of the Update would require construction of 34 City-funded infrastructure projects (including transportation facilities, parks, and a fire station) to support increased population and commercial uses. Those projects are estimated to cost $85 million and would require ongoing operational expenditures, although all 34 projects may not be required should development not occur to the extent envisioned in the Update.

The Update increases developer fees in Barrio Logan from $10,737 to $11 ,986 per unit to help pay for those projects. Assuming full build-out, these fees are estimated to generate $58 million, providing funding for 68% of required projects; historically, similar development fees have generated approximately 10% of infrastructure costs. Additional revenue sources for these projects will be required.

The extent and magnitude of development in Barrio Logan will ultimately be determined by private investment in the area. Development in the Update might not occur, or might occur only partially. Revenues to the City from fees and increased property and sales taxes resulting from increased development will depend on the nature of that development. As the amount of future development cannot be forecast with certainty, and different types of development require different services, it is difficult to project if new City revenues would exceed or fall short of the costs of providing those services.

Opponents of the Update have expressed concerns that the reduction in industrial zoned land and the potential for gradual elimination of conforming use property exemptions could result in businesses supporting the maritime industry moving out of the region. Opponents assert that this potential loss or relocation of supporting businesses could increase costs for the maritime industry (including the Navy), and adversely impact the City's economy and revenues. Information suggesting that the Update might significantly or detrimentally impact the City's economy or revenues is inconclusive. If approved, the overall fiscal impact of the Update will likely not be known for decades.

Should this updated zoning be rejected by voters, no similar revisions could be adopted for 12 months. Should the City wish to develop new revisions after that period, additional staff time and resources would be required, and reallocation of existing resources may delay completion of other Community Plan Updates.

Meaning of Voting Yes/No
A YES vote on this measure means:
A "Yes" vote is a vote in favor of adopting the Ordinances.

A NO vote on this measure means:
A "No" vote is a vote against adopting the Ordinances.

Impartial Analysis from City Attorney
This measure asks voters to approve two Ordinances of the City Council that would enact City laws related to the Barrio Logan Community Plan, and affect the zoning of 999.61 acres located within the Barrio Logan Community Plan area. Barrio Logan is generally located between downtown, Interstate 5, and San Diego Bay.

A Community Plan describes a vision for future development but does not contain laws. Corresponding laws are established by amending the San Diego Municipal Code (Code). The Ordinances that are the subject of this ballot measure adopt such amendments.

The Ordinances would not immediately change what uses are allowed on every affected property in Barrio Logan. An existing use allowed under current regulations but prohibited under new regulations may be entitled to "previously conforming use" rights to protect the current use. Existing law explains when a property's use can continue, be expanded, be renovated, and be bought or sold. The Ordinances may affect future development.

0-20312 would adopt Code amendments to carry out the amended Barrio Logan Community Plan. It would:

    1. Apply Citywide Zoning Descriptions to Barrio Logan. Properties fall into specific zoning classifications subject to different rules. Existing law lists classifications that apply across the City. Some neighborhoods, like Barrio Logan, are governed instead by "Planned District Ordinances" (PDOs) with specialized classifications.

    Barrio Logan's 1982 PDO was designed to carry out the 1978 Barrio Logan/Harbor 101 Community Plan. The Plan identified issues related to residential and industrial uses existing side by side. The PDO divided the community into five sub-districts, with use and development regulations. Ordinance 0-20312 would replace Barrio Logan's five classifications with a larger variety of classifications used elsewhere in the City. Actions described below would tailor citywide classifications to Barrio Logan.

    2. Create New Zoning Descriptions. Five new classifications in residential and commercial categories would supplement existing law. The Ordinance describes what use and development regulations would apply to future development of properties assigned to those classifications.

    3. Enact New Use Regulations Specific To Barrio Logan. New regulations would tailor citywide classifications to Barrio Logan.

    4. Create an Exemption for Certain Development Permits. Qualifying projects would be exempted from an existing requirement to obtain a Coastal Development Permit.

0-20313 would assign each property in Barrio Logan to a specific zoning classification. Under existing law, each parcel is assigned to one of five zoning classifications listed in the 1982 PDO. The Ordinance would assign each parcel to one of sixteen citywide classifications listed in the Code.

A zoning classification helps to identify regulations that apply to property. The City would use a zoning classification to determine what use and development rules apply to a proposal for future development on a given site.

  News and Analysis


U-T San Diego Voice of San Diego
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Arguments For Proposition C Arguments Against Proposition C
Protect Our Children's Health

Businesses that emit toxic fumes do not belong next door to our schools.

Shops that mold plastic or paint auto parts using cancer-causing chemicals do not belong next to playgrounds and homes.

YES ON B & C will require businesses that use toxic, flammable chemicals, carcinogens and pollutants to locate a safe distance from schools, playgrounds and homes.

Dr. Martin Stein, Pediatrician: "The State of California ranks Barrio Logan in the top 5% of California neighborhoods most burdened by pollution. Visits to Emergency Rooms due to childhood asthma are nearly triple the County average. Childhood exposure to these dangerous and cancer-causing chemicals can have devastating effects."

The Barrio Logan Community Plan was last updated in 1978. It allows auto repair shops, metal plating factories, and diesel truck traffic next to schools, playgrounds and homes. For 10 years, residents and small business owners in Barrio Logan worked to develop a Community Plan that protects community residents and businesses. The plan is projected to add 5,000 jobs providing a huge economic boost. In 2013 the San Diego City Council overwhelmingly approved it.

Mark Steele, Architect/Planner, Barrio Logan business and property owner: "Our company is 30 years old with 15 employees. The Barrio Logan Community Plan Update involved the total community and is designed to make the neighborhood a healthy place for families to raise children and for ALL businesses to thrive. It's a balanced Plan that is fair to business and residents and should be upheld and implemented."

YES ON B & C enacts the Barrio Logan Community Plan developed by the community's families and small business owners.

YES ON B & C creates safe places for children and protects them from cancer-causing pollution, toxic gases, and diesel emissions.

For the children of Barrio Logan


Former Chairman, San Diego Regional
Chamber of Commerce
City Council President
President, M.W. Steele Group, Inc.
San Diego City Councilmember

elp PROTECT San Diego's Historic Shipyards. Vote NO on Propositions B and C.

Propositions B and C are a dangerous first step toward elimination of San Diego's shipyards. These Propositions would harm our local economy, jeopardize thousands of middle-class jobs, and impact decisions affecting national security.


Scare tactics are no substitute for responsible planning.

Those behind Propositions B and C have played on fears about pollution and environmental harm to scare people into supporting this plan. They even circulated fliers and murals attacking the US Navy and the shipyards.

The truth is the US Navy and the shipyards are excellent stewards of our environment. The truth is that Propositions B and C would INCREASE pollution and INCREASE health hazards to the local community.


Propositions B and C allow thousands of people to move TOO CLOSE to San Diego's ship building and repair facilities. This "encroachment" will set in motion conflicts that could close the shipyards and eliminate thousands of jobs.

We can put new houses in lots of other places. But we can't move the shipyards and shouldn't approve a plan that threatens them!


The shipyards employ thousands of middle class workers. As the Pacific Fleet expands we can add thousands of additional jobs.

Propositions B and C make it harder to expand. They REZONE ALL the industrial land next to the shipyards and LIMIT the expansion of current suppliers.

These Propositions would eliminate those industrial zones and set the stage for 2,000 new houses.


Retired military leaders are urging you to vote NO on Propositions B and C. Help us PROTECT San Diego's shipyards, EXPAND middle class jobs, and SUPPORT our national security. Vote NO on Propositions B and C.

Rear Admiral Retired USN
Rear Admiral (Retired) USN
Rear Admiral (Retired) USN
Rear Admiral, MC, USN (Retired)
LEENDERT R. HERING SR (LEN) Rear Admiral (Retired) USN

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