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Contra Costa County, CA November 5, 2013 Election
Measure C
Restoring Antioch Services Sales Tax
City of Antioch

Majority Approval Required

Pass: 7609 / 68.09% Yes votes ...... 3566 / 31.91% No votes

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Results as of Jan 15 5:14pm, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (32/32)
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To fund all essential city services including increased police staffing to reduce crime and gang activities and improve 911 emergency response time; restored code enforcement to clean up blighted properties; and local economic development and job creation, shall the City of Antioch adopt a one-half cent transactions and use (sales) tax, expiring in seven years, with mandatory annual audits and independent citizens' oversight and for local Antioch use only?

Impartial Analysis from the City Attorney
The City Council of the City of Antioch has declared a fiscal emergency. This is due to the $13 million reduction in the City's annual general fund revenues; depletion of reserves; and decreased level of essential City services.

The City Council voted unanimously to put Measure C on the ballot to ask voters to approve a temporary one-half of one percent (0.5%) sales (transactions and use) tax. This means one-half of one cent would be added to the price of a taxable item that costs a dollar. The increase would terminate automatically in seven years after collection begins.

Audit and Citizens' Oversight Committee

Each year, an independent auditor would complete a public audit report of the revenue raised and its expenditure. A Citizens' Oversight Committee would review the expenditures and report publicly. The report would be part of the public record. The Committee would be composed of seven Antioch residents appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council.

General Revenue for All City Services

The revenue would be deposited in the City's general fund. It could be used for any legal municipal purpose including: police and emergency response; code enforcement; local economic development and job creation; street repair; and any other City program and service.

Allocation and Administration

The City receives 0.75% of the current sales tax, with most of it going to the State of California (7.25%); along with Contra Costa County (0.25%), the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (0.50%), and BART (0.50%).

Measure C would increase the sales tax by .50% for seven years starting April 1, 2014. The temporarily increased amount would only go to the City of Antioch and not the State, County, Transportation Authority or BART.

The existing sales tax is levied on the sale or use of tangible personal property sold at retail, with some exceptions. Retailers collect the tax and forward it to the State Board of Equalization to allocate. The additional amount would be collected in the same way.

Effect of Measure

Measure C, also known as the "Restoring Antioch Services Sales Tax," would add an ordinance to the Antioch Municipal Code to impose the temporary sales tax increase. The State Board of Equalization approved the ordinance language. A "Yes" vote is a vote to approve the additional half-cent sales tax for seven years. A "No" vote is a vote against the tax. If the Measure receives a majority of "Yes" votes, it will be approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Tracy Nerland Antioch City Attorney

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About Measure C
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Arguments For Measure C Arguments Against Measure C
A Yes on Measure C will allow us to immediately hire 22 new police officers, decreasing the time it takes to respond to 911 calls. It will also provide funds to reduce the number of gang-related homicides, assaults and robberies.

Our police force has dwindled from 126 officers four years ago to only 89 today. 911 response times have increased and violent crime is up 30%. We feel unsafe in our homes and are in constant fear of becoming victims of crime.

The budget crisis has forced the near-closing of Antioch's Code Enforcement Department. We need to resume inspections on foreclosed and abandoned properties to force absent property owners to clean up blight and evict tenants dealing drugs.

A Yes on Measure C will give us immediate funds to begin cleaning up Antioch's blighted properties. (Go to to register the address of a blighted property you would like to add to the cleanup list.)

Measure C would temporarily raise the sales tax by cent for seven years + generating $4.3 million a year for additional police and cleaning up abandoned properties. To increase accountability, Measure C has a fixed end date and requires independent annual spending audits and strict citizens' review.

Antioch is in a State of Emergency, and we must come together to restore our quality of life. We need immediate funding to "turn Antioch around" + to lower crime and cleanup abandoned properties.

The City workforce has been cut nearly 40%; city employees, including police, have substantially reduced their health/retirement benefits. City services have been scaled down to skeletal levels. Yet we still face a $3.6 million deficit.

Antioch needs funds now to lower crime and to cleanup dilapidated properties. Your voting Yes on Measure C will give us the financial boost we need to turn Antioch around. Thank you.

Sergeant Tom Fuhrmann, President, Antioch Police Officers' Association

Brittney Gougeon, Founder, Take Back Antioch

Joyann Motts, President, Antioch Unified School Board

Hans Ho, Past Chair, Antioch Crime Prevention Commission/ Neighborhood Watch Coordinator

Antioch City Council

Wade Harper, Mayor of Antioch/ Retired Police Lieutenant

Vote "NO" on increasing your Sales Tax to 9 cents on the $1 for all taxable items purchased. The State just raised gasoline taxes by 3.5 cents more per gallon! Antioch's proposed tax increase also affects jobs and businesses (it'll drive customers elsewhere)! More taxes doesn't mean better decisions. It'll benefit those favoring its passage and those receiving increased raises, benefits, and extremely generous pensions! Pay more, get less!

Antioch's Police salaries, retirement pay, and benefits have significantly increased again, making the public pay more! Some employees' outrageous estimated salaries' and benefits' costs; City Manager $350,000; Chief $330,000; Lts. $285,000; Sgts. $240,000; Corporals $200,000; Officers $180,000.

APOA always vigorously insisted on pay and benefit increases for themselves, not more manpower! Police recently received 9% in wage increases (and 4% more effective on 9/1/13), more guaranteed yearly increases, costly multi year contracts, keeping their costly "3% at 50" pension package. The public gets far less, some with no retirement at all. It's shameful!

This General Fund tax can be used however any Council majority (3) wants! They haven't listened to you before! You alone are the best "Oversight" on how your money's spent, not their Appointees!

They're again using scare tactics to just tax you more! You shouldn't pay for their uncontrolled overspending and mismanagement! The Council majorities caused this, not you!

Property values are continuing to increase and as adjustments are made the City will receive more tax revenue! This tax increase is unnecessary! We have continuing increases in costs for utilities, sewer, groceries, medical, and unemployment! Antioch's already raised water, garbage rates, business fees, etc. Enough already!

Increasing existing taxes isn't the solution! City officials must do more to cut costs! Stop overspending, and definitely cut back excessive salaries and benefits for those overcompensated employees.

Vote "NO"

Citizens for Democracy, By - Ralph A. Hernandez, Chairperson and former Antioch City Council member

Norma A. Hernandez, CFD's Senior Citizens' Representative and Former Antioch City Council member

Full Text of Measure C
The above statement is an Impartial Analysis of Measure C. If you desire a copy of the Full Text of the Measure/ "Ordinance of the City of Antioch Imposing a Transactions and Use Tax to be Administered by the State Board of Equalization," please call the City Clerk of the City of Antioch at 925-779-7009 and a copy will be mailed at no cost to you.

You may also view the Full Text of the Measure C at

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