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Los Angeles County, CA March 5, 2013 Election
Measure SG
Transient Occupancy Tax Increase
City of San Gabriel

Ordinance - Majority Approval Required
Semi-Official Results posted 3/6/13

Pass: 2143 / 77.3% Yes votes ...... 631 / 22.7% No votes

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To provide funding for general city services, including public safety, repairing, paving and maintaining local streets, keeping public areas and landscape clean and well maintained, and preserving fire and paramedic emergency response times, shall the City of San Gabriel approve an ordinance amending the San Gabriel Municipal Code to increase the transient occupancy tax rate charged to hotel guests staying within the City from ten percent (10%) to twelve percent (12%), to be effective April 1, 2013?

Impartial Analysis from Robert L. Kress, City Attorney
In compliance with Proposition 218, The Right to Vote on Taxes Act, Measure SG submits an ordinance for voter approval of an increase in the tax rate for the City's transient occupancy tax ("TOT").

The TOT is paid only by hotel and motel guests staying in the City. The tax is not paid by San Gabriel residents or property owners.

If approved, Measure SG would impose a 12% tax on hotel and motel guests. The tax rate is currently 10%.

The TOT is a general tax, and revenues collected are used to pay for the cost of general city operations, including police protection, fire and paramedic services, park maintenance, and public street paving and repair. Measure SG requires approval of a majority of the voters.

A "Yes" vote for Measure SG will approve the new tax rate of 12%. A "No" vote against Measure SG will leave in place the City's existing TOT.

The above is an impartial analysis of Measure SG in compliance with Elections Code Section 9280. If you desire a copy of the ordinance proposed or enactment by Measure SG, please go to the City's website, www. or call the City Clerk's Office at (626) 308-2816 and a copy will be mailed at no cost to you.

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Arguments For Measure SG

Do we want to do this WITHOUT RAISING TAXES ON OUR RESIDENTS? We believe the answer to these questions is a resounding "YES!"

San Gabriel is a family community+a hometown of which we are all very proud. Well maintained parks and streets are important to us. Other cities envy our low crime rates and Police and Fire response times. A "YES" vote on Measure SG, increasing the hotel occupancy tax, is critical to maintaining City services and improving our quality of life.


  • The State and Federal governments have dealt San Gabriel unprecedented cuts to revenue by eliminating Redevelopment and Block Grant Funding. These cuts reduce our ability to maintain our infrastructure and economic development.
  • Public infrastructure improvements, including streets, sewers, and facilities are further delayed by the lack of funds.

  • Approving Measure SG WON'T increase taxes for San Gabriel residents--only out-of-town hotel guests. Measure SG increases the existing "hotel occupancy" tax from 10% to 12%, making it consistent with other cities.
  • The proposed transient occupancy tax increase will support critical infrastructure needs (street maintenance and pothole repairs), fund community services (park maintenance and recreational activities), and protect critical public safety (safety and paramedic services).
  • There are currently new hotels in design development that will help restore the funding taken by the State and Federal governments.
  • 100% of the T.O.T. must be spent for public services in San Gabriel.
  • The State can'ttake Measure SGfunds away.

If we don't pass this measure, service reductions and delays in infrastructure improvements will negatively impact our safety and quality of life. San Gabriel is our community. Let's KEEP SAN GABRIEL SPECIAL--VOTE "YES ON MEASURE SG."

/s/ Kevin B. Sawkins, Councilmember
/s/ Mario De La Torre, Councilmember
/s/ David R. Gutierrez, Councilmember
/s/ John R. Harrington, Councilmember
/s/ Juli Costanzo, Councilmember

(No arguments against Measure SG were submitted)

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