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Los Angeles County, CA November 6, 2012 Election
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By David L. Miller

Candidate for United States Representative; District 32

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Many people are not aware that social security went into the red for the first time in 1959 and paid out 1.27billion more than it took in. Since the inception of social security, the money collected from the US citizen through their paycheck has been given to the federal treasury to pay for the annual federal deficit spending.

Since Social Security was enacted in 1935, 75 years ago, the Federal government has had a budget deficit 59 out of 75 years, that's 78% of the time. Just think, if you ran a budget in your home that needed balanced by borrowing for 78% of your spending, this means you are only paying for 22% of what you are buying, wouldn't be long before you went bankrupt.

Today if Social Security was never raided by our politicians, would have 2.41 Trillion dollars in the trust fund and that number is without interest, compounded interest for those 75years I'm sure would put the fund at between 7.5 - 12 trillion dollars. The politicians who enacted this, never intended on saving this money for the future, they just wanted to create a slush fund that they could use to keep spending and giving political favors, to stay in power.

As soon as "We The People" figure out that the ponzi scheme is over, we will remove those who have kept the ponzi scheme going all these years, both Incumbent Democrats and Republicans.

I have a suggestion for how we can begin the process of stopping the ponzi scheme. I am 46 years of age and do not expect to get S.S. when I stop working, if ever. I would like to pass legislation allowing those who are willing to opt out of S.S. and willingly sign over any "rights" or claim they may have on future benefits or claims against any deposits made into Social Security.

If at 65-70, I am unable to provide for myself, I will have my children and family help and if they can't, I will ask the church to help and if they can't, I will trust that God will send manna from heaven, but as for the STATE - LEAVE ME ALONE...

If you want to be part of restoring our Government to a Constitutional Republic as intended by the Founding Fathers, Please support our candidates at and Please contribute to help us get our message out through signs, mailings and billboards...

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