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San Mateo County, CA November 6, 2012 Election
Smart Voter Additional Endorsements for Larry J. Moody

Candidate for
Council Member; City of East Palo Alto

This information is provided by the candidate

There are threats to keeping East Palo Alto, East Palo Alto. Those threats are real because the secret is out, East Palo Alto is a wonderful place to live and raise a family, period.

That's why I endorse Larry Moody for East Palo Alto City Council. Larry Moody is a leader that will not just preserve the city; he will join with other likeminded leaders and community people to restore the city to its rightful place in San Mateo County, California and the United States. Larry Moody is tempered and level headed. He has years of unblemished service to children, residents and the people of East Palo Alto. Larry Moody has a history of finding, creating and bringing resources to the City of East Palo Alto for the betterment of all its residents. Larry Moody is first and foremost a leader with a proven record of serving the people.

There are others seeking your vote to serve on the city council. My question for you is without a seat on the council where would they be? I know where Larry has been prior to seeking a seat on the council. He has fought for your issues without a seat and will fight even more with a seat. Larry Moody fought to improve the educational opportunities for your children both as an elected school board member, a parent and advocate for quality education. Larry spends sleepless nights walking the streets talking to young people about their lives in the community, and standing with the families of shooting and crime victims.

While some seeking your vote talk about change, Larry Moody has a history of continuous unbroken service to the people of East Palo Alto. In all efforts that were and are good for the residents of East Palo Alto, Larry Moody is there.
Gail Ortega
Ameri Corp Coordinator

Bob Hoover Endorsement
Hi I am supporting Larry Moody in his run for the City Council. I have worked with Larry for the past three years on a variety of projects,including the following:

1. Making it Happen for our Children, The goal of this program is develop a System for Human Development that would support our children and their families from Birth to Career

2. The development of the Police Activities League, this program provides youth with opportunities to participate in Football, Basketball, Golf, and Rugby.

3. Larry was a key voice in the development of the guidelines and policy for the operation Measure C.

4. Developing employment opportunities for our citizens returning from Prison.

5. He has been a major player in my attempts to raise funds and secure equipment for the East Palo Alto Jr Golf Program

One of the major issues facing our community at this time is the High School Dropout that is a least 60%. We can not have a viable community when on 4 out of every ten kids graduate from High School. Larry realizes this and is committed to working with the Schools and Non Profit Community solve this problem.

Larry has spent has spent a tremendous amount of volunteer time, energy and money trying to develop programs and services that will improve the quality of life for all who live in East Palo Alto. He has proven his commitment to this community. when I am going to support some one for political office I look for the following things, Intelligence, Commitment, an analytical mind, a vision for the future, and the ability to communicate their ideas all people. Larry passes the test.


As a community leader and ordained clergyman I enthusiastically support Mr. Larry Moody and his bid to join the East Palo Alto City Council. Mr. Moody has a proven track record as a consensus builder. I've known him for the past 12 years and have marveled at his concern for the people of East Palo Alto, especially our young people. Mr. Moody knows how to build bridges within the community as well with individuals and leaders in the cities that surround us. I feel that he is the right man to bring new energy, passion and perspective to the CIty Council. He has my full support.

Rev. John Liotti
East Palo Alto, CA

Brother Moody,
My heart is broken for the lost of this young man. May his soul rest in peace in the presence of The Lord, and may God comfort the hearts of his family.
This is why I endorse your candidacy for City Council. Because throughout the years you have demonstrated a deep commitment for the betterment of the community of East Palo Alto. Especially in the area of our children's education. Whether its sports or academics, you are there in the trenches paving the way for a better tomorrow
Pastor Joe Prado

Elected- Public Servants:
San Mateo County Democratic Party
East Palo Alto Police Association
California State Assembly -Jerry Hill
California State Assembly Rich Gordon
Hon.Former State Assembly Ira Ruskin
San Mateo County Supervisor Don Horsley
San Mateo County Supervisor-Dave Pine
Sequoia School Board-Trustee Olivia Martinez
Sequoia School Board-Trustee Alan Sarver
Sequoia School Board- Trustee Chris Thomsen
East Palo Alto Sanitary District- Joan Sykes Messi
East Palo Alto Sanitary District- Glenda Savage
Former Sequoia School Board-Trustee-Sally Stewart
Rob Solano-Menlo Park Fire District Boardmember
Former Superintendents Pat Gemma
Former East Palo Alto Council Chris Woodard
Former East Palo Alto Council-Bill Vines
Former East Palo Alto Lt. Rahn Sibley
Gary Kreman- Pessimism Water District
Marlon McWilson- Trustee- Alameda County Board of Education
Joe Ross -Candidate San Mateo County Board of Education
Merc Berman -Candidate City Council City of Palo Alto
Ray Mueller-Candidate City Council of Menlo Park

Business Community-Endorsers
Charles Jones -Jones Mortuary
Kevin Arnold- Writer
Jim Marks-Barber/Poet/Writer
Josh Becker- Full Circle Fund
David Bohannon- Menlo Park Developer
David Cropper-TMG Corporation
Bill Brenner- Business Consultant
Patrick Brock-Business Consultant
Anthony Williams-Big Ants
Robert Jones-Housing Consultant
Edmond Harris-Education Consultant
Preston Butcher- Partner
Craig Fulkenhaugen-Consultant

Local Clergy:

  • Bishop Jerry Macklin
  • Pastor Albert Macklin
  • Rev. Terra McNair
Pastor Wayne Jackson
  • Pastor Paul Bain's
  • Father Larry Goodee
  • Pastor Joe Prado
Pastor Bruce Nash
Rev Rickey Williams
  • Pastor Leo Smith
  • Pastor Clifton Bennett
  • Pastor Helen Brown
  • Pastor Margaret Carter
  • Pastor Orlando Cordona
  • Pastor Teu Villi
Pastor Reyna
Pastor Juan Chavez

  • Local Community Member
  • Ms. Olla Augmon
Coach Tometrus Paxton
Shirley Chapman
Elder Larry Moody
  • Attiba Williams
Sandra Spencer
Alvin Spencer
Michale Billingsly
Missy Billingsly
  • William Webster
  • Bob Hoover
  • Melvin Gaines
  • Stewart Hyland
  • Cruz Hyland
  • Gail Ortega
  • John Liotti
  • Larry Moore
  • Andreas Connell
  • Julio Garcia
  • Kristina Thompson
  • Justin Phipps
  • Heather Sterns
  • Shannon Perkery
  • April Perkery
  • Larry Jackson
  • Miesha Mouton
  • Martin Mouton
  • Chris Bishoff
  • Alisha Parker Fitzshugh
  • Marcus Fitzshugh
  • Dr.Zelte Crawford
  • Deion Price
  • Marylin Anderson
  • Paris Eggelton
  • kadar Bey
  • Renna Cuffy
  • Armando Arroya
  • Eduardo Als
  • Shelia Als
  • Craig Scarborough
  • Carlos Chevez
  • Jaime Martinez
  • Dana Cappiello
  • Eugene- Clark Herrera
  • Sonja-Clark Herrera
  • Al Jullian
  • Meda Okelo
  • Toney Canty
  • Jamie Cole
  • Alvin Spencer
  • Julio Escobar
  • Louis Dixon
  • Leon & Jackie Glaster
  • Helen Gray Jones
  • Brenda Gilbert
  • Elizabeth Jackson
  • Clarence Jackson
  • Eugene Jackson
  • William (bill)Jackson
  • Israel Nasserite
  • Maria Prieto-
  • Mar Y Sol Alvarado-
  • Rev.Chester McCall-
  • Louis Dixon-
  • Rosa Sanchez +
  • Enrique Sanchez-
  • Justin Phillips-
  • Adrian Johnson-
  • Heather Stearns-
  • Kristina Thompson-
  • Rena Cuffy-
  • Maria Mendoza
Mr. Dallas Price-
  • John Liotti-
  • Excel Lacy-
  • Alisha Fitzhugh-
  • Pablo Mendoza
  • Marshall Burgamy-
  • Toney Canty-
  • Dana Cappiello-
  • Fred Degree-
  • Leif Erickson-
  • Kevin Sev
  • Shannon& April Perkery-
  • Rolando Zeledon-
  • Olatundi & Tamera Sobomehiem

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