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Santa Barbara County, CA November 6, 2012 Election
Smart Voter Additional Endorsements for H. Edward Heron

Candidate for
Board Member; Santa Barbara Unified School District

This information is provided by the candidate

Community and Education Leaders Support Ed Heron for School Board

Santa Barbara Teachers Association

CSEA Chapter 37

Susan Deacon-President Santa Barbara Unified School District Board

Annette Cordero, Santa Barbara Unified School District Board Member

Monique Limon-Santa Barbara Unified School District Board Member

Kate Parker-Santa Barbara Unified School District Board Member

Dr. Brian Sarvis-Former Superintendent-Santa Barbara Unified School District

Nancy Harter-Former Santa Barbara School District Board Member

Bob Noel-Former Santa Barbara School District Board Member

Lynn Rodriguez-Former Santa Barbara School District Board Member

Lanny Ebenstein-Former Santa Barbara School District Board Member

Steve Forsell-Former Santa Barbara School District Board Member

Claire VanBlaricum-Former Santa Barbara School District Board Member

Mary Standlee-Former Santa Barbara School District Board Member

Susan Epstein-President Goleta Union School District Board

Pam Kinsley-Goleta Union School District Board Member

Rich Mayer-Goleta Union School District Board Member

Bob Lagomarsino-Former U.S. Congressman

Das Williams-Assemblyman, State of California

Salud Carbajal-1st District Supervisor

Janet Wolf-2nd District Supervisor

Jeanne Graffy-Former 2nd District Supervisor

Helene Schneider-Mayor, Santa Barbara

Dale Francisco-City Council Member, Santa Barbara

Frank Hotchkiss-City Council Member, Santa Barbara

Grant House-City Council Member, Santa Barbara

Randy Rowse-City Council Member, Santa Barbara

Harwood "Bendy" White-City Council Member, Santa Barbara

Marty Blum-Former Mayor, Santa Barbara

Helene Beaver-Former City Council Member, Santa Barbara

Roger Horton-Former City Council Member, Santa Barbara

Dr. Dan Secord-Former City Council Member, Santa Barbara

Ed Easton-Mayor, Goleta

Roger Aceves-City Council Member, Goleta

Margaret Connell-City Council Member, Goleta

Michael Bennett-City Council Member, Goleta

Paula Perotte-City Council Member, Goleta

Jonny Wallis-City of Goleta Planning Commissioner (former City Council Member)

Joan Livingston-Trustee, Santa Barbara City College

Peter MacDougall-Former President, Santa Barbara City College

John Romo-Former President, Santa Barbara City College

Sally Green-Former Trustee, Santa Barbara City College

Becky and Ron Mulder-Community Teachers-Retired

Janet Rowse-Co-Founder Safe Launch

Sal Guerena-President Santa Barbara Education Foundation

Layne Wheeler-President SBTA

Michael Towbes-Community Leader

Keith Berry-Community Leader

Gerd and Peter Jordano-Community Leaders

John Davies-Community Leader

Judy and Rob Egenolf-Community Leaders

Sue and Ed Birch-Community Leaders

Kitty and Dave Peri-Community Leaders

Louise and David Borgatello-Community Leaders

Joe Howell-Community Leader

Ed Edick and Renee Grubb-Community Leaders

Silvio DiLoreto-Community Leader

Craig Case-Community Leader

Si Jenkins-Community Leader

Sylvia and Bill Redding-Community Leaders

Tish Gainey-Community Leader

Mary Rose-Community Leader

John Mackall-Community Leader

Shirley Ann Hurley-Community Leader

Joan and Les Esposito-Community Leaders

Cynthy Ardell-ALSB Member and Past President

Todd Capps-Co Chair Measures A & B

Brian Robinson-President, Harding School Foundation

Jerry Beaver-Community Leader

The Santa Barbara Independent

The Montecito Journal

Santa Barbara Teacher's Association

CSEA Chapter 37

Santa Barbara Women's Political Committee

Santa Barbara Association of Realtors

Santa Barbara Republican Central Committee


Cathy Abarca

Dr. David Agnew

Chris Agnoli

Trisha and Mike Ainsa

June Anderle

Karen Anderson

Loyd Applegate

Bruce Arden

Elisa Atwill

Brian Bailey

Kathleen Barnato

Barbara and David Biehl

Kim Bish

Brenda Blalock

Joe Blum

Catherine Boeddeker

Cece and Kirk Borchart

Harvey Bottelsen

Janice Bowie

Sue Lake Bradbury

Wymond Bradbury

Ann and Ed Brady

Dr. Cory Bream

Tom Brennan

Steve Brown

Diana and Harrison Bull

Scott Burns

Lynn and Robert Burtness

Jean and Dick Callanan

Joe Campanelli

Mary and Lou Cannon

Sue and Jim Carberry

Trudi Carey

Gloria Carmichael

Nancy and Stuart Carroll

Chris Casebeer

Anne-Marie and Grant Castleberg

Valentina and Paul Castleberg

Tom Caesar

Karen and Roger Chackel

Jermaine Chastain

John Chufar

Sally Clyne

Susan and Joe Cole

Patty Colman

Susan Conger

Thomas A. Connors

Mary Jane and Andy Cooper

Fred Dabby

Anthony and Maria Dal Bello

Pat and Tom DeBerry

Bob Dickey

Don Dishion

Laurie Dorris

Terri and Andy Dowen

Derrik and Marcia Eichelberger

Aldora and Ray Eller

Susan and Steve Engles

Barbara and Chuck Farish

Don Farrand

Shari and Matt Fay

Doug Fell

Lisa and Mark Fell

Ann and Tony Fischer

Mary Elizabeth Fittipaldi

Patti and Monte Fligsten

Mary Flynn

Mary Forsell

Randy Freed

Arick and Kelly Fuller

Stephanie and Andy Fuller

Irene and Richard Fulton Geoff Gaggs

Steve Gaither

Judy and Jim Garrett

Holly and Ruben Gill

Carolyn Gillio

Sue and Gary Gleason

Steve Golis

Erline D. and Dexter J. Goodell

Charles Graffy

Connie and Norman Grant

Adam Gray

Susan Miles Gulbranson

Alva Gutierrez

Ellie and Bob Gymnaites

Tiffany Haller

Eric Hancey

Ann and Ron Harkey

Stan Hatch

Linda and Jeff Havlik

Nels Henderson

Mary Heron Michael Holliday A/A

Marshall and Cecelia Howen

Kathy Hughes

Peg and Len Jarrott

Richard Jensen

Dianne Johnson

Alison and Steve Jordan

Charles Kaska

Al Keys

Erna and Richard Kraemar

Joan Kieding

Joan and Larry Knapp

Barbara Koutnik

Katherine and Bob Kroes

Patricia and Peter Kruse

Ginny and Paul Kuhn

Laura Kuhn

Marguerite and Frank LaFlamme

Ellen and Robert Lawson

Norma Lagomarsino

Patty and Archie Macomber

Jon Mahoney

Bob Maloy

Kathy Marvin

Mike McCormack

Judith McDermott

Maurie McGuire

Gail McMahon Persoon

Joni Meisel

Debbie Merlo

Jo Ann Mermis

Gina and Frank Myers

Virginia and Les Miller

Cathy and Mark Moseley

Bridget Murphy

Raul Navarro

Peter Naylor

Mike Neville

John Nisbet

Joan and Bill Oakley

Valerie O'Connor

Madeline and Julio Petrini

Dave Pintard

Kristine Power

Cathy Rampton

Lin and Randy Reetz

Carla and Doug Reeves

Patti and Bob Reid

Paul Relis

Joan Roberts

Shirley Roby

Mary Romo

Bob Ruccione

Richard Sacco

Leslie Sanderson

Don Schafer

Marilyn Rickard Schafer

Judy and David Schiefen

Leslie and Frank Schipper

Susan B. Schmidt

Eric Schott

Mary Secord

Jean Sedar

Sandra Shove

Betty Slater

Guy Smith

David Spainhour

Alyson & Rick Spann

Karen Spechler

Kathy and Paul Spieler

Jason Spievak

Paul Suding

Carol and Middleton Squier

Dr. Jon Standlee

Gail and Neil Steadman

Joanne and Bill Stoltz

Stan Tabler

Maria Del Carmen Tapia

Jennifer Thorsch

Christopher Toomey

Linda Trujillo

Bob Tuler

Lara and Bill Urbany

Joe, Majalisa & Jack Van Thyne

Lynn and Richard Wells

Mary and John Wiemann

Mark Whitehurst

Carol and Rick Wilson

Ann and Alistar Winn

Judy and Vince Wood

Michael Woodard

Ann and George Wolverton

Anne and Henry Wunsch

Richard Yee

Kevin Young

Diane Zamora

Craig Zimmerman

Paul and Susan (Beasley) Zink

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As of 10/9/2012

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