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Santa Barbara County, CA November 6, 2012 Election
Measure D2012
Transient Occupancy Tax
City of Buellton

Ordinance - Majority Approval Required

Pass: 1159 / 55.40% Yes votes ...... 933 / 44.60% No votes

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Results as of Dec 4 3:18pm, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (2/2)
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Shall Section 3.28.030 of the Buellton Municipal Code be amended to increase the Transient Occupancy Tax rate, which applies only to transient occupants of hotels (as defined in Section 3.28.020), from ten percent (10%) to twelve percent (12%)?

Impartial Analysis from City Attorney
To be Submitted to the Voters of the City of Buellton The Buellton Municipal Code (Chapter 3.28) currently provides for a Buellton Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) (a charge for transient occupancy in hotels, motels, etc.) at the rate of ten percent (10%) of the rent charged for occupancy in Buellton hotels, etc. If passed, this measure would amend the Buellton Municipal Code to provide that the Buellton City Council may, by ordinance, increase the amount of the TOT rate from ten percent (10%) up to a maximum of twelve percent (12%). Any and all funds generated by the TOT are deposited in the general fund of the City of Buellton and may be expended at the discretion of the City Council in accordance with law. A "Yes" vote on Measure "D2012" is a vote in favor of allowing the City Council to increase the TOT rate from ten percent (10%) to a maximum of twelve percent (12%). A "No" vote on Measure "D2012" is a vote to maintain the TOT at the existing rate of ten percent (10%). This measure will be only adopted if it is approved by a majority of the voters voting on this measure at the November 6, 2012 election. /s/ Ralph D. Hanson City Attorney City of Buellton

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Arguments For Measure D2012 Arguments Against Measure D2012
Tourism helps to bring revenue to the City of Buellton in the form of Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT). This revenue is used towards the City's parks, roads, community services, recreation, and maintenance. A portion goes back to the Visitor's Bureau to promote and increase tourism. This TOT has not changed in 15 years, which currently brings in over one million dollars in revenue to the City of Buellton. Measure D2012 could increase Buellton's TOT to a maximum of 12%, which would give the City an additional $200,000 annually. Remember, this is NOT a tax on Buellton residents and businesses. Only visitors to Buellton will pay the TOT. The purpose of increasing TOT from 10% to 12% is to:
  • Offset decreased revenue in a sluggish economy we normally receive from sales taxes.
  • Offset decreased revenue from property taxes.
  • Contribute and promote the growth, community enhancement, tourism, and prosperity of the City. VOTE YES FOR MEASURE D2012 This is an investment in Buellton with NO cost to Buellton residents (unless staying in a Buellton hotel room). The undersigned author of the argument in favor of Measure D2012 at the General Election for the City of Buellton to be held on November 6, 2012 hereby states that this argument is true and correct to the best of her knowledge and belief. /s/ Holly Sierra Mayor, City of Buellton

No formal arguments against have been submitted

Full Text of Measure D2012
THE PEOPLE OF THE CITY OF BUELLTON DO ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: Section 3.28.030 of Chapter 3.28 of the Buellton Municipal Code is hereby amended to read, as follows: "3.28.030 Rate. For the privilege of occupancy in any hotel, the City Council may, by ordinance, establish a tax rate at no greater than twelve percent (12%) of the rent actually charged or customarily charged by the operator for the rooms and/or facilities occupied by the transient. Each transient is subject to and shall pay the tax in the amount set by the City Council. This tax constitutes a debt owed by the transient to the city which is extinguished only by payment to the operator of the hotel at the time the rent is paid. The unpaid tax is due upon the transient's ceasing to occupy space in the hotel. If, for any reason, the tax due is not paid to the operator of the hotel, the tax administrator may require that such tax be paid directly to the tax administrator."

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