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Los Angeles County, CA November 6, 2012 Election
Measure F
El Monte Fairness For Mobilehome Owners Ordinance
City of El Monte

Ordinance - Majority Approval Required

Pass: 8,710 / 50.20% Yes votes ...... 8,639 / 49.80% No votes

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Results as of Dec 2 2:20pm, 100.00% of Precincts Reporting (38/38)
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El Monte Fairness For Mobilehome Owners Ordinance Shall the ordinance adopted by the voters in April 1990 be repealed in order to allow the City Council to investigate the reasonableness of rent charged to mobilehome owners and if appropriate, consider the regulation of proposed mobilehome park rent increases in the future?

Impartial Analysis from
City Attorney
The El Monte City Council (the "City Council") has placed Measure F on the November 6, 2012 ballot to ask voters to consider an initiative ordinance that would repeal the April 10, 1990 voter approved ordinance which bars the City Council from regulating rental levels in mobilehome parks.

At the municipal election conducted on April 10, 1990, the voters of the City of EI Monte (the "City") approved the "Mobilehome Tenant Rent Assistance Program" initiative ordinance (the "1990 Ordinance") which, among other things, barred the City Council from enacting any measure which " ... authorizes restrictions, ceilings, controls, or arbitration, mediation, administrative hearings, or trials concerning or which in any way relates to the subject to [sic] mobilehome park rents in El Monte which affects any Landlord ... " (Source of quoted language: 1990 Ordinance.) Initiative ordinances may only be amended or repealed by the voters.

In recent months, the City Council has received reports that the mobilehome owner "Rental Assistance Subsidy" program (as this term is defined in the 1990 Ordinance) is not currently being offered to "Qualifying Tenants" in certain mobile home parks or is not otherwise being implemented by mobilehome park landlords in other mobilehome parks to any significant or meaningful degree. The City Council has also received reports that mobilehome rental rates at one or more mobilehome parks in the City are at significantly higher levels in comparison to rental rates for comparable space at other mobilehome parks in the City.

In light of the passage of more than 22 years since the approval of the 1990 Ordinance, the apparent lack of wide usage of the "Rental Assistance Subsidy" program (as this term is defined in the 1990 Ordinance), and the escalating rents in some mobilehome parks, the City Council seeks to consult with the voters as to whether the 1990 Ordinance should remain in effect or be repealed.

If approved by the voters, Measure F would restore the power of the City Council to conduct inquiry into rents being charged in mobilehome parks in El Monte. Approval of Measure F would in no way impose rent control in any form in mobilehome parks in El Monte.

Voting "YES" for Measure F means:

The voter wants to repeal the 1990 Ordinance and enable the City Council to inquire into the fairness of mobilehome park rents being charged in El Monte.

Voting "NO" for Measure F means:

The voter wants to leave the 1990 Ordinance to in effect and not allow the City Council to inquire into the fairness of mobilehome park rents being charged in El Monte.

Contact FOR Measure F:

Contact AGAINST Measure F:
El Monte Taxpayers Against Measure F
ID # 1352001
P. O. Box 3052
S. El Monte, CA 91377

  Official Information

City of El Monte
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Arguments For Measure F Arguments Against Measure F
Some mobile home park slumlords are running amok in EI Monte. They are taking advantage of seniors and minorities, bullying them into paying outrageously high space rents in mobile home parks that are poorly maintained and in disrepair.

That's why your YES vote on Measure F is so important. It will ensure that mobile home park residents are treated fairly and the slumlords are held to account for abusing existing law.

In 1990, a well-funded super PAC waged a deceptive campaign that tricked well-meaning EI Monte voters into approving an ordinance that gave mobile home park owners an unfair advantage over renters.

Your YES vote on Measure F repeals this self-serving, flawed mobile home park owner-sponsored measure.

Loopholes in this 22 year-old law are being exploited by some opportunistic slumlords to increase rents unfairly. And the City Council and EI Monte Police can do nothing to stop this price gouging by heartless park owners - unless you vote YES on Measure F!

The slumlord's price gouging is wreaking havoc on the lives of many mobile home park renters - especially those on fixed incomes. Your YES vote on Measure F can fIx this!

Without your YES vote on Measure F, victims choosing to stand up to their slumlord's abuses will continue to be punished with even higher space rent hikes
-- as much as $1,482 per month. That's nearly three times the space rent charged in comparable mobile home parks!

Ruthless owners have even tried to blame EI Monte City Council Members for the rent hikes - threatening costly legal action against the City and its taxpayers just because Council Members are working to protect their constituents.

Don't let some out-of-town slumlords and their high-paid sleazy lawyers intimidate our community. Stop this injustice. Ensure that seniors and minorities are treated fairly. Vote YES on Measure F!

EI Monte Mayor

EI Monte City Council Member

Resident Brookside Mobile Country Club

Former Resident
Brookside Mobile Country Club

Captain, EL Monte Police Department

Rebuttal to Arguments For
Measure F Hurts El Monte Seniors and will Waste Tax Dollars Shame on the Mayor for calling our communities "slums". We are proud of our homes and lifestyle choice.

Shame on the Mayor for trying to waste your tax dollars by ignoring the privately funded Mobilehome Tenant Rent Assistance Program as approved by the voters in 1990. The program works at no cost to taxpayers!

Shame on the Mayor and City Council for using false and misleading surveys to spend your tax dollars. Rents in El Monte's mobilehome parks are affordable, ranging from $200 to $1,400.

There are no loopholes in the existing Mobilehome Rent Assistance ordinance.

Check for yourself at www.SaveSeniorRentSubsidiesNoMeasureF. Your No vote on F will save El Monte taxpayers what could be Millions of dollars in unnecessary administration and litigation costs. Legal action has already been filed against the City for violating the voter adopted Rent Assistance Program and thwarting the will of the voters by putting Measure F on the ballot.

We represent scores of low-income mobilehome owners receiving subsidies and the Park Owners who fund the low-income rent subsidies for our residents.

We stand together with El Monte taxpayers to urge voters to send a clear message to City Hall to "Get out of our daily lives!" We do not need new expensive programs that regulate what businesses charge for rent or sweetened drinks!

Don't be fooled! Stop The City From Wasting Your Tax Dollars!

Vote No on Measure F!

RALPH R. DESSY Daleview Resident Mobilehome Owner

NADINE MCKEOWN Daleview Resident Mobilehome Owner

KAREN KURIHARA LOUCKS El Monte Mobilehome Park Owner

GEORGE C. LEDERER El Monte Senior Mobilehome Owner

MIRIAM KNIGHT El Monte Senior Mobilehome Owner

In 1990 the voters of EI Monte wisely repealed an expensive Mobilehome Park Rent Review Commission and replaced it with The Mobilehome Tenant Rent Assistance Program. This vote resulted in saving taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation and staffing expenses while helping low-income mobile home park tenants.

Hundreds of mobile home owners have been helped in the 22 years since the voters mandated that the Park Owners create a tenant assistance program. This removed the burden from the taxpayers to care for the poor and needy senior citizen tenants and placed it on the mobilehome park landlords.

The City Council now wants to repeal the privately funded rent subsidies for seniors and replace it with a taxpayer-funded bureaucracy that would "investigate the rent charged to mobilehome owners". Is the Council out of touch at a time when the City is experiencing a $2.3 million budget short fall? To add insult to injury the Council is also asking voters to approve a new sweet drink tax on already overburdened taxpayers.

As EI Monte senior citizen mobilehome owners who are receiving rent assistance from this valuable program and as a mobile home park owner who supports the continuance of a privately funded rental assistance program for needy seniors, we urge you to please VOTE NO on this measure so that we may continue to receive and to provide rent subsidies to needy low-income senior citizens.

Please Vote No to Save Senior Rent Subsidies in EI Monte Mobilehome Parks!

Please Vote No to Stop more senseless spending by the City!

EI Monte Senior Mobilehome Owner

EI Monte Senior Mobilehome Owner

EI Monte Senior Mobilehome Owner

EI Monte Senior Mobilehome Owner

EI Monte Mobilehome Park Owner

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